Question: Why did Hi5 stop?

By the end of 2008, the original cast had been completely replaced by a new line-up of fresh faces. In 2012, Nine sold the Hi-5 brand to Asian equity group Asiasons following financial difficulties at the network. That same year, Hi-5 was cancelled with season 13 being its last.

What happened to the Hi-5?

In 2017, Tagged and hi5 were acquired by The Meet Group for $60 million.

When did Hi-5 stop?

2008 Harris and Graeme-Evans ended their involvement with the series in 2008 when the program was sold to Southern Star and the Nine Network. The final episode of Hi-5 aired 16 December 2011 as a result of the Nine Network selling the property in 2012.

Do Hi-5 still exist?

Frequently reported as being one of the worlds top social networks between 2006-2008, Hi5 offered simple functionality which proved extremely popular. ... 3 identities later, Hi5 still operates quietly today and is owned by IF(WE), formerly known as Tagged.

Why did Kathleen leave Hi-5?

Kathleen was the first original member to leave the group after eight seasons because she was pregnant and expecting her first child with Daniel Jones from Savage Garden!

Who created Hi5?

Ramu Yalamanchi Akash Garg Hi5/Founders

Who is Jup Jup in Hi-5?

Jup Jup is a five-legged alien that lives in the wall of Puzzles And Patterns Segment set. He is purple with green legs and yellow feet. He plays tricks on each space, which belongs to a female cast member from overseas.

Is it Hi-Five or Hi Fi?

High five is a friendly gesture in which one individual slaps anothers hand. High five (and variants such as Hi5, Hi-5, and Hi-Five) may also refer to: ... hi5, a social networking website. Highfive (company), an American video conferencing company.

Who is Charli married to?

Brent Delaneym. 2003–2009 Charli Robinson/Spouse

Is Charlie Hi 5 pregnant?

She is currently pregnant with her second child. And original Hi-5 star Charlie Robinson was absolutely glowing on Wednesday, when the former childrens entertainer took to social media to show off her growing baby bump.

How do I deactivate hi5?

Delete my account / cancel my profile FULL SITESelect “Account” from the desktop navigation bar, then “Settings”.Locate the “Cancel Account” section and click the Cancel your Account link and follow the instructions.Select “Yes, I want to cancel my account”.Enter your password & click Cancel Account.

What is the oldest social media platform?

May 1997: Six Degrees Six Degrees is widely considered to be the very first social networking site. Founded by Andrew Weinreich in May 1996, the site launched the following year and combined popular features such as profiles, friends lists and school affiliations in one service.

Where did high fives come from?

The first-ever high five appears to have happened in 1977, during a baseball game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros. After a home run, Dodgers outfielder Dusty Baker high-fived his teammate, Glenn Burke.

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I came into this video thinking about how much I miss the old days and how Hi5 has changed so much, but this was all wrong.

When I originally stumbled upon your content, Hi5 Studios was not a thing yet. Matthiasiam had not even had the dollar store video that started the unboxing empire that eventually became Dope or Nope. This was 2016 so over 5 years ago. The content was enjoyable to me as being my first group of YouTube channels I watched at 14.

As time went on, you got your studio, started getting more channels. The channels started turning into other things such as Hi5 Universe to Battle Universe and I supported the transition. You were Why did Hi5 stop? vlogs still in some form and I loved it.

As time went on, I still was supporting. This was all just inspiration and from doing videos the way that those channels I just listed would, I started to get my own voice and audience in my content. This was great to be able to go off what I enjoy from you and add my own new and imaginative twist. In September 2018, you toned it down with the vlogs and this was okay as that school year I hardly uploaded.

Continuing Why did Hi5 stop? vlog and unbox occasionally, I found myself enjoying Hi5 Channels in my spare time notably Dope or Nope, Battle Universe, Woods, Roze, Matthias, and The Exec. The content you have provided has made me very happy and got me through so many Why did Hi5 stop? I found myself in or even during the good times. Battle Universe started to get dull for me in 2019 and so I stopped.

It became repetitive and that was Why did Hi5 stop? my thing. Many side channels such as Fail Time became more challenge-based as challenge videos eventually swept through each of Why did Hi5 stop? channels. In 2020, Matthias channel started uploading vlogs again and it felt great filled with key mystery and daily vlogs which is why I was there.

Near the end with the complete transformation of Why did Hi5 stop? to Project: 863 I started feeling odd. I did not understand because the last season of the key series I loved and watched the videos of Why did Hi5 stop? something just made me fall out of love.

Why did Hi5 stop?

It is hard to explain but the absence of vlogs just made me fall Why did Hi5 stop? of love. Dope or Nope to this day continues to entertain me with the once-a-week new episodes and Overkill does as well. It is confusing but I think I have reached a new era in my life. I graduated high school just last summer and am in the process of switching jobs from one I have been at for three years.

After watching this video, I found the answer. Not just you but I have changed and grown from the Hi5 I fell in love with many years ago as a kid. On top of that, with unlimited internet access finally reaching my house in August 2020, I have been forced to diversify my content consumption on YouTube to that of The H3 Podcast or Linus Tech Why did Hi5 stop?, but I still watch your videos. Perhaps I have not fallen out of love with you and the company but Why did Hi5 stop? have changed as a person as people do overtime.

With your Hi5 and you being the ones who guided me in the content I like to create, I feel we have both been fulfilled in what we were looking for. People who have left and people who are currently at Hi5 are people who I still support in their solo projects and other YouTube channels and this is fine. With your new identity, I have found a new identity I do not relate to.

We are different people and I respect our differences with me continuing inspiration based on past missions and video styles you have abandoned. You, the staff, and the community have created a place I not only grew from but thrived within full of happiness, intrigue, and excitement. Now I will say, your new vision does not align with what I enjoy seeing. You are of course aware that sometimes the relationship must come to an end so all parties involved can seek enjoyment and fulfillment in what they consume, create, and participate in.

Initially, I was not happy with the termination of those who underperformed according to your specifications. Thinking about it further, I realize you are running a business and that a lot in the background is involved for us to have these 10-15-minute fun videos we see on your channels. You have an amazing team and I watch their content even today some of them. I kept resisting these changes when really, I have changed in what I enjoy.

Fictional stories are not at the base of the main content I consume anymore. Rarely do I find myself watching tv shows anymore or movies, but when I do I enjoy it.

Why did Hi5 stop?

In essence, this is my way of saying with Hi5 Studios departing I believe it is my time to depart as well. I still will watch Dope or Nope and check in to see what these changes end up becoming.

MrBeast's secret channels

Judging something I have not seen is not the way I want to be. Based on what you are describing and how I am feeling currently, I do not think I will be into it, but I will sure check it out once they get put up.

Why did Hi5 stop?

I support you in what you are creating but I feel I have changed just as you have. Leaving this community and all the amazing talent and past talent I have enjoyed over the past 5 years is difficult, but nothing lasts forever. Perhaps I will return, but I just must take a step back. You are someone I look up to Matthias and do not mean any disrespect and am just providing my feedback on these changes. I can say with great love and admiration that you are an incredible storyteller.

For years you have continued to entertain me, make me laugh, make me experience bittersweet moments as I changed and grew as a person, as I was able to watch through these years all of your changes and Why did Hi5 stop? as well. With this, I am departing your channels, the community, and you for now as I am just not feeling the new mission.

Some current members of the company and ex-employees I do watch still and continue to support those individuals still. It may be for a few months, or forever. I thank you so much and everyone for what you have given me and what I am taking away from all of this.

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