Question: Is it OK to have friends with benefits?


Being FWB actually can be healthy, she says—if youre careful about it, that is. In fact, for some people, FWB relationships work even better than more traditional monogamous relationships, explains Richmond.

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Is it OK to have friends with benefits?

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We have heard this a thousand times, and you have nothing new to contribute to the conversation.

Is having a with relationship always sinful in your view? : OpenChristian

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Please respect other people's experiences and perspectives, even if they differ from your own. See from the Community of Christ for more information on faithful disagreement. Its another woman so conservatives would condemn it anyway, but I don't care about them. Its hard to say it's wrong because we completely respect each other, never use or exploit the other partner, and are being honest and safe.

Is it OK to have friends with benefits?

And bring so much joy to each other. I just can't see the harm.

7 Signs It's Time To Break Up Your 'Friends With Benefits' Relationship

But I'll admit its still Is it OK to have friends with benefits? to square with even a progressive Christian stance. The only risk is that of heartache. The Bible tells us to guard our hearts. I have never been sure what that means other than romantically.

If you think that it will not end in heartache, then good. I wrote about some alternatives recently: I went to a workshop recently on this, and one takeaway was the movement away from black-and-white, rules-based sexual ethics and towards principles around which we can coalesce.

There are plenty of Biblical principles around which we, with the guiding of the spirit, can orient our sexual lives see the Beatitudes or Fruits of the Spiritand Paul was adamant that following the Spirit over the letter of the law was central to new life in Christ. Romans 14 is also a good place to look, as others have alluded to what works for some people may not work for everyone.

Personally, I think social trinitarianism can be helpful here though it has its drawbacks. The ultimate source and model of all relationality and eros is the Trinity. That desire that exists within the Trinity amongst the persons is the same desire that now extends out to us —and all human desire finds its ultimate end in union with God through Christ in the Spirit.

However, I wouldn't dismiss something out of hand if what you're saying about being honest and respectful and bringing each other joy is true. I'd focus on eliminating the things that you can see harm in first, and coming back to this issue with a clear head after you've overcome your struggles with those sins.

You're overweight and have a bad diet. You crave soda, donuts, potato chips, beer, pizza, etc. You know you need to start making healthier choices.

Is it OK to have friends with benefits?

If you cut out everything that you enjoy and try to live off water and raw vegetables while training for a marathon, you will not be able to sustain that lifestyle. If you cut out the worst offenders, you might find you have more energy for exercise Is it OK to have friends with benefits? that your taste buds change so that you don't even want sugary drinks anymore. Or you might find that you can still be healthy without limiting yourself as severely as you might expect; water may be ideal, but a little fruit juice really isn't that bad for you.

One ended up being very hurtful for me in the long run, and the other was totally fine and fun—because they were very different circumstances. I don't think that's an enlightened modern view of sexuality, I think it's just sad, and fails to live into the goodness that partnering love can bring into people's lives.

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