Question: How do you write 160 cm in feet?

Convert 160 CM to Feet 160 CM equals to 5.2493438320209975 Feet. Type a value in the Centimeters text box to convert the value from CM to Feet.

Is 57 a good height for a woman in India?

Well a 5′7 female in India is above average. Youre considered very tall if youre above 5′8.

British Actor best known for playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight films and for starring in The Batman. Other roles have been in Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire, Cosmopolis, The Lighthouse and Water for Elephants. Robert has been described as high as 6ft 2 by his modelling agency, although his acting agency list him 6ft 1 and 11 stones 154 pounds. That mixed with the fact that neither are standing at full height makes him seem shorter.

If you have seen any of his movies is very obviously above 5'10. Surprised Rob is willing to list as is. All you guys guessin higher are so insecure.

How do you write 160 cm in feet?

That's the reality you can cry about it all you want but reality is dude is bout average. And you should all be satisfied with that instead of shaming him and yourselves as well as this site by pathetically clinging to a tumor that he isn't short. I tend to believe that he doesn't really care about height too much because most of the time and despite his weird posture - he appears to be the same height or slightly taller then and Chris Evans both listed 183 cm which have erect postures most of the time.

If standing straight and with a good posture I believe Robert Pattison can reach 184 cm - so, I believe his listing is spot on 183,5 cm. In the 80s it was quite common for six-foot men to weigh 165-175lbs into their 40s. At one point in high school I was just 6-0 120 and even at that weight I didn't look sickly thin. Very thin for sure but people guessed me at 140. Pattinson started out in the business as a teenager, so it's very reasonable that he weighed 154lbs back then.

I'm 6'0 myself and I weighed 160lbs when I was 18-19 years old and looked healthy In his Twilight days he was probably 160-165lbs. He was and still is a very slender man, but he's not underweight. People's standards for what's a healthy weight have shifted dramatically in the last 10-20 years. In the 80s it was quite common for six-foot men to weigh 165-175lbs into their 40s. He is slender, don't get me wrong, but a healthy slender.

I must say even giving him that, Pattinson How do you write 160 cm in feet? look at times about a half inch under his listing, he also looked under Chris Evans but may have had a disadvantage again.

I've seen Pattinson look pretty tall, not less than listing, near physically big actors like Ken Foree and Kevin Durand. The only good batman who was shorter than How do you write 160 cm in feet? was Micheal Keaton because he looked like a normal size millionaire like Bruce Wayne.

Affleck was the closest to the size of Batman in the comics but he was way too heavy.

LOHALS natural, Rug, flatwoven, 160x230 cm

Pattinson will do a great job. A 6'1 Batman is the nice balance between a superhero size that can fight bigger villains.

How do you write 160 cm in feet?

He still manages to look around two inches taller than a 5'9 man, his relaxed bearing notwithstanding. The reason why he looks bigger is because all his co-stars are usually shorter than him. I mean he barley looks like he is with Chris Evans. I've never been a 'Twilight' enthusiast, but I have two of Robert's films, 'Bel Ami' and 'The Haunted Airman'. Yes, he's tall, but not 6ft2! Robert's Birthday Guess is How do you write 160 cm in feet?

and half-an-inch. They're even constructing buildings for the movie. Matt Reeves seems to really want that gothic look for Gotham which I like. I looked back at some photos of him with 5'8 Taylor Lautner, and he only looks 3 inches taller max.

He also looks a full 4 inches shorter than Liam Hemsworth. Maybe he's gotten by with a 6ft claim this whole time because of how lanky he is. He looks a good two inches taller than people like Andrew Garfield and Guy Pearce, but then looks smaller than people like Evans.

He does edge out a little, but in the pictures of him with Hunnam where he is dressed strangely in all black he has boots with a huge looking heel. I really can't pin him down. He never stands straight in pictures. There are some ones of him and James Franco where it's hard to gage the difference.

How do you write 160 cm in feet?

Pattinson really is a hight chameleon! Hopefully he works on his posture for Batman. Loved Affleck gona miss him. Looking forward to what Robert can bring to the role. So it can all be connected to the dceu.

Brosnan looked at sometimes to be notably north of 2 inches taller than Pattinson. I reckon in reality hes a 181cm guy with a wirey frame and wide shoulders - giving the illusion of being taller - but next to someone whose a legit 186-188cm he looks sub 6ft. By comparison, Ryan Gosling, who is the same height, is about 167lbs. He can look heavier than he is, because he's broad-shouldered and has a strong jawline.

Saying any below 5'10 is short is ridiculous. Show me one statistic that says the average height across all men in America is 5'11. There is no way it is even 5'10. He was small weight-wise in comparison to Kellan Lutz who is around his height, and probably around 210-215 poundsyet he still doesn't look as skinny as 154 pounds. I would say that he's more like 170-175 pounds, considering his height.

In the pics of then together Liam really seems to be leaning forwards and dipping his head down and Robs standing much straighter than normal. Why do people always want to downgrade curtain people's heights. With their heights in mind, I am absolutely curtain he is at How do you write 160 cm in feet? 184 cm. He is a solid tall guy. More 3,5 cm than 2,5.

I Think pattiosnson is 183 on the dot Celebheights 6'1. He just had awful posture which makes him appear shorter than he is.

I'm 185 and have always had an inch or so on him when I've met him. Here he is with 1m78 listed Guy Pearce on the far left of the shot again with 1m78 guy pearce in similar foot ware but Pattinson has the better posture I can't see 6 cm difference here in How do you write 160 cm in feet?

next photo Pearce has the better posture and Pattinson has a relaxed posture As I've said I've met him and he didn't look a full 6ft to me. I would peg him at 5'11. Obviously I cannot prove it but people will have to take my word for it.

I work in the entertainment industry so I meet alot of people on this site. Funnily enough I have worked very closely with his current girlfriend, Twigs. Ive known her for years and produced records for her. You will also have to take my word that when I have met him I have always had around 1.

Just saying it how I see it. I'm guessing 99% of the people thinking he is for sure 6'1 haven't seen him in person. He used to appear thin like 6-7 years ago, with him now appearing like he has gained some weight. When I met him which was about 1 month back. I felt I had a clear 2 inches on How do you write 160 cm in feet?. His frame and look can give the impression of 6'1 but he really isnt. Rule 1 about models and actors: you give your tallest height possible in shoes.

They're not technically lying, i'm positive his head can touch 185 at some point in the day with the right footwear. He's 182 flat, i've met him in person. I dont care what people say, because frankly, im considered tal wherever I go. But I am considered Tall. Normally i'm just a fraction of an inch less then. The only time I'm 6 flat is when im wearing slippers or flats. He has the same physique as me as well. My proportions make me look tall, and I model too just btw.

He's 182 Barefoot and Rob should definitely look into adjusting that. This 185 isnt his barefoot height, its is height in shoes in the morning or early afternoon. Here on the minute 31:00 of this video he is shaking hands with Jason Segel and you can clearly see that Theo is taller than him: By the way, I repeated my post before because I thought the first one didn't reached the site. Plus Rob has bad posture so it might make him appear shorter in some photos. The average world height for a man is approx.

There are some place which show a deviation from this range, e. The most important thing, to remember, is always the referencing part. With 6'0'' you are taller than approx. I agree with Gathegi and Lutz's listing, but Pattinson is visibly shorter than both, so it's just impossible for him to be the listed height. A legit 182 cm is my guess.

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