Question: What is black Barbies name?

Christie (1968–2005, 2015) Barbie dolls first African-American friend character, Christie was part of the new group of Talking dolls for 1968. Christie was later issued as a Twist N Turn version.

Whats black Barbies name?

The First “black” Barbie doll, Christie, premiered in 1968 in response to the Equal Rights Movement. She was the first non-white Barbie and Barbies best friend. Christie was first released as a paper doll, then reintroduced with two other dolls as a set of “Talking Dolls”.

What was the first black Barbies name?

Colored Francie made her debut in 1967, and she is sometimes described as the first African American Barbie doll.

Is there a black Barbie?

One cherished Barbie® doll is 1980s Black Barbie® doll. Although Christie® premiered in 1968, this was the first African-American Barbie®. This reproduction remains faithful to the original, sporting an Afro and dressed in a re-creation of the opulent red dress with golden embellishments.

Who is the black haired guy in Barbie?

Raquelle, is a major character and the main antagonist in Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse....RaquelleHairBlackRelativesRyan (twin brother)HomeThe Raquelle MansionVoice ActorHaviland Stillwell14 more rows

According to the Random House books, the character's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Barbie's age What is black Barbies name? fluctuated since she was introduced; early on, Mattel described her as 19 years old, but she is often shown as an older character in adult careers.

The first episode What is black Barbies name? even jokes that she is over 43 years old. As of 2021, Barbie has three younger sisters: Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea. Mattel describes Barbie as strong, confident, and always willing to help her siblings.

After a short break in 2004, they officially got back together in 2011. According to the 1960s Random House books, Ken's full name is Kenneth Sean Carson. Inhe is one of Barbie's best friends and next-door neighbor. Originally around the age of eight, she was changed to a young teenager later on. After stopping production in 2003, Skipper dolls returned in 2009 with a new colored streak usually purple or blue in her hair.

She is one of the main characters in and its followups, where Skipper is shown to love and gadgets. In Life in the Dreamhouse and Dreamhouse Adventures, Stacie is shown to be a competitive, skilled athlete. Chelsea loves the colour pink, followed from her older sister Barbie. She also has a pet called Blissa and loves strawberry shortcake as that was her birthday cake flavour.

What is black Barbies name?

She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Chelsea is the star of her own series. Originally just a book character, he has not been issued in doll form but has appeared for the first time in animation in the digital series. He was originally an engineer but his job changed to documentary filmmaker in Dreamhouse Adventures. Also originally a book character, she has not been issued in doll form, but she made her first on-screen appearance in Dreamhouse Adventures. She was initially a homemaker, but in Dreamhouse Adventures, she is a computer engineer and the designer of the Roberts family dreamhouse.

She has a sister named Millicent. The two were only sold together in one set. They appeared to be small school children and had bendable bodies.

Todd was reintroduced in 1991 as part of the wedding party for Barbie's best friendbut Tutti was not reintroduced, with new sisters Kelly and Stacie taking her place.


Mattel produced several more of the new Todd dolls over the next few years, but Todd was dropped from the Barbie line after 2008. Francie appeared to be only slightly younger than Barbie, and had a straight, streamlined figure. The Francie doll was the first to feature rooted eyelashes. In the March 1966 issue of Barbie Magazine, she is the daughter of Claude and Lily Fairchild.

She was taller than Barbie's other cousin Francie, with Jazzie being almost the same height as Barbie. Blaine is said to be the brother of Summer, one of Barbie's friends. Blaine does not show in any of the Barbie series but was originally a character from Generation Girls and showed interest in Ana. Her first appearance was in. Never made into a doll. Never made into a doll. Never made into a doll. Never made into a doll. She passed her love of reading onto Barbie. She is encouraging and supportive of her granddaughter.

She gave Barbie a book to read that Barbie related to. Her first appearance is in Barbie and the Secret Door as Alexa's grandmother. Note: Alexa is Barbie's Role in Barbie and the Secret Door. She also appears in The Great Puppy Adventure as herself. Marie is shown to be an. Never made into a doll. She first appeared in season 3, episode 3 ofThe Ballad of Windy Willows.

Her most recent appearance was in season 5, episode 7 of Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures, The Curse of the Miner's Ghost. Her design is very similar to Margaret's, suggesting that she is Margaret's sister. Never made into a doll. She was the What is black Barbies name? character introduced to the Barbie line, following Barbie and Ken. In the Random House novels, her last name is Hadley.

She was paired with Allan Sherwood, Ken's best friend, when Allan What is black Barbies name? introduced in 1964. She is named Viky in Brazil from the book Barbie Doll Around the World, by J. Michael Augustyniak, copyright 2008 Collector Books. In 2001 she was given her own line named Happy Family. Midge was released with a magnetic belly and a baby. Also in the line was Alan and their son Ryan, and Midge's parents though they were never given real names.

In the series, she undergoes a makeover to look more modern, though the character tends to act like she is still in the 1960s. Christie was later issued as a Twist 'N Turn version. The character appeared in the product line continuously for many years, though the original Christie face sculpt was discontinued in 1978. Christie is notable in that she has been romantically linked with several male characters over the years. In 1982, the Sunsational Malibu Christie doll had a boyfriend named Ken who used the Brad face sculpt with rooted hair.

In the late 80s, Christie was paired with Steven. The surname O'Neil is associated with the Nikki character, who is purported to be Christie's sister, but the surname has not been associated directly with Christie. The doll has been criticized as following American beauty standards instead of representing African cultural body image, representing only one tone of skin color, and because her sculpted features were seen to symbolize white standards of beauty.

Christie was discontinued when Barbie got Nikki as her new African-American friend, though Nikki uses Christie's face for a little, the change in name of almost the same doll was never stated. In the 2015 Barbie movie Barbie and her Sister in a Puppy Rescue, Christie is the name of one of Barbie's old friends from Willows, Wisconsin.

On the back of the 1999 Beyond Pink Christie box, her birthday is listed as August 9. Starting with the Wet 'N Wild Teresa doll, the character began using the 1972 Steffie face sculpt. Beginning with the Rollerblade Teresa doll, the character began using an all-new face sculpt that has become known as the Teresa face sculpt.

In the Grolier book High Sea Adventure from 1999, her last name is Rivera. Teresa is What is black Barbies name? Hispanic heritage.

She is named Debora in Brazil from the book Barbie Doll Around What is black Barbies name? World, by J. Michael Augustyniak, copyright 2008 Collector Books. She was featured in the 2008 film as Barbie's best friend, where she told a story about her and Barbie as Liana and Alexa as two girls closer than most friends living in the forest.

She appeared in the web series and now stars in as one of Barbie's best friends. She also starred in the 2016 movie, Barbie: Spy Squad alongside Barbie and Renee. On the back of the 1999 Beyond Pink Teresa box, her birthday is listed as Oct. She was a frequent character in the web series. She was originally from Australia when she was first introduced in 2004, but in all cartoons she's American.

She has used multiple different head sculpts through the years. Nikki is Christie's little sister. She was a frequent character in the web series and now stars in Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures as one of Barbie's best friends. In 2011, she appeared with an all-new face sculpt in the Barbie Fashionistas line.

She is Barbie's frenemy as shown in, and the web seriesand has a twin brother named Ryan. In 2014 she moved back to Malibu. Her backstory was rebooted when she started appearing in. She is very smart and interested in science. The Steffie face sculpt was used for decades, for several different Barbie-related Mattel dolls. Her eye colour, hairstyle and hair colour changed as well. A second edition had much shorter hair, styled in a curly flip.

It is the Stacey face What is black Barbies name? that is used for Malibu Barbie. She was billed as Barbie's best friend, again replacing Midge.

It is the only such reference, and should not be considered canon. Cara was produced as Free Moving Cara, Ballerina Cara, and both Quick Curl and Deluxe Quick Curl Cara. She was produced with the Steffie face mould. Christie continues to appear as well, in the Malibu, Fashion Photo and Superstar lines from Mattel.

This doll uses the Steffie face mold and always featured brunette hair. Returned in 1987 as Nurse Whitney in the Doctor Barbie line, and Perfume Pretty Whitney the same year. Made a return for 1988 in the Style Magic Barbie line. She made her last appearance as European exclusive Ultra Hair Whitney. Kira was later introduced looking similar to Miko and with the same head sculpt. She used the Teen Skipper head mold but there were only three dolls ever made.

She only appeared in series and and voiced by. Not to be confused with the other dolls name Kelly. She was a Japan exclusive and used the Steffie face sculpt. Only one version was ever released. She was dressed in a schoolgirl outfit. Appears in Fashionistas line and in vlogs. She is a gymnast and sporty in yoga and skateboard.

Half American, half Chinese from 'Dreamhouse Adventures'. There was a Talking Truly Scrumptious doll, as well as a basic version known as Standard Truly Scrumptious to collectors.

The Quick Curl Miss America doll was available with only slight variations for several years during the mid-1970s. He had his own line of clothing, which fits Ken. They had their own lines of clothing, which fit Barbie and Ken. He had his own line of clothing, which fits Ken.

The first version was as the Vitameatavegamin Girl. Sculpted in the likeness of. A character from the movie based on the Hunger Games books by Suzanne Collins. The doll is a likeness of actress. A character from the movie based on the Hunger Games books by Suzanne Collins. The doll is a likeness of actor.

A character from the movie based on the Hunger Games books by Suzanne Collins. The doll is a likeness of actress. A character from the movie based on the Hunger Games books by Suzanne Collins.

The doll is a likeness of actor. Two versions were released, one dressed in her world tour jumpsuit, the other with her dress worn at the red carpet.

Each one is sculpted in the likeness of their respective actor, and. Each doll is sculpted in the likeness of, and respectively. The dolls are sculpted in the likeness of and respectively.

Each doll is sculpted in the likeness of, and respectively. As of September 2018the doll is no longer available. Both are sculpted in the likeness of.

What is black Barbies name?

This doll became historical for being the first doll in Barbie history to be transgender, as Cox is a trans woman in real life. She was usually released with a pair of seeing glasses. She is named Susie in Europe.

She has blue eyes, and is found in blonde, brunette and redhead styles the redhead possibly being a result of the brunette hair oxidising, as happens with Christie dolls as well. Her original blonde hair is a true blonde, cut into a chin-length bob. Later editions feature a platinum blonde Casey with a coarser hair texture. Casey's hair is frequently asymmetrical, as was in vogue at the time. These dolls' hair is longer, sometimes near shoulder length. All editions come without shoes, with Casey in a one-piece swimsuit: the top is white with gold mesh; the bottoms are shiny gold though frequently fade to a matte silver colour.

She comes with only one ear pierced, in which is placed one gold-tone dangle triangle earring, which turns Casey's ear green if left in for a number of years. Dolls found by collectors today frequently present with some or extensive 'green ear'. The sooner the earring was removed, the better the chance this situation is avoided entirely. Even though Francie is featured prominently, it is with Casey's head mould and blue eyes Francie is brown-eyed.

Interestingly, What is black Barbies name? Francie and Casey share Francie's head mould. For these pink skin-toned, straight leg and straight waist dolls, Francie is a brunette with brown eyes and a yellow bikini, while Casey is blonde with brown eyes because she is using Francie's facein a bikini which is found in varying shades of red, rose, and hot pink. This doll was named Becky.

She appears apparently, a prototype in Mattel's 1971 fashion booklets that came What is black Barbies name? Mattel's Barbie doll fashions, alongside her friend Francie. She's presented using the Casey face mould, but with brown eyes and an ash blonde flip with a headband.

However, for undetermined reasons, Becky never entered production. In 2009, Mattel finally produced a version of this near-mythical doll, in a boxed set titled Most Mod Becky. She was produced as she appeared in Mattel's 1971 fashion booklets, with three different outfits, and party accessories such as invitations, records, record player, and telephone.

In 1991, a line of dolls was created depicting a wedding for Alan and Midge. Later, a family-themed line of dolls, much like the earlier Heart Family, had the two characters raising a family see list below of characters from this line.

He was made from an all-new face sculpt that is known as the Brad face sculpt. The Brad character was introduced as a boyfriend for the Christie character. Curtis was the boyfriend of the Free Moving Cara doll. This Todd doll used the 1978 SuperStar Ken face sculpt.

Linked with Barbie's friend Nikki since 2007 This doll has been in the lineup intermittently over the years, and has used several different face sculpts during that time. He is a main character in the series. Ryan has a crush on Barbie, and therefore competes with Ken for her affection. The series featured three new characters including Daria, Marisa, and Nichelle unrelated to the Shani character Nichelle.

The dolls were notable for What is black Barbies name? a new body sculpt known as Model Muse, which is a body designed to stay in one static pose as a display figurine. The series was discontinued after only 5 dolls, What is black Barbies name?

the dolls live on as their face and body sculpts are used for other Barbie dolls ever since. The Model Muse body in particular has become the new standard body for collector dolls in the Barbie line. Two versions of her were released, including Daria Celebutante and Daria Shopping Queen. Two versions of her were released, including Pretty Young Thing Marisa and Beach Baby Marisa.

Only one version was released, Nichelle Urban Hipster. After a couple of years What is black Barbies name? Shani character was introduced into the Barbie line. Although the dolls are unrelated to Shani's friend Asha, the What is black Barbies name? still used the Shani face mold and were meant to be a successor to the Shani line. Chelsea: I'm now using the name that everyone around the world knows me as - Chelsea! I'll always love the name Kelly too, but now I'm so excited that everyone will know me everywhere!

Journal of African Cultural Studies. Collector Books, A Division of Schroeder Publishing Co.

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