Question: Did David Harbour marry Lily Allen?


David Harbour has admitted his marriage to Smile singer Lily Allen has been a steep learning curve since the pair tied the knot last year. The Stranger Things actor proposed to Lily after meeting her on dating app Raya and now lives with the star along with her two children from her previous marriage to Sam Cooper.

Who among us has not found themselves wondering, Just how far-fetched are my dreams of dating Jim Hopper?

Did David Harbour marry Lily Allen?

So, we have mixed feelings about this latest news that star David Harbour is to British singer Lily Allen. In 2020, Harbour and Allen tied the knot in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas, according to.

Did David Harbour marry Lily Allen?

The pair obtained a marriage license over Labor Day weekend and sealed the deal on September 7. He and Allen have been dating since at least October 2019 when they were spotted holding hands and kissing in New York City. The actor has remained fairly private about his dating history, but there are at least three famous ladies who came before Allen—Alison Sudol, Julia Stiles and Maria Thayer. Sudol and Harbour were dating as recently as May 2019, with wearing matching T-shirts on Mothers Day in support of the non-profit The Mother Lovers.

You likely recognize Sudol either from her role as Queenie in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them or as the singer A Fine Frenzy.

David Harbour and Lily Allen's Full Relationship Timeline

No word on why or when the couple split, but they did spend part of the Christmas holiday with one another and appear to have remained close friends.

Stiles most recently alongside Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu. Last or should we say first? Did he ever date Winona Ryder? Despite the romantic spark between Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers, Harbour and Ryder themselves have always kept things platonic.

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