Question: What Culo means?


Culo is a vulgar word in Spanish literally meaning “butt” or “ass,” used in a range of coarse idiomatic expressions. The term is also a milder colloquial term for “butt” in Italian.

What Culo means?

But first, a word of advice dear readers. Part 2 of our series,included two such expressions: che culo and che palle. Bottoms … we all have one, they come in all shapes and sizes, and can be What Culo means?

beautiful or quite embarrassing.

Italian profanity

They can also, according to this common Italian expression, be lucky! There, now you can talk about backsides in an educated manner! La parte posteriore e più carnosa del corpo umano ma riferito talora anche ad animalicomunem.

Il termine è di uso com. Come augurio, per antifrasi, a chi affronta una prova difficile o pericolosa: in c. The Oxford Italian Dictionary culo.

What Culo means?

Warning: those of you who are offended by bottoms should read no further!

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