Question: Is Sikkim Manipal University banned?

But on 26 june 2015 judgement came from the sikkim high court that SMU is bound by the order of UGC to shut down off campus study centers. So anyone who joined after 2012, doesnt have a valid degree. ... SMU is not accepted by IGNOU or any recognized university in India or abroad for higher education.

Is Sikkim Manipal University government or private?

The Sikkim Manipal University was established in 1995. It is the first government-private initiative in the region. SMU is recognized by the University Grants Commission and approved by the Government of India.

Which is better Manipal or Manipal Jaipur?

Thus, Manipal main campus has extracted the best out of the brilliant students with great financial support. ... On the other hand, Manipal Jaipur campus is also a reliable and trustworthy institution, but it doesnt boast that much of privileges for skilful students as in Manipals main campus.

You all welcome to my post and i am sure if you are reading this post then you must be looking for immigration for canada through express entry or by other ways. For the same reason i created this blog where we all can drop queries and solutions so that we can help our other friends. Well i have gone through this whole process and yes, need not to worry there are other 4 organisation who asses these degrees as per my information.

Also note that this is just a free blog for our friends who are Is Sikkim Manipal University banned? here n der for help. Any other queries are also most welcome regarding canada immigration. Or will they insist both to be done by same body?

They rather insisted me to go ahead with the application process and if rejected, they would be refunding the amount after deducting minimal service charges. Hello, I reviewed my B. I have spoken to the helpline of smudde. And they said that I am required to send a mail to helpdesk smudde. Do I need my original semester mark sheets or are the transcripts they provide enough from the college.

Also, Will I need the original marksheet at any point of the immigration process or will the transcripts be enough? All my other documents are complete.

To Is Sikkim Manipal University banned? on to my earlier message. Hope iqas will accept this way Is Sikkim Manipal University banned? long as the envelope is sealed and stamped? Thanks, Anup I had the same query. We do Is Sikkim Manipal University banned? require the original transcripts issued to a student upon graduation, and no other form of legalization is required. If there are concerns about the integrity of the documents, our office will contact you.

Thanks for the Reply Rishi, It clears my Doubts and im Confident now that process will go on smoothly. What about my other question? Can you help answer that? I have already sent my B. You take 2 copies of that form and send that to each university along with application and desired fees of both universities for transcript. You contact both universities and ask them for procedure for issuing of transcript. I think both of them are having toll free number.

You also send a copy of all your marksheets along with degree to iqas. Hi, Thanks for the great website.

Is Sikkim Manipal University banned?

Should I send that + Degree or I need to send all the marksheets of all the exams. Dear Kamal, Please help me answer this question? I have already sent my B. Can you help me with detailed process that you followed like 1.

Did you send all your transcripts in single envelope. Did you send secondary school marksheet as well were they in form of transcript as well? Any other details that you can tell me to ease out with overall process.

Regards Anubhav Yadav anubhavyad gmail. For me the issue is I only have consolidated marksheet so i have below questions. Please someone could guide me on this so that i can move ahead with process. Or Should i contact iqas and ask for the status?

Regards, Anup Allam 7730847907 Thanks allamanup for replying to me. Your reply will be of great help to me. What is the postal adress of smu to which i should send the photocopies of degree certificate, mark statements and dd to? All those who are done with the process pleaseadvise. Kind Regards Hello Guys, Need some guidance here.

Is there any issue in doing so?. Do we need to have the transcript request form filled by the universities and put into the sealed envelopes? As to the second part of your question even I have a doubt. Somebody with prior knowledge please reply. Hi Boney, Looks like we are in the same boat. The same thing happened to me. Fill the form below and click submit.

The help form disappears but again a new form comes. In addition to that Is Sikkim Manipal University banned? all documents they would need to assess.

Is Sikkim Manipal University banned?

If i send them Bachelors and Master copies will that enough? Do i need to send them year wise break up marksheets? I know lots of questions in single post. I hope i will be answered at the earliest. Hello i done my mba from smu distance learning 2014-2016 and graduating from delhi University regular. I applied for transcript in both the university both will send it to my address in 15 days.

I received positive result yesterday evening : To all my fellow aspirants. You cannot track your status.

Sikkim Manipal University + WES

Do I need to send all 6 transcripts by my Is Sikkim Manipal University banned? or I need to send it through university directly a singly transcript copy? I am bit confused in it Do you mind to reply on saison. My education history which i have filled in application form and in dmc's and all my dates are little different dates are mismatching. Can you give me your Instagram Id i can contact you discuss about that. Plz reply me thank you. Submitted on 18sept and received the final email today on 28Nov, so total process time is about 2.

Special thanks to Kamal for this awsome Blog. Thanks for the info and best of luck. I looked up online and I don't see any link on smu where i can request the transcripts for evaluation. You first pay on iqas website 2. Confirmation email will come from iqas 3. And ask them for the request form for transcript. Attach a demand draft of 1400 rs and send it along with other documents to smu.

They will courier it to Is Sikkim Manipal University banned?. And also you can Is Sikkim Manipal University banned? them to provide you the tracking no. Hi Kamal Thank you so much for creating this blog which is indeed helpful. Will they refund the fee incase it fails to provide the assessment? Thanks Kamal Deshwal for this informative blog.

Let’s Build Trust Instead of Banning Books

Deepa Prefer to attach all marksheets along with consolidated. Make sure no tempering with sealed envelope. My application courier was received at iqas on 12 nov and i've got the confirmation for it on 12 dec. This is roughly 80 days from the documents received at their office. I sent transcripts, application form, checklist and marksheet myself in a single big envelope.

Thanks for your blog it was this blog on which I placed my bet. I am available in case any one needs help. Please help me below questions. Do I need to send transcripts from both the universities? From the above posts I understand that its better to send transcripts for both universities. Or they will consider all request by post only. Thank you for your valuable blog.

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