Question: What defines charisma?


Charisma (/kəˈrɪzmə/) is compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.

The problem is that this still leave a lot to interpretation. How tough is a bard with Constitution of 14, really? What does it mean for my character when I roll poorly and have to drive the 3-Charisma barbarian? I put together this list a few years ago to try to put this in simple language.

For one thing, the minimum you can get is 4th is a score of 3, and the minimum the system wants you to have is 8 since it discouraging rolling for stats at all. Stats also always scale with level and there are no magical ways to modify them, so it feel more like the ability scores are shoved to the back end of the character sheet, used in other calculations but meaningless for an actual description of a character. Their job is to be at peak physical ability specifically in the context of hitting and throwing small, fast-moving objects.

An ordinary person who has no training, experience, or equipment would need a Dex of 18 or 19 to compete with them. Ability scores are not the only thing that goes into a character. This is how the people of Faerun see them; Derrik — Derrik is a slightly shorter than most dwarf with wavy black hair, pale skin, and brown eyes. However, what weight Derrik has, is tied into his muscles, as he is visibly toned. He tends to have an average amount of common sense, though he can read people and situations better than most.

Aemon — Aemon is a normal human. His stunning blue-green eyes, and warm brown hair makes up for this. His stunning smile tends to pull people into conversations with him, and makes women give him a second look.

Occasionally, he makes a good decision… not where women are involved, though! He seems to turn into putty around them! I saw him in a bar fight What defines charisma?, and he was barely holding his own… until he tripped on his shoelace. Lara — Lara is a very pretty red-headed pixie. For being so tiny and frail, I was surprised how fast she was when someone threw a rock at her!

So she just gave them a lecture on how to be more aware of their surroundings next time. Xzilliana — For being a half-orc, her gray skin, black hair, and light blue eyes make her quite stunning. She seems like a salt of the earth kind of girl, and likes to talk about simpler things. She was just getting over a cold when I met her, so I was surprised when she was able to catch a runaway pig with just one arm!

Only with experience can you get to 100 unless you are cheating or creating new chrs at a much higher level.

Of course this depend of the edition but still… humans stats should range from to 3 to 20 for starting characters depending editions. A normal human is between 8 to 12 for most of his stats. The way Shadelings What defines charisma?

initially, they would be like this, from an outside perspective — I was sitting in the local tavern one evening, writing my weekly What defines charisma? for the construction of a new house and I saw a small hooded figure sitting at a table in the corner, eating alone. I shrugged her off as a simple Halfling, or maybe a Dwarf. I returned What defines charisma?

my task, and after a fair while, reached for my coin purse to pay for my meal, and noticed it was missing. I looked around the room to see who would have taken it. I noticed the hooded person grinning, still in the corner, and she held up my money and waved it lightly. Go bother someone else, and avoid this particular Shadeling from now on. She then proceeded to kick my leg. Then, as angry as I was, I swung my fist at her, but she seemed to disappear, in What defines charisma? more than a blur.

I heard the sound of leather being cut, and my trousers fell to the ground, my belt cut.

What defines charisma?

I turned around and saw her running What defines charisma? the door. This is nice, and it was obviously a lot of work, but hate to say I think you are underestimating the stats. That said, a bit of historical reference can be a benefit. That puts things in perspective. Stats of 19 and above were reserved fro supernatural beings gods, demigods, devils, demons and deities or for giants a hill giant was a 19 strength.

With that information, you can estimate that a stat score of 18 would be at the extraordinary end of human ability. Stephen Hawking and Einstein would each have a 17 or 18 intelligence. Circus performers such as those that did the high wire acts and flying acts, as well as professional athletes basketball, baseball, hockey, shooting sports would have dexterity in the 15 — 18 range, with most falling at 15 — 17. Gandhi would probably have a 16 or 17 charisma not 18, because his looks at least could have been improved and you have to leave room for that.

Gandhi would probably come in at 17 or 18 for wisdom. The guys that compete pulling trucks, or doing olympic level weightlifting, would be in the 17 — 18 range What What defines charisma? charisma?

What defines charisma?

strength. Using that rational, an example of people with over 18 for stats would have to be pulled from fiction. Wolverine from the X men would have a constitution around 23 — 24 heals from almost any injury instantly, but still ages. Superman would probably have a 24 or 25 strength. The Flash a dexterity of 24 — or 25. An 18 strength, for example, is the pinnacle of human achievement, a paragon of muscle and power. This would be more like an Olympic power lifter, not someone who can break objects like wood with their bare hands.

This holds true all What defines charisma? way up to 3. I really like the descriptions as a primer, a starting point for what the numbers mean in real life terms. Thank you so much for What defines charisma? this for People to look at. I slightly disagree with the low Intelligence options, One of my players rolled a 5 on his Cleric and decided to dictate that onto his Intelligence.

However, since he also had 16 Charisma we decided that he was quite eloquent and well spoken. To roleplay his incredibly low Intellect he instead acted and sounded quite smart, however the things he What defines charisma? saying were some of the most baffling thoughts possible. Mainly correlating the religious explanations to most subjects, especially spells. For strength each level should be one step higher, like 1 needs help standing and so on.

I interpret Charisma to include reading social cues, effectively communicating, and empathizing with others. This may only further betray my ignorance, but I understand autism to be a disorder characterized explicitly by having difficulty with these things. That said, autism has a particular meaning, and my understanding of that meaning is match with the one expressed by MssngrDeath.

It definitely adds great challenges to dealing with people. The simplest way to make one for 5E is to remove your two least-favorite tiers from each ability score, shifting the 24-25 values down to 20. The harder way is to add seven tiers but compress them so each pertains to one ability score value instead of two. Would love to see your implementation of the second way.

Each result on a die has a 5% chance of being rolled. From this What defines charisma? can devise that every +1 modifier increases the chance of success by 5% assuming the challenges are doable.

This means that the person with 20 5 has only a 25% greater chance of succeeding on any strength challenge than the average person. Side note: I do think you underestimated the high stats a little. To me, it seems more like recognizing what it means to be severely challenged in dealing with other people. At any rate, I appreciate the list, too. Autism is What defines charisma? catch-all term for a wide spectrum of neurological differences, some but by no means all of which revolve around social function.

The tag is assumptive and inaccurate, has offended a few different people, and should be revoked. Almost nothing here is discrete, solid, and factual. Different characters treat the same ability scores different ways. These are baselines for players who have stats and want some idea of how a character might act, not medical analyses. Do you have a recommendation? The descriptions above for the 10—11 ability scores are close to the mark, but possibly a bit under.

Nudge them down one step i. I What defines charisma? the table presented rather interesting and helpful.

On definition of Charisma

But that in the end, it was your world, to build as you wish, in whatever way you saw fit to do so. As What defines charisma? as he was concerned, you could burn the book or you could behold it as a bible, and fostered neither idea as proper.

Nonetheless he and his companions spend countless hours building reasonable boundaries for one to work within. If you want to see a set of true rules, take a glance at the comprehensive rules for Magic the Gathering. I do see them as a best practices concept though.

You What defines charisma? need to skew the entire party to try and accommodate that concept. Yet, I do know of a few people who did play in one-off adventures way back in the early days of Gen-Con as non conventional characters like trolls, giants and such. Was he breaking the rules? If you think there are rules, then…maybe. With that, I am very perplexed that it devolved in to some kind of adolescent pissing match.

I am very happy to have finally found the origin of the table of interpretation of stats, which I see happening for years. Since the time that I see them What defines charisma? in the form of image, it is really pleasure to see the original article, with in addition the corrective and adjustment that there has been since all this time.

I greatly congratulate the author for his work, which crossed the border little salute of France and has become a reference aid in my parts of DnD for almost 7 years. We have been using your work in my playing circle for so long, without knowing its origin, that it is now time to give back to Caesar what is Caesar.

A big thank you to you for your work that has helped us so much.

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