Question: How many Miranda-class starships are there?

Configurations. There were five different known hull configurations utilized with the Miranda-class during its time in service. The new post-2373 Miranda-class ships came as a result of the transition from studio model to CGI models.

How many decks does the Miranda class have?

basicUniverse :Prime TimelineDimensions :Length : 230 m2 Beam : 127.1 m Height : 51 m Decks : 8Mass :520,000 metric tonsCrew :210Armament :6 x Type VII phaser bank, total output 3,000 TeraWatts 2 x 2nd class photon torpedo tube with 40 rounds12 more rows•May 13, 2017

How many Constitution class starships are there?

twelve Constitution-class starships The Defiant in a Tholian drydock facility In 2267, there were around twelve Constitution-class starships in the fleet. These included the NCC-1700, the USS Constellation, the USS Defiant, the USS Enterprise, the USS Excalibur, the USS Exeter, the USS Hood, the USS Intrepid, USS Lexington, and the USS Potemkin.

What class of starship was the Reliant?

U.S.S. Miranda-class starship Miranda-class starship, registry no. NCC-1864; commanded by Captain Clark Terrell; first officer, Commander Pavel Chekov.

How big is a Miranda class starship?

277.76 meters Dimensions: Length, 277.76 meters; beam, 173.98 meters; height, 65.23 meters.

How big is a Miranda-class starship?

277.76 meters Dimensions: Length, 277.76 meters; beam, 173.98 meters; height, 65.23 meters.

How big is the USS Cerritos?

794 meters long Sandwiched right in the middle are all the ships from the end of the 24th century, including a few ships from Picard (2399) and Lower Decks (2380-2381). And in one size comparison chart, the USS Cerritos is listed at 794 meters long while the USS Enterprise-E (from First Contact) is listed at 685 meters long.

What class ship is the USS Cerritos?

California-class The U.S.S. Cerritos NCC-75567 was a California-class Federation starship commanded by Captain Carol Freeman in 2380.

In the Star Trek universe, the Federation's Starfleet has a large number of ships in its fleet. But there's something bugging me about the scale of it. The battle at Wolf 359 is presented as being some great loss, which it was, but we're talking only a few dozen ships lost. Compare this to the battles that take place late in Deep Space 9, we have hundreds of ships battling on screen.

This makes Wolf 359 seem pretty tiny in comparison. What's the scale of Starfleet's fleet? Are there thousands of ships? I know a precise number of ships is pretty impossible to have, but do we have a rough idea of the scope of their fleet? Keen The thing is, you can parellel production lines to speed up production of ships. You can use technology to speed up the minimal time for a single ship to be built.

How many Miranda-class starships are there?

But 9 women cannot make a baby in one month. Its nice having a large population to pull from, but it still takes too long to train people. The engagement at Wolf 359 was an emergency response to a surprise peacetime attack on Earth. Starfleet only had hours to assemble the fleet. This is from the fact that there are no ships seen with more than 5 digits in the registry, and that Starfleet has been around for a hundred and fifty years.

It would appear that most ships are in service for only about 20-30 years if not destroyed. Also - note the shift in ship designs - prior to Wolf 359 we see large ships like the Galaxy, Ambassador and Excelsior classes dominate the fleet.

Afterwards, smaller vessels like the Defiant, Akira, and Steamrunner classes are built in great numbers. After writing all of this, I discovered - which follows some of the How many Miranda-class starships are there? reasoning regarding the ships lost at Wolf 359. I asked some time ago, along related lines but generally disbelieving the scale that was suggested.

A fleet could in reality have as few as How many Miranda-class starships are there? ships the Seventh Fleet is mentioned as having lost 98 of 112 ships at a particular battle of the Dominion Warwhich could mean Starfleet has as few as 1000 ships. Or, there could be eleven Fleets, or a hundred and eleven. This is rationalized by considering the size of Federation space; it is stated to encompass an area of 8,000 cubic light years.

I have come to the conclusion that the Federation Fleet at Voyager; Endgame must be roughly 20 to 25,000 active Starfleet Starships.

How many Miranda-class starships are there?

Now between ships being de-commissioned, scrapped, and destroyed over that period, and with continued construction and refits, the fleet would fluctuate to this amount. Remember, Runabouts and Peregrine Fighters are numbered also.

Their small size and necessity for a small craft with easy construction would account for around 5,000. Now back to the Primary fleet. Given the vast area of Federation Space, the size and amount of Starbases and such, they would have only been constructed to facilitate a large fleet of thousands of ships. At the end of 'Best of Both Worlds' Commander Shelby stated that the fleet would be up in a year. And the Klingon Fleet was almost as large.

Together they would have surpassed the Romulan Fleet, but not separately. Their fleet would most likely be close to 30,000 total. The Romulan Fleet, 25,000 with much of it being the large D'deridex Class Warbird. Clearly Starfleets' bulk is the Miranda Class, the How many Miranda-class starships are there? Class and the Nebula Class. Followed by the Galaxy Class and Akira ships. They would have had to double their efforts building and housing larger ships to combat possible Warbirds. More advanced mission focused ships were built on demand.

Like the Intrepid, Defiant or Olympic. Those ships seemed to be the first part of the registry numbers 1700 et,al. They had been around for perhaps fifthteen too twenty years, including the commands of Captains April and Pike. And yet, in less than a century we see 70,000 odd ships, shuttles etc. I suppose this could be rapid expansion of the Federation.

Keep in mind in the real naval world, to field one ship in constant permanent formation you need a minimum of 3 ships to a maximum of 5. You need 2 enlisted crews a blue or gold crew in American naval parlance per ship and one crew of officers permanently attached to each ship.

Most navies around the world use a 3 to 1 ratio for available ships. This means, if you want 1 ship on constant patrol you need 1 ship actually operating and 1 in training or extended equipment trials, as well as this ship being ready in an emergency to respond to a threat and the 3rd ship either docked and inactive or in a heavy maintenance How many Miranda-class starships are there?.

Extending this to the Star Trek universe maybe a fleet 50,000 means that only 16,666 are actually available for use at any time warfare exasperates this 3 to 1 ratio to probably 5 to 1.

Thus with the massive physical volume of the Federation, that explains why only small squadrons are available for quick emergency response. As for the Romulans, it was said that the large Romulan D'deridex warbird fleet had actually been a big disadvantage because they were actually far less combat capable than first thought. As combat vessels they were too easily damaged which complicated time sensitive repairs during wartime the famous glass jaw syndrome.

There large size and odd shape was obviously meant for intimidation and maybe cloaking field effectiveness, not combat. Thus the smaller Valdore Warbirds armed with a greater number of medium to heavy energy weapons instead of a smaller number of all very heavy energy weapons, appears as far more effective combat ship and economically more viable as well.

Yes, the ships were more vulnerable to equipment break downs. As for the size of the Klingon and Romulan Fleets they are obviously smaller in peace time compared to the Federation due to their much smaller economies.

Not to mention, the Federation needed to build new ships as replacements and re-activing old ones as quickly as possible, most likely using up every available ship berth in every fleet yard, station and starbase, throughout the Federation.

The Romulan Fleet is also smaller or otherwise there would be a far greater number of incursions by Romulan ships everywhere. There cloaking devices are probably the main reason for this because such a delicate device that needs so exacting standards of maintaining ship and engine emissions not to mention odd shapes that physically assist the cloaking device's ability. This would severely limit production of shipping. If you have 10 fleets, not every ship is assigned to a fleet.

You have to realize that you need patrol ships, escorts ships, training ships, etc. The 98 out of 112 ships destroyed at the Tyre system were two attack wings of the 7th Fleet. A fleet rarely engages its entire force in one battle. In Earth history, look at the battle of Midway. The Japanese had their carrier task force, battleship task force, and landing task force. The Federation, being the strongest of the three Alpha Quadrant super powers, had to contain a fleet to keep in check the Romulans and Klingons as well as the smaller powers.

Because of a peace treaty they could not develop cloaking technology, and that is obviously a big disadvantage, but the Federation has proven to have better shield technology than the other two powers to balance.

I would surmise that the 10 fleets, with primarily combat ships, equal 1000-1200 per fleet. The beginning of the war saw many older ships like the Excelsior.

As the war went on, these ships were replaced by newer, dedicated warships and stronger capital ships Galaxy, Defiant, Sovereign. I would guess that just like a wartime Earth fleet, you would see a ratio of 1 capital ship for 4-6 escort ships like destroyers, cruisers, and such. I believe the fighters would not number more than 200 per fleet. You also see in that the Enterprise E did not see many engagements during the war yet had a top-of-the-line ship and crew.

You had ships patrolling the Romulan border before they joined the war. The Romulans joining the war not only added the Romulan fleet but at least 3000 ships that were freed up from the border. I say at least 3000 because you had How many Miranda-class starships are there?

have enough ships to hold or make a tactical retreat if the Romulans tried to take advantage of the war. With the supply lines long given the size of the Federation, and the ability for Earth to be attacked so far from the front lines, the Federation had to keep many ships in reserve for patrol and escort duties as well as guarding shipyards and refit facilities; 3000 at least.

You see the Defiant taking assignment this way. The Federation needs fewer ships as their ships are stronger. The war brought the Federation new life as they were slowly dying. Their ships were old and they built new ships very slowly. How many Miranda-class starships are there?

Star Trek The Official Starship Collection

new ships like the Defiant made for combat and minimalist in nature, they could build faster. Just as Sisko received Defiant 2 so quickly. The Dominion had 25000-30000 ships. If the Federation had 12000-14000 roughly as I estimate, the Klingons starting the war with probably 8000-10000 ships, smaller territory they could barely match the Dominion and were at a disadvantage with the large sensor grids that could monitor all Federation How many Miranda-class starships are there?

movements. As the war progressed, the Klingons lost many ships quickly and the Federation lost their older ships and it took time to replace them. That is why the Romulans were needed. Within less than an hour a small fleet appeared to meet the Borg sphere and they consisted of mostly new more powerful ships. Fleet size: I base my math on both star trek history and earth history.

A fleet rarely engages it's entire strength at one. Fleets would vary in size and if there are 10 fleets the fleets that are engaged would be larger. A good example is the battle of Leyte Gulf, You had 3 separate engagements. The American fleet sent their carrier fleet north, there protective battleships east, and the landing fleet and their destroyer escorts had to fight off a surprise Japanese attack by themselves.

So 10 fleets, 800-1200 ships a piece with a ratio of for every capital ship is 4-5 escort ships. My math has the fleets totaling roughly 8000 ships. Now think, the Federation couldn't leave the Romulan, Ferengi, Izanathi, and Tholan Expanse borders unguarded.

The Federation would need a force in place to be able to hold the Romulans or at least make a tactical retreat against Romulus forces. Also, you have to realize How many Miranda-class starships are there? you have to protect shipping lanes and escort supply ships to and from the front. The Defiant did as such. We don't see the Enterprise-E or hear about them. They primarily did escort and diplomatic duties.

You also had ships protect construction yards, being refitted, or training ships. With such a large terriorty like the Federation compared to the Dominion controlled Cardasia space I surmise that these ships would be roughly 3000.

That is why Romulus joining the war was so important, it freed up Federation ships as well as added the romulan fleet. Starfleet had around 6 thousand-9 thousand ships, varying between 10-15 different classes of Starships, numbers of 30,000 were in combination of ships in Dominion war not just federation.

The combined forces of the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans has to be somewhere in the neighborhood of that. I would guess around 15,000 - 20,000.

The number I have arrived on for the Federation is ~ How many Miranda-class starships are there? ships, the Klingons being warriors probably have more ~10,000 and the Romulans being in a balance of power for so long with the Federation would match the federations 6000 giving the alliance about 22,000 seems like a good guess.

I'm no expert, however, if the federation is 8000ly across and we are assuming that the said star-ship could maintain a warp of 9. And even at Voyager's top speed of 9. Now with that said, to have an effective fleet able to respond in reasonable time periods with the fleets we saw in deep space nine, the federation must have a fleet near the 35,000 maybe up to 50,000.

They must have that amount to cover that many sectors and be able to assemble enough assets to counter threats, like in the dominion war and against the Borg.

The math simply wouldn't work to defend an area of space that size with any kind of effectiveness. In the Sacrifice of angels episode to defend against fleets with 1,200 ships the federation assembled 600 ships. Starfleet at start of Dominion War had strength of ca. However, this included transports, supply vessels and other auxiliaries.

There is apparently only one Academy churning out How many Miranda-class starships are there? officer corps. How many graduate per year? And these graduates have to man several hundred Starbases as well as the glamorous frontline Starships. Until mid 2360's it seems complacency and lack of any obvious strategic threat meant Starfleet dispersed its assets widely and could assemble a patchwork force of 40 starships at Wolf 359 within 24-36 hours. However, at least 2,000 of these would be Oberth type science vessels with another third in refit, en route to and from missions or otherwise unavailable except in a dire emergency.

Would lead me to believe that starfleet had the greater number of ships involved in the war. The seventh fleet How many Miranda-class starships are there? a 112 ships at the battle of tyra and lost 98 ships. But in an episode a bit later in the series, the seventh fleet was at half strength.

So I am thinking there were at least 250 ships in the seventh fleet it took just under a year to replace 39 ships destroyed at wolf 359. Then we move to operation return sisko used components of a couple of fleets to get 600+ starships not full fleets and the ninth fleet was on its way. So from this and just taking a look at our own military How many Miranda-class starships are there?

on earth circ2014I am going to guess they would have at least 50000 yes fifty thousand ships spread across 8000+ light of space, and that about 6000-8000 could be made available to the offensive segment of the war.

Planets still need defending How many Miranda-class starships are there? all. Thats why everyone wants to conquer the federation the. Starfleet was powerful, but I don't think it was powerful enough to produce 333 ships a year for 150 years.

The amount of tritanium, dilithium, and other materials needed would be unimaginably huge, as well as the number of people, engineers, scientists, and crew members. If they had 50,000 ships, they wouldn't have to worry about battles like the Battle of Sector 001, Wolf 359, the Dominion War, or others. Dominion War: as for the Romulans, who knows? When they join Dominion War they have advantage of surprise and concentrated numbers to launch surprise attacks along Cardassian border.

Presumably they have other, smaller vessels e. Considering their heavy losses during the final battles of the war in 2375 it seems that they would be unlikely to pose much of a threat to the Feds post war until a renegade like Shinzon made the effort.

How many Miranda-class starships are there?

It comprised 7 ships, hardly a major force considering Starfleet was fielding hundreds of ships in battle groups less than 4 years earlier. Anyhoo, ultimately assessments of Romulan strength are even more speculative than Starfleet.

However, we can make a reasonable attempt based on Romulan character, their impact on Dominion War and after 2375 on their defence of captured Cardassian worlds, Shinzon's apparent power over the military and presumed continued watchfulness over their border with the Klingon Empire. Either way, I reckon that they remain powerful but strategically and economically overstretched.

I think all the estimations go out the window with the Dominion War. They were able to How many Miranda-class starships are there? new ships but they were running out of officers, specifically captains to crew the ships. Nemesis took place a short time after that. All Alpha Quadrant powers were greatly weakened. I thought it would be really interesting to have series take place where the Federation is in shambles, even classically peaceful prosperous planets like Betazed were rubble.

Ships would be out on their own. This is true, however it is also stated that those battles were the combined entire forces of the Federation, in addition to Klingon and Romulan ships. They have a debate towards the end whether or not to commit everything, because if they failed they would be open to complete invasion. They decided on putting everything in. So that was the entire Federation fleet in the final battle. If that was the entire fleet, why did they show the large numbers of Akira, Saber, Norway, and other ship classes in Voyager?

The Federation would have never recovered, and there would be no way they were producing Sovereigns, because starships also help to deliver materials. That proves that Starfleet definitely had ships remaining. I could obviously be wrong. Or it's some kind of mix of How many Miranda-class starships are there? where they attacked with everything that was available and in the region, the Federation being as large as it is, and ships needing to repair from constant war, that would exclude an amount.

I'm not sure what you mean about Voyager. I assumed Picard takes place decades later, any amount of production is possible since then. How many Miranda-class starships are there? bad writing or ignoring canon are always possibilities. Most of the ships were large capital ships used for long-range exploration, not mainly for combat operations.

The ships in one timeline with a 23 year war with the Klingons a galaxy class starship could carry over 6000 troops into a landing. Each of the worlds also would have only a military, albeit a limited one not used for outside combat operations. The Vulcans also had a home defense force How many Miranda-class starships are there? elements of the high command still in place. In the book The Battle for Betazed, they never really gave up the security force, but they were also not very well trained in combat operations having turning over most of the defense to starfleet.

And from the time of the Khitomer Accords to the time of the Borg, starfleet only fought border skirmishes with the Tzenkethi and the Cardassians.

Most of the fleet was engaged in long term exploration and science discovery. The Romulans went silent after the Tomed incident, the Klingons were abstract allies to a point.

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