Question: Is it easy to meet people in Portland OR?

Chances are decent that youll get along with them since similar interests. In my experience, its been easy to make friends through work. I moved to Portland a little over 2 years ago and was able to find a group of friends fairly quick.

How do I meet people in Portland Oregon?

How You Can Meet People in Portland and Make New FriendsMost Popular Meetup Groups. Here are a few of Portlands most popular meetups. ... Take the Short Bus on an Urban Wine Tour. ... Enjoy Creative Coffee Creations. ... Get Lost in Books. ... Lounge with Kitties. ... Catch the Spirit. ... Arcade Nerds, Unite. ... Urban Escape.More items...

I just accepted an offer for my first full-time job in Wilsonville, and now I've got to start looking for apartments. I'm a 22 year old male and I'm wondering if anyone has any good suggestions as to what area, or even better, what apartment would be a nice place to live?

But I've also heard that it's a newer area, so maybe the area wasn't as busy then?

New to Portland. Place to go to meet people?

I honestly have no clue. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance!

Is it easy to meet people in Portland OR?

I would suggest living as close as possible to Wilsonville. Tigard, Tualatin… also Burlingame, Multnomah Village or Hillsdale neighborhoods. The commute to and from actual Portland is horrible but gets really bad the closer you get to Portland.

Apartments for Rent in Portland OR

The commutes brutal out there. Maybe look in Salem, Tigard, even McMinville. I would suggest doing so prior to moving bc I know too many people who hate where they live here.

Is it easy to meet people in Portland OR?

Like more than I can count!! I love how quiet it is and feels like this little nook of portland.

Is it easy to meet people in Portland OR?

Not much of night life. Does a have cute wine bar. There are some trials at the top of the hill and there are some fun spots up there and the tram is open again to Public so that makes it easy to go up and down the hill.

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