Question: Is Beadpark a good website?


Beadpark has a consumer rating of 4.53 stars from 45 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Beadpark most frequently mention good quality, customer service and several times. Beadpark ranks 3rd among Beads sites.

There is a wide variety of items to choose from. The customer service staff are helpful and efficient. The order was dispatched and received in good time. I hope they will replace them on my next order like I ask them.

Is Beadpark a good website?

The shipping was a little slow, arrived after 1. I will continue to buy from them because they have great deals and a lot of stuff with great quality. Till now I didn't had problems with the quality. Next time I hope they will check each item so don't come defective products. I understand they have hundreds of orders and they can't check each item but someone must do this.

But I needed exactly 50 as part of a give-a-way at event.

Is Beadpark a good website?

They refused to send me 6 missing beads and offered me a 55 cent credit on future order. Said I had to order and pay for another 50. All this after a week of back and forth emails.

They were cheap, but not worth the hassle and terrible customer service. The beads are great quality and you can't beat the pricing - trust me I have looked all over the internet. Loads of colors and styles.

Is Beadpark a good website?

Beside that first and second time received all the products in good order and all good quality. Any questions was answered and people are very helpfull Will do shopping there again!!


Only wait around 2 weeks for products to arrive, which is great. I have not had an issue Is Beadpark a good website? date, so cannot comment on customer service experience, but I have bulk ordered from them 5 times 1 recently and have not had an issue so far.

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