Question: How much should you pay for a lap dance?


Cost ranges from $10 on up — $20 is about average — plus the dancer will expect an added tip. Lap dances at most clubs come in two forms — those performed at your chair in the open floor of the club, or more private encounters in special, secluded booths or alcoves.

I read a book a while back in which a woman dressed up in a convincing-enough male persona that she was able to infiltrate many male-only bastions of society. One of these was a strip club, and she mentioned that the goal of lap dances was for the guy to have an orgasm.

So, what really goes on in the strip clubs?

How much should you pay for a lap dance?

Years ago when I was in the military I often went to strip clubs, never had an orgasm or even heard of anybody having one with one exception, this 18 year old kid who had never had a girlfriend or any relationship with a woman, popped his cork when a dancer sat on his lap to discuss the fee for a lap dance. If a guy can have a wet dream, why not this? Purely psychological stimulation alone can provoke an orgasm. As for incidence of it happening in strip clubs, I got nothing. You can lift it with just a thought.

~Old joke That a guy would actually blow his load with nipple sucking and grinding alone speaks to some level of premature ejaculation issues or a hair trigger adolescent. I have even heard of men coming to orgasm with no direct touching whatsoever. Not to be too graphic, but substantial seminal fluid leakage and wet pants due to stimulation is much, much easier to believe. Especially with the old rolled up bill in your mouth way of tipping.


Lap dances seem to have come along after I was married. Even my bachelor party at a go-go place was nothing more than I already described.

How much should you pay for a lap dance?

In San Diego the club Pacers had topless but no contact. Tipping was only allowed when their tops were on. There was one time in Thailand I was in the Navy where I got what I guess would count as a lap dance. The girl was in my lap, hugging and squirming on my penis with only my Levis in between. She was doing her best to convince me to go to the back with her and I could see where 15-20 minutes of what she was doing would have resulted in sticky pants.

Is having sex at a strip club when you only pay for a lap dance considered prostitution?

I would equate it to be masturbated. How long do lap dances last? Jim Did I really just post that? How much should you pay for a lap dance?

How much should you pay for a lap dance?

would need to do it if you wanted to get a book deal out of it. Jim Did I really just post that? Strippers are in no way shape or form trying to get you off during a lap dance. The guy in the other thread had a stripper grinding on his crotch for 20 mins, thats not a lap dance thats a happy ending and im sure it cost a lot more than a regular lap dance would have.

They will sit on your lap for a little while, straddle you, maybe dance in front of you while leaning over you, or squirm on the ground in front of you, but they are most certainly not grinding away on your dick trying to get you off.

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