Question: Which is better bumble or hinge?


Bumble wins the overall popularity contest, but you also want to consider how popular a dating app is with people in the age range you want to date. ... If youre dating over 50, try Bumble first. Hinge is slightly more popular with users 30+, so if thats you, Hinge may give you an advantage.

Which is better bumble or hinge?

Often enough it worked and generally I found the sooner you ask someone out for a drink the better. Fairly quickly I realised that gals I matched with expected more investment of time before agreeing to a date maybe 4-7 days vs 1-2 on tinder.

Which is better bumble or hinge?

The reasons in hindsight are fairly obvious Which is better bumble or hinge? tinder being more of a hookup app where hinge is more of a relationship app. Nothing revolutionary just something I found interesting. I can chat with you for a week and think you're super interesting only to meet you for a drink and find out you actually can't carry a conversation.

Tinder vs. Bumble vs. Hinge: Which matchmaking software is the better? There are plenty software in the market offering different methods to dating.

Source: am man Edit: how did I end up browsing a 5 month old thread. I don't remember how I got here. What's worked for me is after matching, message back amd forth casually for 24 hours then get a phone number. Text for a day or 2, then plan a phone conversation where you plan a date, usually first date is 4-7 days after initial match. Considering i want a relationship this is great.

I personally don't mind waiting a week before a first date. From my perspective, long pen-pal crap on dating apps just gives more time for one or the other of you to lose interest or accidentally say the wrong thing or for some other match to distract you and fail to pan out. Yes, I know it'd instantly turn into ChatRoulette with dicks waving everywhere, but let me have my utopian dream.

I personally do not like going out with a girl into I get to know her more and she puts forth the time to get to know me as well, if she is talking to me once or twice a week I get ride of her.

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