Question: How many Cupid sites are there?

Cupid Media operates a network of 33 dating sites that target lifestyles, ethnicities, countries and special interests including: AfroIntroductions.

Where can I meet foreign men?

What Are The Best International Dating Sites? Top 9 Sites To Meet Your Foreign LoveBravo Date — a ton of free and premium features. Amour Factory — meet interesting people there. ... Asian Melodies — 20 free credits after registration. ... Latam Date — (almost) perfect mobile app. ... Asian Melodies. ... BravoDate. ... Latin Feels.Apr 2, 2021

If it's actually a legitimate dating service is what we're here to inform you about. We took screenshots and provided all the proof of any wrongdoing below. Read the full investigation so you understand what Filipino Cupid is truly all about.

Over 119 Emails That Are All Fake! The first piece of evidence we'd like to bring forward is a screenshot see screenshot evidence below that shows we received 119 email messages in less than 4 days of being a member of this website.

The first thing we like to discuss is the 119 email messages that we received while being a member on this site. Not only is it a slap in the face to anyone who has any form of intelligence because this is all fake. How is it possible to get 119 email messages in such a short time frame? To receive 119 email messages is usually a telltale sign of a scam. For the record we've done hundreds of reviews on dating services posted on this website, so we have experience with how dating sites operate.

We also have a lot of How many Cupid sites are there? with how dating scams operate and one of the first methods used by fictitious dating services is to send people large amounts of computer generated email messages that look like they're coming from real women.

Novice users have no idea that they're being scammed. They just think that they must have joined a great dating service after getting so much traction in the short time frame.

The truth of the matter is that the email messages are either being sent from romance scammers or being sent by the dating site itself. The next scenario is the dating site could very well be using high tech computer software bot systems to send their own members automated email messages.

We're not sure if the romance scammers are responsible or if it's the dating site but regardless of that fact is that either way this website is worthless! If the website is overrun by scammers there's no point in purchasing a paid membership.

If the website itself is trying to scam people once again purchasing a membership is a total waste of time and money. Screenshot of the 113 emails received. Our Profile Is Empty But We Get Emails Telling Us Our Profile Is Cute? The second piece of evidence How many Cupid sites are there? like to bring forward is our own profile page that we created for this review. As you can see we've only completed 13% of our profile see How many Cupid sites are there?

evidence below and we haven't even uploaded a picture to our profile page.

How many Cupid sites are there?

This is important to point out because logically we shouldn't be getting any email messages, never mind getting over 100 messages. It really makes absolutely no sense that all these Filipino women are emailing us when they have absolutely no idea what we look like.

How is it possible to know if someone is cute when you haven't even seen a picture of them? This goes to show even further that something is not right with FilipinoCupid. Either romance scammers or the website is trying to rip us off.

Screenshot of our profile that has no photo in it. Real Reviews From Angry Web Users As part of our investigation we scoured the internet looking for reviews from other people who have joined FilipinoCupid.

Below you will see just a few of many angry web users who have How many Cupid sites are there? to the internet to write negative reviews about this website. This is probably the work of romance scammers. Screenshot of a negative review from an angry Member of FilipinoCupid.

That's the exact same response we personally received from women saying that we were cute even though we never had a single picture on our profile page Screenshot of a negative review from an angry Member of FilipinoCupid. These profiles of Filipino women are faker than Caitlyn Jenner's gender. All are fake or want money. It's a total waste of time. Many fake profiles appear in your email inbox and appear to be computer generated. He says stay away from this website. As long as you have a free account you will be hit with messages from fake profiles in the style of I seen your picture and like you even though you haven't even posted a picture yet.

Once again this is exactly what we've mentioned stating that we've gotten over 100 email messages even though we don't even have a single picture in our profile page! Screenshot of a negative review from an angry Member of FilipinoCupid.

Worldwide Dating Websites and Cupid

We're still not sure if romance scammers are joining the site or the website is sending people computer-generated messages or if it's both!

But it really doesn't matter, what matters is the ability to meet real people, and we don't think this website offers anyone that opportunity. Search For Females If you want to find real women, then look at.

It's embarrassing but I want to level some truths. Did i meet beautiful girls? Yes Did they ask for money?

How many Cupid sites are there?

No But if your membership lapses, you get a crazy ammount of messages. How many Cupid sites are there? you cant read or reply until you pay for a new membership. My thinking, is they pay girls on the site to message free members inciting them to buy a membership.

Its unnecessary as I have met a few amazing girls there. I wouldnt reccommend pinalove for many reasons. Good luck guys I am a current member of FilipinoCupid. I joined in May 2021 and I will not renew my 30 day membership. I reported many of these profiles to the FilipinoCupid. If you are a man seeking a biological female then FilipinoCupid.

I had been a member of this dating site but I rarely open my account.

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I just enjoyed reading profiles of men searching for there better half. I noticed that most men in their 60s are looking for ladies in their 20s. No wonder they will really get scammed. Also, some men there are scammers too! If you request for video call they have so many alibis.

The best advice I can give is to verify first whom you are talking to and the most important is do not send money regardless of whatever dramas they will tell you!

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