Question: Is Melbourne Institute of Technology GOOD?

Definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to smash out their degree and get out to join the workforce. The new campus of MIT is excellent as well as the location is also good. The teaching staff,management and admin staff are very supportive and friendly. Moreover,the resource are good for the practical labs.

Is Melbourne Institute of Technology a good uni?

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) is a global university recognised for leadership and innovation in technology, design and enterprise. Its QS World Ranking is 238 in the world and 15th in Australia in 2020. As the overall ranking not that top, RMIT ranks top in the world by certain subjects.

Who owns Melbourne Institute of Technology?

Dr Shesh Ghale Dr Shesh Ghale is a Nepalese born Australian businessman, billionaire and the former president of Non Resident Nepali Association (NRNA). Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Ghale is the CEO of Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT), which he co-founded with his wife, Jamuna Gurung.

Is MIT any good?

Massachusetts Institute of Technologys ranking in the 2022 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #2. Its tuition and fees are $55,878. Located outside Boston in Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT focuses on scientific and technological research and is divided into five schools.

Choose from a wide range of courses across contemporary fine art, photography, arts management and art in public space, and learn about emerging ideas, technologies and their applications, and professional skills in our purpose-built facilities, all designed to prepare you to shape the Australian and global arts cultural sectors Our qualifications are focussed on developing your individual interests and specialisations in a learning environment that will support, challenge and expand your experiences.

Here, you will find your niche and graduate with the skills to be an independent, critically informed and active contemporary artist, photographer, curator or arts manager. Join a network of emerging artists and visual thinkers who construct the creative communities of a future culture.

Develop your visual voice and show off your talents. You will be mentored by leading Is Melbourne Institute of Technology GOOD?

who are nationally and globally active artists, photographers, writers, cultural producers and curators. You will gain the skills and ability to understand and interpret the world around you through art and photography. Be inspired to explore multiple media, technologies and conceptual techniques to express yourself and to create the world you want.

Is Melbourne Institute of Technology GOOD?

Centrally positioned in Melbourne, you will be immersed in a dynamic contemporary creative scene and connected to what is happening around the world. The School of Art is known for Is Melbourne Institute of Technology GOOD?, internationally renowned creative qualifications led by accomplished artists, photographers and professionals who strive for excellence in pedagogy, research and innovation.

Take advantage of the opportunity to travel while you're studying and visit key global art and photography sites. We offer a range of global study intensives including New York, Chicago, Nepal, Japan, Arles, Hong Kong and Bologna, to provide you with immersive study experiences with world-leading partners and organisations.

Students are taught by photographers, academics and artists in purpose-built studios such as this one using modern photographic equipment and specialised software.

We also have a range of industry standard lighting equipment that students can access. As well as individual bays for students to work on their own projects. And this building, like many others, are heritage listed.

This belongs to the School of Art. This Gothic style building was built Is Melbourne Institute of Technology GOOD? 1890 and it has beautiful stained glass windows that make it really inspiring to display and create your artwork. Our Fine Arts program allows us to specialise and practice with different mediums for whatever we are passionate with.

And we are lucky enough to have some of the best drawing facilities and studios in Australia. Now, these are our beautiful painting studios where students can work on their own works and individual spaces. And are supported by our amazing tech team who can give advice on technical processes and materials to use.

Is Melbourne Institute of Technology GOOD?

And are taught a range of techniques, such as soldering and 3-D printing. This is the ceramic studio where students can experiment, design and conceptualise with clay.

The room is equipped with pottery making wheels. Studies in sculpture include modelling and modelmaking as well as bronze casting and a variety of other experimental uses. In these sculpture facilities, we have a range of workshops, as well as an industry standard foundry. The students here will start with the black moulds, which will later get translated into bronze. The print studio offers technologies such as traditional analog presses as well as contemporary digital printing.

There is a variety of individual studios as well as a communal workshop like this one, where students are encouraged to experiment with different concepts and processes.

The studies include screen printing, lithography and etching. I've never been confident enough to like exhibit my staff or like show more work to people, so it's a really big thing.

Is Melbourne Institute of Technology GOOD?

I don't think there's a chance I could have got to this point. I had no idea how to do anything that I've done here, 12 months ago. Isaac: It's a little bit nerve wracking showing this work to so many people as I've showed it to maybe under 10 people. Justine: Before this course I was making smaller flash games, very simple. I never thought I'd be able to produce a physics game, and I can do that now.

Vivian: Initially I was just playing around with like different colors that I was seeing in those patterns and didn't really represent the culture that I wanted. It was just more like pretty colors. Justine: So our mentors help us out by pointing us in the right direction with our game. Isaac: And so my supervisor, when we started this year, said we would keep coming with new ideas and new pathways and pushing us back into kind of more unknown territories.

Justine: Collaboration's really important because you can bounce ideas off each other rather than just working on your own. Isaac: Talk to me a year ago, this is not what I would've done for this year. Every semester has just brought some really vast direction change. Vivian: I've never exhibited an artwork before. Getting it more exposed like Is Melbourne Institute of Technology GOOD?

more people and having the feedback that people do give me, whether it's good or bad criticism, just to develop my artwork has really helped me gain that confidence. Justine: I never imagined getting here when I started Is Melbourne Institute of Technology GOOD? course.

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Yeah, I didn't think we'd be this ambitious and create anything this big. If there's a particular material, or a particular type of object that we're kind of curious about, they've been really supportive and kind of pushing us down whichever path we want to go.

That's why you see so many different projects in this room right now. You're able to do anything here. You're able to make and design anything you want, so use that freedom.

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