Question: Is there an app like tinder but for couples?


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Is there an app like tinder but for couples?

What is there to do besides sit on the couch? Jordan Scott hopes to help. Her date decision-making app,is for life after you match with your swipe right. Here's why she thinks it's more vital than ever. And when you and your significant other both swipes right on an idea, we make it super easy to follow through on whatever that is — whether it's making an outdoor dining reservation, cooking something at home or planning to watch a new show together.

This app is very much forpost dating and ready for life after the swipe. I knew that I always wanted to create an app or a product for couples to solve this sort of indecision conversation every night. I come from a journalism background, and I really only knew how to write and that was it. So I decided to start with an editorial site, an Instagram account and a newsletter and just produce content aimed at couples.

My whole goal was always to grow an audience of couples that will hopefully be willing to experiment and try out whatever product I ultimately recommend. It became really clear that, yes, the content was great, but it was missing that tech piece of really driving the decision and driving the knowledge of what two people really, actually want to do.

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And so that's sort of how Cobble was born. In the beginning, I had no money to hire anyone. I certainly didn't have the time or the brainpower, quite frankly, to learn how to code myself to really build what I was imagining, and nor could I operate in a silo. So what I ended up doing was really just talking to everyone that I could about my idea. People just offered to help! A man who was in his own startup offered to help. I shared my idea with him, and he became the first full-time employee for Cobble.

That's really how the rest of the team has grown organically, but I think the most important thing that I've learned during all this is if you're the founder, you just have to admit that you don't know 99% of what it's going to take to make this Is there an app like tinder but for couples?

real. But if you can sort of share the path and share the love of building something new, then the right people will find you!

Is there an app like tinder but for couples?

You really can only go so far by yourself. In my experience, when your relationship is not feeling 100%, all the other facets of your wellness and of your life are also not feeling 100%. As time goes on and a relationship becomes more committed and established, all of your downtime is pretty much spent with that person.

But quality time and thoughtfulness Is there an app like tinder but for couples? how you take care of your relationship. That's something that we would really love to help couples discover again.

When is that perfect time when you could have focused time together? What can you do that you'll both love and how can we help you get to that decision? We were sharing our baby with the world after what felt like so much time and effort, planning for a Spring 2020 launch. People are going to be more excited than ever to use an app like this. We have all these couples who are so bored at home, let's just augment our content.

Instead of having everything be about going out, let's have our amazing writers produce all this content around what to do at home. Let's curate all these personal events. So we ended up producing enough content over three weeks and we launched. People were swiping and we had more than 20,000 swipes in the first couple weeks. Now we have over 400,000 swipes. This past summer, when New York City opened up a little bit with outdoor dining, those that dipped a toe back out to the world could benefit from our app by making outdoor dining reservations on Cobble!

I think there's a natural trust between couples. We love each other and you'll be there for me no matter what. While I hope that's true for most relationships, it does become apparent when you haven't been Is there an app like tinder but for couples? it all that much attention or focus. It's just easier to let that fall to the side.

One of the reasons that I love Cobble is the magic of making decisions together. Instead of making a plan to meet up at the kitchen and talk about ideas for dinner, there's something magical and fun when I happen to open up the app and my husband and I both swipe right on a really cool new takeout restaurant. I wouldn't have even brought that up!

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Cobble put it in front of us, and we swiped on it, now we're doing it. I think trying to create that magic is really the goal of Cobble.

Cobble will be building out more cities in six to 12 months, so be sure to keep an eye out!

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