Question: Is Bratislava good for nightlife?

Bratislava, a great place to chill during the day, takes on a new face when the sun goes down. After the sun goes down, Bratislava truly comes alive. The clubbing scene is lively.

Is Bratislava a party town?

Nightlife Bratislava: although it is not yet known as Prague or Budapest, The young Slovak capital is becoming known for its low cost tourism and for its discreet and lively nightlife. Discover the best of Bratislava clubs to drink and party all night!

What is there to do in Bratislava at night?

The 10 Best Places for a Unique Night Out in BratislavaSubclub. If you have claustrophobia, then Subclub isnt for you. ... UFO watch. taste. ... Barrock. Barrock is an American-style pub with cold beer and a jukebox. ... Brainteaselava Escape Room. ... Le Senk. ... Kultúrne Centrum Dunaj. ... Klubovna. ... Casa del Havana.More items...•27 Aug 2017

Is Bratislava a good stag destination?

Bratislava is home to a fantastic range of popular and unique stag do activities that the whole group will enjoy. A Shooting Experience is one of the most popular activities amongst stag groups, and Bratislava is an excellent location to try it in as we have four different packages for you to choose from.

How much is a pint in Bratislava?

Cost of Living in BratislavaRestaurantsEditMeal, Inexpensive Restaurant6.50€Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course37.50€McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal)6.65€Domestic Beer (1 pint draught)2.00€62 more rows

Is there a red light district in Bratislava?

The red light district does not exist. You have to go to a brothel. Dean from Bratislava stags will put you right.

What currency is Bratislava?

Slovak korunaslovenská koruna (Slovak)ISO 4217CodeSKKDenominations20 more rows

Is Bratislava safe for tourists?

Bratislava is a safe city for travellers, with a low rate of violent crime. There is, however, a high incidence of petty theft. Pickpockets operate around the main tourist areas, the railway station and in large shopping malls and foreigners are easily identified and targeted.

Is Prague a good stag destination?

Prague is one of our busiest and best destinations for stag weekends around the world. The city is teeming with possibilities for your group; cheap Pilsner (some under £1), open-all-hours strip clubs, underground clubs and bouncing bars.

Is Bratislava cheaper than Vienna?

Bratislava is 18.9% cheaper than Vienna.

Is Bratislava worth seeing?

Bratislava is an ideal city to visit for any travelers seeking something a little different. It is a budget friendly destination in Central Europe that will give you a break from the big crowds and frenetic vibe, instead offering a calm and humble experience.

Is Bratislava like EuroTrip?

Europe daily blog #2: Bratislava is nothing like EuroTrip makes it out to be. ... One of the cities that the main characters end up visiting in the film is Bratislava in Slovakia, where they are dropped off by a drunken, sleep deprived lorry driver. The Bratislava scene from EuroTrip. Its a poor, but watchable, movie.

Is Bratislava pretty?

Bratislava is worth visiting, it is beautiful, interesting for a history lover or an adventurous traveler, and good to walk around with a local guide. The old city centre is small, so anyone can walk to the castle hill and down to the Danube bank.

Is Bratislava expensive to visit?

The point is that just because youre doing a cheap trip to Bratislava doesnt mean you need to cheat yourself out of an amazing experience. And the great news: Bratislava is pretty cheap anyway, so your money will go even farther in the capital of Slovakia!

Which is better Bratislava or Prague?

Bratislava is a small town where locals still go to city centre, while Prague is a large city overrun by tourists. Prague certainly has more sights to visit, while Bratislava is more about atmosphere and just enjoying yourself.

Is Bratislava safe at night?

Re: Is Bratislava safe at night for solo female traveler? Of course its safe. Use common sense of course, but you dont need to worry.

Both are excellent and well worth trying - especially the Orange Wine - as is the famous Slivovica plum pálenka schnapps. Other Slovakian liquors worth tasting include Tatratea made with teaBentianna honey liquor, the gin-like Borovička juniper liquor, Demänovka herbal liquor, and Karpatské brandy. Located next to the American Embassy in the Old Town, this superb venue offers three different drinking experiences in one building.

The Lemon Tree Bar on the ground floor is a New York Style cocktail bar with a rather confusing statue of a sexy woman waiting to be served - many drunken men have probably tried chatting her up at some point. In the basement, you'll find the intimate Rum Club, however the real highlight is up the lift to the seventh and eighth floors. The Sky Vodka bar offers excellent World Class Competition standard cocktails, over 70 different vodkas - including brilliant tasting flights - and a superb wine list, not to mention the amazing view of St.

A smoking terrace and rooftop bar are the perfect place to hang out on warm nights. Attracting a more sophisticated crowd and Is Bratislava good for nightlife? particularly high percentage of good looking girls, Is Bratislava good for nightlife? is the place to be seen. One room is dedicated to Slovak intellectuals from the 1800's, another to poets, one to Pribina's Knights and one to a famous Slovak highwayman. It is one of very few pubs in Slovakia to have its own brick cellar cask larder, storing cask-conditioned beer at 8°C before being mildly cooled before serving.

Zlatý Bažant 10 is tapped directly from the tank and the restaurant runs its own organic farm 25km outside the city, which produces some of the products that go into the typical Slovak cuisine. The pagan era terrace also proves popular in summer, especially with students. Cocktails Not known Beer 0. Slovak Pub abovethis is a similar but more upmarket offering located in a former cinema just around the corner.

The main attraction though is the stunning restaurant and bar area with its galleries decorated with real wood, stone, a crystal chandelier and authentic stained glass windows.

The typical Slovak fayre is produced at the same organic farm 25km outside the city. They brew their own Kláštorný ležiak 11° Monastic beerwithout any additives or mixtures whatsoever. Cocktails Not known Beer 0. The outdoor terrace is a nice suntrap in summer. Cocktails Not known Beer 0. The inside of the cavernous space is shaped like an old tram - that's how small it is - and, as you would expect for a place named after famous Slovak American, Andrej Varhola Jr.

There's loads of board games to play and the staff are really friendly. If you look carefully at the outside of the building, you'll notice it's even painted like a tram.

If you're looking for something that's unique inthen jump aboard this wonderful bar when you're in the castle area. This, the original, opened in 2010 next to the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Spread over three floors, it lures visitors for its special kind of home brewed beer and traditional Slovak food. The bar itself has won architectural prizes and is a great place to spend the night with its 03:00 closing time.

Cocktails Not known Beer 0. The atmosphere can be more formal with a pre-dining vibe than other places in town, however from a tourist or a cocktail connoisseur's point of view, it should Is Bratislava good for nightlife?

one of the first places you need to tick off. Sitting at the round bar, you will find the original statue that used to stand outside the influential and much-missed Paparazzi bar - from the same team and where some of the best bartenders in the world started their Is Bratislava good for nightlife?, including Marian Beke and Stanislav Vadrna Nikka Whisky.

Is Bratislava good for nightlife?

With an outside terrace and a smoking room in the back, bookshelves provide plenty of reading Is Bratislava good for nightlife? whilst you sip on the excellent Slovak fruit brandies and Czech beers. Cocktails Not known Beer 0. Together with a great selection of Slovak and Czech beers, you will find wonderful vintage coffee trays, enamel advertising signs, old scales, metal tea boxes, cigar and cigarette cases, ashtrays, bottles and more.

Cocktails Not known Beer 0. The unfiltered and unpasteurized yeast beers are made on site whilst the cheese is imported directly from the largest and oldest sheep cheese factory in the world, Bryndziareň in Zvolenská Slatina, 200km to the east of and dating back to 1797. Cocktails Not known Beer 0.

Maintaining a close and friendly relationship with both their customers and the winemakers, they host several tasting nights throughout the year. Closed Sunday and Monday Cocktails Not known Beer 0. A cultural centre which boasts live music, club nights, literature readings, film Is Bratislava good for nightlife?, theatre productions and after show parties, there's something happening every night of the week. The highlight though is the large open smoking terrace which boasts fantastic views of.

Is Bratislava good for nightlife?

Cocktails Not known Beer 0. A great choice of Slovakian beers, wines and liquors complement the selection of whiskies and rums from around the world. Away from the main tourist party bars, this friendly venue is popular with locals of all ages. Cocktails Not known Beer 0. Set over two floors with comfortable couches and dining tables throughout, upstairs the walls are decorated with open antiquarian books.

In the summer the backyard boasts inviting terraces overgrown with ivy. Among other things, they offer great wines, draft Budvar, excellent coffee, loose tea served in mugs and tap Kofola Slovakian cola. Inside, the Baroque style room with its low ceilings, offers a feel of oldwhilst a pleasant garden courtyard is the perfect place to listen to a live chamber orchestra whilst you drink from the great Slovakian wine menu.

Located near the University, the tasty unfiltered and unpasteurised beer is brewed on site, leading directly from tank to tap. Cocktails Not known Beer 0.


An interestingly decorated industrial interior offers many corners and tables to hang out. Cocktails Not known Beer 0. The non-pasteurized beers, available in sharing pumps, are as tasty as the traditional Bratislavan cuisine with plenty of events from live music to sports screenings to keep you occupied.

Cocktails Not known Beer 0. Best described as a multifunctional place for creative people with a love for local beer, wines, and food, there's always something going on here and enough to keep everybody happy. Cocktails Not known Beer 0. Inside the pub, you will find a large fireplace, table football, darts, and a children's playground.

Cocktails Not known Beer 0.

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