Question: Which province is Butterworth in?

Butterworth, town, Eastern Cape province, South Africa. It lies north of East London. One of the oldest white settlements in the Transkei region, it grew from a Wesleyan mission station founded in 1827.

What do they call Mrs Butterworth now?

Lets work together to progress toward change, the statement reads. Mrs. Butterworths is the second syrup brand to announce a change this week. Aunt Jemima, which has origins based on a racial stereotype, will be renamed and redesigned, Quaker Oats announced Wednesday.

Is East London bad?

According to Metropolitan Police data, the East London borough of Hackney is the fifth most dangerous borough in London. The area marked 4,140 reported crimes. The most common crime reported being violence against the person including 1,000 incidents reported in just two months.

It is situated on the oppositebordering to the north and east and to the south. Its is located inwhile itstheis centred near. As of 2010Seberang Perai had a population of 815,767, making it the in. Originally a part ofthe territory containing the present-day Which province is Butterworth in? was ceded to the in 1800. The British acquired Province Wellesley, as they subsequently named it, to provide more agricultural land and as a defensive bulwark against any cross-strait invasion of Penang Island from the mainland.

Since then, it has become part of Penang, which was made a in 1867. Seberang Perai has witnessed substantial economic development in the decades after 's independence. Massive industrial estates have been established within Seberang Perai, while the relocation of the 's core operations to Butterworth in 1974 has also boosted the city's economy.

Improvements in connectivity and transportation were facilitated by several major projects, such as the constructions of thethe and the. Today, Seberang Perai forms part ofthe second largest conurbation in Malaysia.

The term 'Seberang Perai' was believed to be derived from a local phrase used to refer to the northern banks of the. The name of originated from the word, plāi : ปลายwhich meant the end. When Province Wellesley was acquired by the in 1800, the served as the original boundary between British Province Wellesley and the -influenced to the north.

Hence, the locals called the northern banks of the river Seberang Perai, in reference to the territory across the river. Seberang Perai is located between two main important archaeological sites, and Sungai Selinsing. Human remains, seashells and other artefacts have been found at the site, indicating the settlement of the area during the Neolithic era. Seberang Perai was also part of the civilisation. The indiscovered in 1845, contains inscriptions, implying that an early - political entity in what is now had established control over parts of Seberang Perai sometime between the 5th and 6th centuries.

Henceforth, for much of Seberang Perai's history, the area formed part of. It was only Which province is Butterworth in? the advent of in the 18th century that the modern history of Seberang Perai would begin.

In 1786, of the had landed onwhich at the time was also part of. However, the was slow to realise the importance of the across the from then named the Prince of Wales Island. Merchant vessels traversing the were often threatened by pirates originating from the. In addition, was being invaded by anddisgruntled by the lack of military aid as promised byassembled his army in Seberang Perai in 1790 to retake the Prince of Wales Island.

The planned amphibious assault was thwarted by thewhich launched night attacks on 's forts. On 7 July 1800, the firstSirgained a 189. The treaty, negotiated by Leith's First Assistantsuperseded Light's earlier agreement and gave the British permanent sovereignty over Which province is Butterworth in? Prince of Wales Island and the newly ceded mainland territory, which in subsequent years was named Province Wellesley.

The acquired land included a five-kilometre stretch of coastline south of thewhich became the international border between Province Wellesley and. At the time, Province Wellesley was heavily forested and sparsely populated, with a total population of only 5,000. Province Wellesley was subsequently expanded thrice. Following the in 1821, the and the agreed in 1831 to demarcate the southernmost Siamese border with Province Wellesley along the ; the in effect enlarged Province Wellesley to include the area between the to the north and the to the south.

Province Wellesley's eastern boundaries with was also delineated following another treaty in 1859. The final change to Penang's boundaries was made in 1874 following the between the andwhich included a clause on the demarcation of the Province Wellesley- border south of the.

Penang's borders have remained unchanged since then. Ever since the acquisition of Province Wellesley in 1800, the strip of hinterland has been part of the Settlement and now the State of. The acquisition of Province Wellesley gave the full control of theas well as an agricultural and a buffer zone to protect the Prince of Wales Island from any cross-strait military invasion. In 1826, both Province Wellesley and thealong with andwere amalgamated into thewith on the island made as the capital.

However, the capital of the was then relocated to in 1832. The was later made a under the direct governance of the in in 1867. As aProvince Wellesley was administered by a district officer directly under thewho in turn was subordinate to the based in. Meanwhile, Province Wellesley continued to witness continuing growth under the. With its population increasing due to the influx of refugees from -occupiedProvince Wellesley became the rice bowl of Penang. Other than and vegetables, othersuch as sugar, coconut and tapioca, were also cultivated in Province Wellesley.

Due to the abundance of land Which province is Butterworth in? Province Wellesley, it became the only area in where rubber and palm oil estates were established as well. Other than agriculture, Province Wellesley also began to serve as 's transportation hub, a role it continues to play to this day. Ferry services were established between Butterworth and towards the end of the 19th century; these became the predecessor to the present-day.

When the pan-Malayan railway was extended into Province Wellesley in the 1900s, both Butterworth and further inland also became important rail termini, leading to the construction of the and train stations.

Which province is Butterworth in?

The growth of Butterworth and also convinced the British colonial authorities to establish and regulate local governments in Province Wellesley. In 1913, four local boards were set up within Province Wellesley - three rural district boards for theand districts, as well Which province is Butterworth in? the Butterworth Town Board. These local boards were upgraded into local councils in 1952; the Town Council was also established in the following year. With itself heavily damaged, these Allied units had to withdraw southwards by 15 December.

The subsequently invaded Province Wellesley from the north, with the capturing on 20 December 1941. As withthe period of brought much hardship to civilians in Province Wellesley; especially notorious was the massacres implemented against the.

Province Wellesley was liberated by the in September 1945 and was placed under for one year. The Malayan Union was subsequently replaced by the in 1948 and full independence was granted in 1957. After gained independence Which province is Butterworth in? 1957, Province Wellesley was renamed Seberang Perai. The Butterworth and Bukit Mertajam were merged into the surrounding rural district councils in 1961, and between 1973 and 1976, the remaining three rural district councils were amalgamated into the.

On 16 September 2019, Malaysia Day, Seberang Perai became a full city of its own. Following this latest amalgamation of the local councils, all of Seberang Perai are administered under a single local government, making the Seberang Perai City Council the biggest in terms of land size.

In the decades that followed, the opened massive industrial estates in Seberang Perai, such as in, and. In addition, thewhich had been located inwas shifted to Butterworth in 1974. The completion of thethe and the by thealong with several state-built expressways such as thehas improved connectivity between the towns in Seberang Perai and with. These developments have boosted the economy of Seberang Perai and led to the rapid urbanisation of the city and its townships. These have also been complemented by the growth of new residential townships, such as and Juru.

In recent years,where the mainland end of the is located, has emerged as a new growth centre, spurred by a number of major projects and millions of investment funds being poured into the town.

It is physically separated from to the west by the. To its north, the forms the - border, while a short section of the marks the southern boundary between and.

The - border also runs to the west of the -- in the. With a land area of 751 km 2 290 sq miSeberang Perai is nearly 2.

Seberang Perai is mostly flat. Its highest peak is Hill, looming over the eponymous town of at 451 m 1,480 ft above sea level. The hill is considered a prominent landmark, as it can be seen from ; conversely, one can view from its peak. The rivers and coastline of Seberang Perai are lined with mangrove swamps. Which province is Butterworth in? of the mangrove forests include the mouth of the and the basin. Locations of urban and suburban areas in Seberang Perai The largest settlement of Seberang Perai is Butterworth, approximately 3 km 1.

Other major places in Seberang Perai include,and. Of all the rivers in Seberang Perai, thewhich forms the northern border withis arguably the most vital; obtains up to 80% of its water supply from this river alone. Thus, illegal logging activities that have been carried out upstream in have periodically generated concerns about 's water supply. Penang Climate chart 74 Average max. Seberang Perai does experience slightly drier conditions between December and February of the following year.

It sees on average around 2,477 millimetres 97. The haze season typically occurs between July and October. Weather Which province is Butterworth in? for Seberang Perai is served by the Regional Meteorological Office onwhich acts as the primary weather forecast facility for northern.

Climate data for Penang Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year Average high °C °F 31. Headquartered nearthe is responsible for urban planning, heritage preservation, public health, sanitation, waste management, traffic management, environmental protection, building control, social and economic development, and general maintenance of urban infrastructure.

The Mayor is appointed by the Penang state government for two years, while each of the 24 councillors is appointed for Which province is Butterworth in? one-year term. The current President of the Seberang Perai City Council is Rozali Mohamud, who took office in 2017. Each district contains a lands and district office headed by a district officer.

The lands and district office deals with land administration and revenue; thus it differs from the city council, which oversees the provision and maintenance of urban infrastructure. The State Assemblymen are elected into office viawhich by convention is held simultaneously with the every five years.

Penang Island is also represented by seven Members of Parliament in the. The Members of Parliament are elected via thewhich is held every five years. The current State Assemblymen and Members of Parliament for Seberang Perai are as listed below.

The Butterworth Magistrates Court has jurisdiction for thethe Bukit Mertajam Magistrates Court over the and the Jawi Magistrates Court handles cases within the. This also meant that, by 2010, Seberang Perai was home to over 53.

Which province is Butterworth in?

The population of Seberang Perai was estimated to have increased to 891,300 by 2013. Most of Seberang Perai's population is concentrated within thewhile the is least populated.

This is due to the recent urbanisation of the more industrialisedwhich includes, andand the 's greater economic activity. On the other hand, the ongoing development of thespecifically aroundhas led to its more rapid population growth rate compared to the and districts.

The made up 34% of the population; while most reside within thethe has a larger proportion of. However, in recent years, there has been an influx of foreign workers in theand as a result, the population of foreigners in this particular has outstripped that of the. The first industrial estate was established innear Butterworth, in the 1950s under the leadership of the then. The relocation of the to Butterworth in 1974 and the completion of several expressways have also boosted the growth of manufacturing as one of the economic mainstays of Seberang Perai, by facilitating the ease of transportation of Which province is Butterworth in?

and services. The resulting rapid Which province is Butterworth in? of Seberang Perai has fueled the city's housing market; in particular, the has benefited the most in terms of newly built housing units due to its greater industrial activity and the location of the 's terminus within the said.

In recent years,within thehas witnessed massive transformation, with an industrial park, an international technology hub and several other mixed-development projects being planned for the town. There has been a higher concentration of manufacturing activities within thewhich encompasses andmaking it the most industrialised district within Seberang Perai.

In particular, several multinational corporations and Malaysian manufacturing giants, including, and Malayawata Steel are based indue to its proximity to the.

Smaller industries, such as foodstuff and textiles, are concentrated in inland areas like andwhile near has a significant engineering industry that includes international names like and. The was relocated from to in 1974, in order to expand its container and cargo services.

To date, the operates six cargo and container terminals around Butterworth. This has led to the manufacturing boom in Seberang Perai, as the has facilitated the Which province is Butterworth in? of export from the factories in. The handled more than 1. The 's strategic location allowed it to service not just northernbut also southern. Seberang Perai has historically served as an agricultural rice bowl foras the inherent lack of land on necessitated the choice of the mainland for plantations and paddy fields.

In addition, was once well known as a production centre forand. However, within the State ofthe agricultural sector has been declining. This sector has contributed a mere 2.

Eco-tourism is another sub-sector that has been recently promoted within Seberang Perai, taking advantage of the mangrove forests. More recently, has emerged as a potential growth centre for technological services and the sub-sector, with the Penang International Technology Park in the works. In 2016,'s largestwas opened inoffering various international fashion and accessory brands such as,and.

Spanning a total area of 37,161 m 2 400,000 sq ftis also the first in northern. Another famous component of Seberang Perai's retail sub-sector is Juru's Auto-City.

An entertainment and retail precinct in Juru, it not only contains several automobile showrooms, but also a varied assortment of retail outlets, eateries and other services. Some of the international names at Juru Auto-City include, and.

In 2016,the world's largest furniture retailer, announced that it will open a store in by 2018, making it the first outlet in northern. Seberang Perai is connected to via athe and thethe latter of which is the longest bridge in. The feasibility of more cross-strait links are being explored at the time of writing.

The is the main highway that runs across the more developed western ; the expressway forms part ofas it is connected to 's at its northern end and the at its southern end. This expressway runs through Seberang Perai, thus connecting major areas, such as Butterworth, Juru, andwith other cities and towns along westernsouthern and. The was also built for this purpose, traversing the that separates Butterworth and.

The as seen from in this picture is currently the longest bridge in. Aside from roads and expressways, rail transportation has historically played a vital role Which province is Butterworth in? Seberang Perai's economy. The first railway tracks were laid in the 1900s, connecting the area with the rest of for the first time, and facilitating the transportation of agricultural and mining commodities for export via the.

Out of the six train stations in Seberang Perai, the two major stations are in andwith the former offering services by both the and the ; the is also one of the major stops of the between and. Domestically, the runs the along much of itsallowing train commuters from to travel to in as little as four hours.

The links anda southern suburb of 's capital city,and was completed in 1985. At the time of its opening, the bridge was the longest in. In 2013, it was superseded by the 24 km 15 mi -long to the south, which runs between and near the southeastern tip of.

A major transportation hub,is being constructed in Butterworth, and the first phase of the project, which consists of an terminal, is slated for completion in 2017. Overall, there are eight phases of the project, which aims to integrate all bus, rail and services under a single mixed complex that will also incorporate commercial, residential and retail elements, akin to.

Most routes originate and terminate in Butterworth, linking it with other towns such as, andwhile other routes operate specifically within each of the three districts of Seberang Perai. Other thanthe only other operator is Cityliner, which handles a handful of routes within Seberang Perai as well. The Port's strategic location enabled Which province is Butterworth in? to serve not just northernbut also southern.

This cross-strait shuttle ferry service commenced operations in 1894, making it the oldest surviving ferry service in. At present, six ferries ply the between the in Butterworth and daily. Both are situated in the town of. Popular among bird enthusiasts, the park was built in a garden landscaping concept with natural ponds and a vast collection of flora and several other wildlife includinggiant alaipaima fish, phytons and monitor lizards. A popular recreational park among locals and outsiders alike, the Bukit Mertajam Recreational Forest inis a tropical rain forest reserve sprawls over 37 hectares of hilly terrain including the Mertajam hill.

The forest contains indigenous rain forest trees that could be over a hundred years old such as the Meranti Seraya Shorea curtisii and Meranti Rambai Daun Shorea acuminate. For the adventurous hikers, there are numerous jungle trail Which province is Butterworth in? out towards the peak and also accessible by jeep and Which province is Butterworth in?. Other activities include picnicking, swimming by the waterfall and camping.

A small village of provides homestay programmes for foreign tourists which is the opportunity to live with the local family while experiencing Malay culture and the laid-back lifestyle of rural living. Among the activities during the programme were fruit picking in the orchard, visiting a handicraft centre, Mengkuang-mat-weaving demonstration, a trip cottage industry factories Malaysian Muffinsbedak sejuk traditional beauty powder made from rice flour and soy bean productsvisiting the Mengkuang Dam vicinity and the Air Itam Dalam mangrove reserve, a cultural performance, a stroll through a rubber plantation and an oil palm plantation.

It consists of seafood restaurants dotting along the river mouth with the dining area hovering over the water, serving local delicacies which are fresh daily catch from the sea. It consists of a quaint Malay fishing village. The island is Which province is Butterworth in? to the public via ferry boat from the Batu Musang jetty in.

There is an old well, Telaga Emas Golden Well located right Which province is Butterworth in? to the sea. One of the highlights in the town of include the watching along the river of Sungai Krian. This can be done late in the evening by boat as visitors can have the opportunity to enjoy the dazzling display of fireflies in the. In fact one of the major events in Seberang Perai is the St.

Anne's Novena and Feast which is held end of July annually at the which attract nearly over 100,000 pilgrims from all over the country and as far as neighbouring countries such as the Philippines, Russia, Singapore and Australia. The Archeo-Tourism Trail would cover an old fort atan archaeology complex in Sungai Emas, the Langkasuka ruins in Kota Aur, an early archaeology site in Guar Kepah, a candi temple inthe Merdeka Bridge-cum-fort in Bumbung Lima and a border cornerstone in Ekor Kucing.

Besides that, The Heritage Trail would commence from the Butterworth railway station through the Sultan Abdul Halim ferry terminal, a traditional blacksmith shop in Permatang Benuan, the Capal Jago chapal maker's shop in Kepala Batas and terminates at the whispering market in the Kuala Muda fishing village. Aside from that, the Beach Recreation Trail would cover the Pantai Bersih beach, Bagan Ajam beach, Pantai Teluk Molek Robina Park beach, Teluk Air Tawar recreation park, Kuala Bekah beach, Pantai Penaga, Sungai Muda sanctuary park, Pantai Which province is Butterworth in?

recreation park, Bertam Vision Park, Padang Cempedak recreation park and Which province is Butterworth in? Hitam Dalam recreation park. Penang: The Fourth Presidency of India. Volume One: Ships, Men and Mansions.


Penang: The Fourth Presidency of India. Volume One: Ships, Men and Mansions. Penang under the East India Company. Sejarah Awal Pulau Pinang, p. The history of Bukit Mertajam Part I — From agrarian village to economic hub. Kinta Valley: Pioneering Malaysia's Modern Development.

Penang At War: A History of Penang During and Between the First and Second World Wars 1914-1945. The first and forgotten Chief Minister of Penang.

Globalization and New Intra-Urban Dynamics in Asian Cities. The housing market in Penang today.

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