Question: Is Norway exempt from quarantine?


COVID-19 certificate for foreigners travelling to Norway You will not have to go into quarantine, take a test before arrival and at the border, or register upon entering Norway.

The Regulations repeal the Regulations relating to a Decision under to the Act relating to control of communicable diseases, section 4-1, second paragraph, on quarantine isolation after travelling outside the Nordic region, which was adopted by the Directorate of Health on 12 March 2020.

Norway Travel Restrictions: Who Can Enter Norway?

The Regulations stipulate that persons arriving in Norway from countries other than Sweden or Finland must undergo quarantine for 14 days after entry into Norway. The Regulations apply to persons who have arrived in Norway after 27 Is Norway exempt from quarantine?

Is Norway exempt from quarantine?

2020. This also applies to persons arriving in Norway from Sweden or Finland who have stayed in other countries during the past 14 days. Travellers arriving in Norway may choose to return rather than undergoing quarantine.

When will international travel return? A country

The regulations make provision for an exemption from the quarantine rules. Persons who are essential to maintain the proper operation of critical public functions and attend to fundamental needs of the population, including persons who perform goods and passenger transport functions, are exempted.

Is Norway exempt from quarantine?

Persons included under the exemption shall, to the degree possible, avoid close contact with other persons. The Regulations also specify that persons in quarantine who develop cold symptoms such as coughing, fever or shortness of breath shall remain in isolation from the time symptoms first appear until 7 days after all symptoms are gone. Persons who have symptoms upon arrival in Norway shall immediately undergo isolation in a place designated by the municipal medical officer.

Is Norway exempt from quarantine?

Persons with symptoms may not use public transport to reach the place designated for isolation.

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