Question: Is O Negative the rarest blood type?

Contrary to popular belief, O- blood is not the rarest blood type. It is estimated 7 percent of the population has O- blood type while only 1% of the population has AB- blood. ... In fact, O Negative blood is often used for premature infants and babies who need blood transfusions.

What is the most rare negative blood type?

AB negative AB negative is the rarest of the eight main blood types - just 1% of our donors have it. Despite being rare, demand for AB negative blood is low and we dont struggle to find donors with AB negative blood. However, some blood types are both rare and in demand.

Rare blood types

A trauma patient arrives at the emergency room. Thankfully, she can rely on the generosity of O-negative blood donors to keep her alive when every moment matters. Those with type O blood have neither antigen and comprise about 50 per cent of people worldwide. Originally, all humans had A+ blood. For complex reasons, lacking the A and B antigens having the A antigen reduces the chance of death from malaria.

Is O Negative the rarest blood type?

So, evolution has driven a gradual increase in the number of people with type O blood over the course of many millennia. In parts of sub-Saharan Africa where Is O Negative the rarest blood type?

Is O Negative the rarest blood type?

is most prevalent, 80 per cent of people have type O blood. The other most important system, the Rhesus or Rh system, involves a protein called the D antigen.

Is O Negative the rarest blood type?

If your red blood cells have the D antigen, you have a positive blood type. Most people in Canada are positive for the D antigen — about 85% — and in African and Asian nations that percentage is even higher. The D-antigen is also very important because if a person with child-bearing potential is Rh-negative and receives Rh-positive blood, they will likely develop an antibody that could cause future pregnancy complications and losses.

Only seven per cent of Canadians have universal O-negative blood, and you could be one of them. Find out if you have type O-negative blood by booking an appointment to donate at.

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