Question: Where is Cupid com based?

Contents is a general dating website launched by NSI Holdings in June 2002. Although the company is based in the UK, the dating site is home to members from all around the globe, including countries like the United States, Brazil, India and France.

How do I know I can trust these reviews about Cupid. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Original review: May 20, 2022 Devs, you are awesome! Finally I found the site that's absolutely safe. I kept thinking that the girls I talked to there were scammers. In most cases they were. They wanted my wallet, not me. Here all profiles are verified. I think it's very difficult to override your security system.

Original review: April 14, 2022 You guys need to attract more girls to your site. Review

I'm a newbie here and I feel the lack of hotties looking for hookups. Most of girls that I found needed relationships and stuff. Sorry, but it's not for me. Maybe I just need to puzzle out your filters.

Original review: April 12, 2022 I don't normally review anything haha. Just a bit of info for all you guys out there. Was using the site non stop for 2 weeks, but after that my local pool just drained.

Other than that, the site is safe, no fakes, and fun to use. I think if you're from a big city, you won't have such Where is Cupid com based?. I tried texting locals, but there were too few of them around. I'm just sharing my own thoughts here. Apart from that, can say I'm enjoying this dating service. On most dating sites, people put up old photos to make it look like they're younger.

On this site, no one else looked very different from their profile, so I can't say anything. There is a good chance that I'm now in my second good relationship because of this site. Original review: May 13, 2022 Some mainstream dating sites boast of their popularity and huge audience.

I've been there and there's nothing special about them. I find your site much more honest.

Where is Cupid com based?

Still haven't met arrogant girls here who don't want to reply to messages. Or users who have signed up just to fish out money. Or other stuff that's so common out there. ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency.

Where is Cupid com based?

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