Question: Is it nice to live in Bedford?

Bedford affords residents a wonderful community as well as a host of fantastic amenities. The town is home to an eclectic range of communities. ... Bedford is also very highly regarded. The Sunday Times voted Bedford as one of the best places to live in the UK in 2019, calling the town unfairly underappreciated!

Is Northampton a good place to live?

Northampton is the perfect combination of bustling urban life and peaceful countryside. There are plenty of green spaces to explore just outside of the town such as Sywell Country Park, Coton Manor Gardens, and Haddonstone Show Gardens, and stunning landscapes for walks and days outside. Is it nice to live in Bedford?

The best place to live in Bedfordshire is Ampthill, according to lifestyle publication. The blog has ranked the eight best places to live in the county, praising our market towns and sweeping countryside.

Aimed at city dwellers who want to stay up to date on the countryside, Muddy Stilettos has told its readers that Ampthill is the pick of Bedfordshire towns and villages.

Is it nice to live in Bedford? names a string of top restaurants and cafés in the town, as well as Ampthill Great Park, the nearby ruins of Houghton House and the Stewartby Lakes at the Forest of Marston Vale.

Is it nice to live in Bedford?

Read more: The county town of Bedford comes in second place, thanks to its gorgeous centre, riverside location and independents.

Muddy Stilettos says there's a huge buzz around the town right now.

Bedford, MA

It's also recognised as one of the top commuter towns in the country. Italian eateries Rustica Italian Bistro and Martini restaurant are also praised for giving people a taste of Italy in the town. The Georgian village also has high-end shops, pubs and restaurants on offer, as well as the nearby Woburn Abbey Estate to visit.

In fifth is Sandy is a 'cute riverside market town, close to super-cool Bedford', the blogger says. Pavenham comes in sixth place thanks to its proximity to Bedford and friendly atmosphere. It's also very commutable for Londoners and near to Bedford and Arlesey as well, with plenty of beautiful countryside nearby.

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