Question: Is Quitting caffeine good?


Caffeine is a stimulant, which means its not ideal for promoting quality sleep. Removing it from your day keeps cortisol and melatonin at their natural rhythms, which results in better sleep and less fatigue.

In Seoul, where I live and work, coffee culture is the lifeblood of Seoulites, including Is Quitting caffeine good?

Is Quitting caffeine good?

when I teach English at 8 a. But, despite drinking coffee, I was tired all the time. And coffee no longer felt like a treat; it felt like an addiction. So in one recent month, I decided to try something new, something daring. I went throughwhich included flu-like symptoms, anxiety, headache, brain-fog, and the tendency to snap at my boyfriend for eating knock-off Cocoa Puffs too loudly. And then, over the next week, I became less miserable.

Lights looked a lot less bright, and noises seemed a lot less noisy. Work seemed less like work, and I was even smiling more. But smiles and positive energy were just the beginning of the superhuman powers I procured by quitting coffee for a month.

Take a look at some of the Is Quitting caffeine good? benefits I reaped before I blew it below.

Quitting Caffeine the Headache

The coffee paradox is real. The more coffee I drink, the more awake I feel. And the harder I crash.

Is Quitting caffeine good?

Guess what I drink to fix the crash? But during my caffeine-free month, I was weirdly energetic. After quitting coffee, I was delighted to find I could finish up an assignment in the evening, instead of waking up obscenely early to meet a deadline.

7 Surprising Benefits of Giving Up Coffee (Sorry)

When I drink coffee in the a. When I was coffeeless, my stomach inspired me to make more balanced, healthful breakfasts, like peanut butter toast with hemp seeds, vegan protein smoothies, or.

I saved a lot of money. The run-of-the-mill Americano in Seoul Is Quitting caffeine good? basically bitter water mud. I had Is Quitting caffeine good? to save or to splurge on other treats, like kombucha, cute cat socks, and, you know, groceries.

My coffeeless stint made me feel like a new person entirely. Perhaps the reason I was only able to quit coffee for a month and not permanently is for the same reason some people have trouble quitting other temptations — the community culture.

I love putting my earbuds in and zoning out with a blank Google doc. Originally published on March 20, 2018.

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