Question: Does Meetic have an app?

Browse, chat and wink when youre on the move, find singles to date near you and much more! Download our dating app now and enjoy on your mobile! To send and receive messages on the app and for access to additional dating features, youll need a Meetic subscription.

Is meetic an app?

The dating site Meetic on your smartphone If you use the site Meetic to meet and chat with new people, now you can use its official app to do so from your smartphone. ... You can perform geolocation searches from the app to find single men or women who are closest to your location.

Is Meetic the same as Match com?

Meetic, the popular European online dating company, announced today that it has agreed to buy the European operations of the IAC-owned ... is licensing the brand for its European operations to Meetic, and Meetic will optimize the two brands on a market-by-market basis.

Is Meetic free?

Meetic is not free This platform is not free, and requires monthly, quarterly or annual payments to be able to use most services.

The google play store says I have an app installed but I don’t have that app installed. Why?

Meetic is the perfect example of how customer knowledge can play an essential role in the continuous improvement of customer service. The brand has successfully evolved and renewed itself over the years, offering a dating service for single people eager to meet someone and seeking Does Meetic have an app?

smooth experience.

Does Meetic have an app?

As a result, Meetic remains the most popular dating website in France. The brand has adopted a firmly. A customer knowledge strategy based on the Voice of the Customer To achieve the above objectives, the brand has implemented a number of measures.

Does Meetic have an app?

For example, Meetic sends satisfaction surveys following any form of interaction with its customer service. This sort of feedback provides customer knowledge and communication tools. This is a lesser-known aspect of the business: Meetic organises approximately one hundred events per year in France and Europe parties, activities… for single people.

Each event is followed up by a satisfaction survey to collect participant feedback. Future projects… Meetic intends to reinforce its customer knowledge strategy over the next few years. Meetic first plans on increasing the volume of feedback collected via its satisfaction surveys — whether post-interaction surveys following contact with customer service for exampleor surveys triggered directly on its website.

Meetic Sign Up Account

The brand would like to deploy surveys natively on our App, in an integrated, connected way. Finally, Meetic plans to integrate online feedback onto its website.

This would complete the testimonials showcased on the website, and also contribute to the objective of maximising its e-reputation, while respecting data security and confidentiality. Results collected from single people with knowledge of at least one online dating service.

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