Question: Does Huawei have a voice assistant?

Celia is an artificially intelligent virtual assistant developed by Huawei for their latest Android-based EMUI smartphones, which lack Google Services and Google Assistant. ... The assistant can perform daily tasks, including making phone calls, setting reminders, and checking the weather. 10.1.

How do I activate voice assistant on Huawei?

Go to Settings > HUAWEI Assistant > AI Voice > Voice wakeup , then enable Voice wakeup. Follow the onscreen instructions to enroll your wakeup voice command.

Does Huawei phones have a voice assistant?

Meet Your Personal Voice Assistant, Celia Celia listens to you, answers your questions and helps you get things done hands-free. So you can keep your everyday tasks streamlined and make the most of life.

How do I turn on Celia on my Huawei?

You might have to manually activate Celia to get it to work. To do so, head to Settings > Huawei Assistant > AI Voice. Then, tap “Voice Wakeup” and set it to “On,” and do the same for “Wake with Power Button.”

How do I enable HiVoice?

Lets see how to authorize HiVoice:Open your Settings – App;Select the voice menu (bottom right) and choose Show system processes;Scroll the list to find Hivoice process and tap it;12 Oct 2016

What is high voice on Huawei?

HiVoice is a voice assistant app created by Huawei that enables you to use your Huawei smartphone with voice commands. Its a good way to use your smartphone without picking it up or if youre busy doing something else and dont have a free hand.

How do I customize my Huawei assistant?

How to enable HUAWEI Assistant∙TODAYEMUI 8.2/Magic UI 2.2: Touch or pinch closed any blank area on your home screen > Touch Home screen settings > toggle on Huawei Assistant·TODAY to open it, swipe right on the home screen to reach the leftmost screen.EMUI 9. ... EMUI 10.More items...

What is HiVoice on Huawei phone?

HiVoice is a voice assistant app created by Huawei that enables you to use your Huawei smartphone with voice commands. Its a good way to use your smartphone without picking it up or if youre busy doing something else and dont have a free hand.

What is HiVoice?

HiVoice is a voice assistant app created by Huawei that enables you to use your Huawei smartphone with voice commands. Its a good way to use your smartphone without picking it up or if youre busy doing something else and dont have a free hand.

How do I access Google assistant on Huawei?

Press and hold the Power button for 1 second to wake up Google Assistant, and then you can perform a variety of tasks with voice commands. Open Settings and go to Smart assistance > Shortcuts & gestures > Google Assistant, then enable Wake with Power button.

What is high voice on my phone?

HiVoice is Huaweis answer to Siri or S Voice. You tell a command and your phone will understand it.

How do I use voice command on my Huawei phone?

To use voice control, you need to select voice control settings. Press and hold On/Off. If youve turned on automatic activation, you can say Ok Google to activate voice control. Say, in your own words, what you would like your phone to do, e.g.: OPEN [application], CALL [contact], SEARCH FOR [information].

Is Google not working on Huawei?

“Google is prohibited from working with Huawei on new device models or providing Googles apps including Gmail, Maps, YouTube, the Play Store and others for preload or download on these devices,” Tristan Ostrowski, legal director for Android and Google Play, wrote in the post, which was picked up by 9to5Google.

Do Huawei phones have Google Assistant?

But newly released Huawei phones cant use Google services and this is set to be a long-term issue. Note this doesnt apply to any P30 Series handsets including the P30 Pro New Edition (May 2020) which is, essentially, an upgraded P30 Pro rather than a new phone.

Whats the Huawei assistant?

Meet Your Personal Voice Assistant, Celia Celia answers your questions and helps you get things done hands-free. So you can keep your everyday tasks streamlined and make the most of life.

So how does it stack up? Read our full testing to find out — and if you're a runner, make sure you read our review. However, it's not the best for either subset of users. There are refinements and brought in elements from the Huawei Watch 3, and the result is something that's still sleek, good-looking and definitely geared towards men. However, there is a smaller, unisex size. It comes in 46mm and a smaller 42mm round case sizes, with the former measuring in at 11mm thick and the latter the slimmer at 10.

That case is made from stainless steel up front and plastic around the back, and the larger 46mm version we had to test weighed in at just over 42g without a strap. We'd Does Huawei have a voice assistant? it's a nicely weighted watch to wear that doesn't feel too chunky and that 46mm case didn't sit too big on our slender wrists either. We had Does Huawei have a voice assistant? black fluoroelastomer one, which uses a traditional watch buckle and felt comfortable to wear day and night and didn't cause any sort of irritation.

On the case you've got two physical buttons with the one further up the case now modelled on a watch crown, which was a key design feature introduced on the Huawei Watch 3. That means you can twist it to scroll through screens and zoom in and out of apps like maps. The bottom button is assigned to getting you quick access to the workout tracking screen, but you can still customise to be a shortcut to another feature you more regularly use.

That's partnered up with a 1. That means a slight bump up in resolution, but ultimately it's another really lovely display to use. It's nice and responsive to swipes and taps, offers sharp, accurate colors, rich blacks and visibility is strong indoors and outdoors. We didn't have to use it anywhere near the maximum brightness setting day-to-day and there's the option of an always-on display mode, which offers a plain black and white screen to show off the time when you're not interacting with the screen.

We've been swimming and jumped in the shower with it, and can confirm it's survived without issue. As we said, there isn't wholesale changes made by Huawei here and that's not necessarily a bad thing. It brings the new-look app grid, some slicker looking user interface animations and crucially, an app store. The Huawei AppGallery is currently only available through the Huawei Health companion phone app and it's fair to say that while it has the capability of offering third party apps, it's not exactly brimming with them yet.

It's largely the same apps we found there when testing the Huawei Watch 3 and we downloaded ones like the FotMob football scores app and Fitify Workouts app, but if you're expecting to find Strava, Uber and other big name apps here, that just isn't the case right now. Notification support works well enough, with small icons used to determine where the Does Huawei have a voice assistant?

has come from and you can tap to expand them as well. Once again though, you can't respond to notifications. Features like weather forecasts and music controls and the ability to handle calls via Bluetooth are well implemented and you've got simple features like a flashlight and the ability to set alarms and multiple timers, which aren't groundbreaking features but worked without issue.

There's a nice array of digital and analogue-style watches and if you want more, there's more to be found in the Huawei Health app. You'll just have to be willing to pay up for them though.

There's Huawei's Celia smart voice assistant, which can handle simple commands setting up timers, alarms and checking weather, but certainly doesn't feel as evolved as Apple's Siri, Google's Assistant or using Amazon Alexa on smartwatches that currently pack it like the Fitbit Versa 3. A lot will rest on what happens with that app store, which right now, doesn't look great and have a lot in it.

You'll find no regulatory approved medical features that will tell you whether you have atrial fibrillation or sleep apnea, but it does offer plenty if you like to track your exercise. Particularly if you're a runner. We'll start with general fitness tracking first though, where you're getting a ring-style widget to keep track of daily steps, exercise time and stand time.

You'll also be fired over inactivity alerts reminding you to move during the day. Huawei has added a new Healthy Living clover, which looks beyond things like steps and will remind you to drink water, get up at a good time and even smile more.

You'll need to get this setup in the Huawei Health app first and then you can check in your clover is glowing to show you're hitting those lifestyle targets.

It's good that Huawei has sought to think more about tracking things outside of the usual metrics, and while it's essentially a prettier way to represent setting up reminders to make sure you do some pretty routine things during the day, it's a nice addition to the overall tracking experience. You're also getting sleep tracking here of course, letting you see a breakdown of sleep stages, generate sleep scores with some sleep useful insights to further explain elements of your sleep and will also track breathing quality too.

From an accuracy point of view, we put Does Huawei have a voice assistant? up against Fitbit's pretty reliable sleep tracking and found it was very much a mixed bag. On some nights, core sleep tracking data was pretty reliable screenshot below, far rightthough there were also a fair few nights where sleep duration captured was very off as the screens below illustrate against the Fitbit Charge 5.

Turning on the continuous blood oxygen readings will have an impact on battery life but did seem to match up with on the spot readings we captured on a dedicated pulse oximeter.

We'll dig into the heart rate performance more below but while we found features like temperature and stress tracking were good to see represented, the temperature data didn't seem hugely reliable. There wasn't Does Huawei have a voice assistant? huge effort offer Does Huawei have a voice assistant? insight around stress data like we are starting to see on rivals like Fitbit.

If you're turning to this watch for rich health insights, that's certainly not its strength in our eyes. It does offer a good fitness tracking experience though. We'll start with the workout tracking, which does still offer over 100 different sports modes with core sports like running, cycling and swimming best served. Though indoor activities like rowing offer activity-specific metrics here too.

That's something we've seen start to crop up on sports watches to help improve outdoor tracking in environments that typically prove problematic for satellite systems, like running in a city with tall buildings or densely populated trails.

Does Huawei have a voice assistant?

This wasn't a feature we were able to test out in our time though. You're now also getting more in the way of training insights serving up Does Huawei have a voice assistant? like a running ability index, training load data and recommending recovery times, which were features we could get to grips with. It was nice and quick to pick up a signal and most of our routes while never identical seemed to tell a pretty accurate story of the run.

Huawei has now added support for creating interval running training sessions, which is simple but easy to create from the watch and you've got the ability to share routes and use a back to the start navigation feature to get you back home too. Things weren't so good with those added training insights where we found suggested recovery for quite easy going runs was pretty excessive, suggesting a couple of days of rest from a short, easy paced 5k run.

The running ability index it generates is fully explained in the companion app and looks at your endurance and technique efficiency to provide that index.

A higher index means an increase in the chance of running faster times. We felt index scores were a little low based on our running experience, with pretty slow predicted times. Especially as we put in some speedy sessions in with it.

Pool swimming offered similar stats to Form's smart swimming goggles and we found indoor rowing stats like stroke count and distance covered matched up with our indoor rower and the tracking on a Garmin.

Huawei Assistant: How to Activate on Mobile Phones with EMUI 10

Despite the addition of an app store front, your data is largely staying put inside of Huawei's Health app, which is disappointing to see. If you want to sync over to other fitness apps, that's simply not possible yet. It seemed to dish out reliable data where it mattered, it was comfortable to wear during exercise and the improvements Huawei has made here on the software front show promise with more features seemingly on the way. Its latest TruSeen optical heart rate sensor sees the number of lights used to capture a reading increased and it has even tweaked the case design to better mould to the wrist to improve accuracy.

It's also said it's updated the software algorithms used to get light signals to generate readings. The result is a 96% accuracy In Huawei's own testing against the Polar H10 chest strap monitor. That heart rate sensor powers a few different insights.

Does Huawei have a voice assistant?

You can continuously track heart rate, offering daily heart rate ranges, resting heart rate and enable low and high heart rate alerts. It does also of course work for measuring heart rate during exercise. Average heart rate data for those high intensity tests Does Huawei have a voice assistant? in general a little low in comparison to a chest strap, though it did generally capture near identical maximum heart rate readings in our tests.

So if you jump straight into workout tracking, that can scupper the accuracy straight off the bat. We'd definitely say there's been improvements made here Does Huawei have a voice assistant? the accuracy front.

Does Huawei have a voice assistant?

Our testing time definitely veered on the heavy usage side and we'd say those numbers seem accurate. So you could track outdoor activities and have features like notifications and continuous heart rate monitoring enabled and get well over a week's worth of battery life. Switch on the always-on display modes and features like continuous SpO2 monitoring and you'll see a bigger dent with battery drop-off closer to 15%.

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