Question: How do I calculate if I am overweight?

Body Mass Index is a simple calculation using a persons height and weight. The formula is BMI = kg/m2 where kg is a persons weight in kilograms and m2 is their height in metres squared. A BMI of 25.0 or more is overweight, while the healthy range is 18.5 to 24.9.

How do you determine if you are overweight?

Adult Body Mass Index If your BMI is less than 18.5, it falls within the underweight range. If your BMI is 18.5 to <25, it falls within the healthy weight range. If your BMI is 25.0 to <30, it falls within the overweight range. If your BMI is 30.0 or higher, it falls within the obesity range.

How many pounds until you are overweight?

She is considered obese (BMI is 30 or more) if she is closer to 174 pounds or more. A man who is 5 ft. 10 in. tall is considered overweight (BMI is 25 to 29) if he weighs between about 174 and 202 pounds, and is obese (BMI is 30 or more) if he is closer to 209 pounds or more.

How can I tell if I am overweight without a scale?

Instead of estimating your BMI, pick up a tape measure. Breathing normally, wrap it around the part of your belly thats roughly two inches above your hips. Thats your waist circumference. In general if youre a woman, you want a measurement thats less than 34.5 inches.

Where do you lose fat from first?

You will first lose hard fat that surrounds your organs like liver, kidneys and then you will start to lose soft fat like waistline and thigh fat. The fat loss from around the organs makes you leaner and stronger.

What is a simple calculation?

A calculation is a deliberate process that transforms one or more inputs into one or more results. ... For example, multiplying 7 by 6 is a simple algorithmic calculation.

What is the formula for calculating percentage?

Percentage can be calculated by dividing the value by the total value, and then multiplying the result by 100. The formula used to calculate percentage is: (value/total value)×100%.

The Science of Aging: Different Life Stages and How to Prolong Your Life - Guide Authored by Corin B. Arenas, published on August 9, 2019 Aging: a natural process every living organism goes through. For centuries, humans have been searching for the fountain of youth to reverse old age. However, up until the development of science and modern medicine, we knew very little about this phenomenon. Gerontologists focus on How do I calculate if I am overweight?

How do I calculate if I am overweight?

the physical, mental, and social changes that occur. Due to its multidisciplinary approach, gerontologists practice across different fields, including Biology, Genetics, Sociology, and Psychology. They also regard old age as a disease. Though others in the scientific community How do I calculate if I am overweight? disagree, more people certainly want to live longer, healthier lives. Thanks to dedicated experts, we now know a little bit more about the causes old age.

And more importantly, how to potentially slow it down. What Are the Causes Old Age? According to the World Health Organization, over time by a variety of accumulated cellular damage. This continuous damage affects organ function and leads to poor physical health, as well as slow cognitive function. Throughout one's life, cells divide many times before its genetic material can no longer be replicated accurately. When this happens, cellular damage occurs.

In fact, studies show more genetic abnormalities can be. At the ends of these chromosomes are telomeres which act like protective caps that do not carry genetic material. When cells divide and replicate, a portion of the telomere gets transferred to another end of the chromosome. Over time, the telomere erodes and shortens with repeated replication, until it's almost gone.

This leaves the genetic material bare, apoptosis. When cells can no longer divide, they become senescent cells and eventually die. In other cases, the anomaly may create cancer cells. This is why telomere shortening makes people. Genetic Therapy, the Future of Anti-Aging Treatment To cure cellular damage and telomere shortening, scientists do advanced How do I calculate if I am overweight?

therapy research, which involves the addition of new genes to cells in order to replace malfunctioning genes and help correct genetic disorders. An example of a biotech company that has done successful testing on telomere shortening is.

The endocrine system regulates several bodily processes, such as metabolism and sexual reproduction. For instance, studies show that older men have lower testosterone levels, while women tend to have lower estradiol and estrogen levels after menopause.

These hormones contribute to healthy sexual reproduction, a function that deteriorates as you age. More over, as you gain more years, your metabolism slows down. Metabolism is basically a combination of chemical reactions that keep your body functioning. When metabolism slows down, you tend to be less active, making you lose more muscle.

Research shows that by the time you reach 80 years old, you would compared to when you were 20 years old. Growing Old: A Combination of Several Factors While aging happens at the cellular level, other elements that contribute to its damage include environmental and lifestyle factors.

Consider immediate factors like your diet, stress levels, pollution in your surroundings that can affect your health and lifespan. Taking care of your body involves making conscious decisions, such as having a nutritious diet and a clean lifestyle, to improve your health. Gene therapy may address this problem in the cellular level, but we need to wait for more breakthroughs in order for medical authorities to approve the treatment. Stages of Development and Aging: Physical and Mental Changes Throughout life, men and women undergo various developmental changes until they mature as adults.

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To understand how growing old greatly impacts physical and psychological health, here is a summary of stages with corresponding biological changes for both men and women. Puberty and the Adolescence Puberty spells growth spurts and the onset of sexual development due to hormonal changes. It is made up of a series of stages which thebones, and other bodily functions.

For this reason, parents may feel that childhood may pass quickly.

How do I calculate if I am overweight?

Most people might think puberty starts when children reach their teens, but it can actually occur earlier below 10 years old. Puberty does not happen to girls and boys at the same time; it happens a year earlier in girls than in boys. The teenage years are also referred to as adolescence. During those years, boys and girls experience a range of mental and social changes before the grow into young adults.

However, how they feel about situations or handle issues still vary. For instance, adolescent boys may start to engage in masculine activities and join sports teams to feel accepted. Others may even take part in bullying to feel a sense of acceptance or superiority.

Girls may also engage in sports and other group activities, and still value close friendships to feel a sense of belonging. These are just some of the psychological and social changes that occur during adolescence. For these reasons, can be. Late Adolescence to Young Adulthood According to thepeople from ages 18 to 24 years old are in their stage. However, other sources say early or young adulthood.

Despite the differences in range, it is basically a crucial process that comes before fully maturing into an adult. Physical Changes in Young Adults At this point, physical and sexual changes are mostly complete in both men and women. However, some men may continue to grow and develop until the age of 21. Psychological and Social Changes Without rapid changes triggered by hormones, at this point, men and women begin to feel more comfortable with their physical appearance.

Since most people at this age have sexual experience, they develop a clearer sense of sexual identity. This is partly because the process has become more gradual How do I calculate if I am overweight? to the past as a greater emphasis is placed on education and family planning. Experiences also differ widely by gender, ethnicity, race, and social class. This is the time where people experience major changes in their capacity to analyze and make decisions. Many of these changes are apparent, including weight gain, a larger belly, and experiencing morning sickness.

A woman's body adapts in many ways to make way for new life. According to an article by C. New mothers usually which means having crying spells, mood swings, and insomnia. After a few weeks, things should go back to normal. However, there are mothers who experience long-term depression known as postpartum depression.

It also inhibits women from being able to function and care for their baby. With treatment, women with postpartum condition eventually recover. Adulthood to Middle Age This stage is characterized as the period after young adulthood before the beginning of old age. The Oxford English Dictionary defines middle age between 45 and 65, though may argue it starts during the mid-thirties.

According to Psychology today, it can be a restless and stressful time because as they cope with the reality of aging, death, and sense of purpose in life. Women in particular start to experiencewhich is characterized by the absence of the menstrual cycle. The body starts to produce less estrogen and progesterone, resulting in hot flushes.

This is a stressful transition for How do I calculate if I am overweight?, as is signals growing old and not being able to bear children. Prevention is always better than cure, so make it a habit to get regular checkups from your doctor.

Old Age The elderly are referred to as people ages 60-65 years old and above, according to the World Health Organization. It's described as the later part of life after youth and adulthood, which is closer to the the average life expectancy of human beings.

It's described as the later part of life after youth and adulthood, which is closer to the the average life expectancy. Most people within this period are known to be weaker, with signs of deterioration seen on their skin and their overall physical fitness.

At this stage, the elderly are prone to all sorts of illness and are advised to take better care of their health. They also pose as significant health risks that can impact longevity.

Some of these lifestyle problems can be as simple as lack of quality sleep and poor stress management. Too much alcohol and even technology addiction, which is detrimental for mental health, can aggravate aging. However, the main factors that accelerate it include: Sedentary Lifestyle According topeople who are not physically active have a increased risk for aging-related disease and premature death.

They found that the average telomere loses of 21 nucleotides per year when less active. Being Overweight Another side effect of a sedentary lifestyle is gaining too much weight. Added fat tissues causes chronic inflammation in organs, a factor for increased aging. More fat also increases the presence of senescent cells. Bottom line: when majority your cells can no longer replicate and repair How do I calculate if I am overweight?, your body deteriorates.

Poor Diet Bad nutrition always goes hand in hand with obesity. More calories speeds the build up of fat in cells. The negative effects of fast food were clear, but the mice showed notable improvements. The research demonstrates the importance of modifiable factors of diet to prevent the onset of degenerative illness.

How to Reduce the Effects of Growing Old There is no full proof way to stop aging or reverse it. Adopt an Active Lifestyle Make exercise a priority. To How do I calculate if I am overweight? your body active, you can try. It might sound like a diet, but it is a workout strategy that breaks up exercise into short, intense sessions throughout the day. In How do I calculate if I am overweight? study published in Diabetes Care, doing 15-minute walks after meals significantly lowered blood sugar levels in seniors.

Other similar studies also show walking after meals is more effective for lowering blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. Just remember to stretch for a few minute before and after your walks to avoid cramps or injury. Maintain Your Ideal Bodyweight Apart from exercise, make a conscious effort to lose excess weight or maintain a healthy weight. Visceral Fat, or deep belly fat, is the cushion surrounding your internal organs. Fat actually influences the production of substances in your body, which affects your metabolism and internal organs.

When regular areas for fat storage How do I calculate if I am overweight?

How do I calculate if I am overweight?

full, the fat is eventually deposited inside organs and around the heart. It can also disrupt organ function. Eat Healthy: The Longevity Diet Recent studies show that the ideal diet to live longer is a plant-based diet.

Calorie restriction and fasting also helps the body reduce the effects of aging. Michael Greger and Gene stone, the authors talked about the ideal diet for longevity. Valter Longo highlights the importance of calorie restriction and fasting for cell regeneration. He talks about removing refined sugars and processed food that's harmful to the body. Longo also discusses what the longest living people eat.

And though they consume fat, they're food doesn't come from animal saturated fats--it's mostly plant-based food.

How Old Am I? Exact Age Calculator

Health and Life Expectancy Statistics According to Singularity University founder and Futuristlife expectancy was 23 years about a thousand years ago, and 37 years in 1800. In another source, gerontologist and evolutionary biologist Caleb Finch says that the average lifespan about 20 to 35 years old. Factors that affected life expectancy back in the 1800s had to do with poor hygiene and lack of clean running water.

Infections such as typhoid fever, scarlet fever, and rheumatic fever in the 1800s. Lifespans were also impacted by wars and economic depression throughout history. But thanks to technological advancements in medicine and improvement in living conditions, the human lifespan has significantly become longer. Today, most modernized countries report a 75 year life expectancy, according to the Central Intelligence Agency.

Blue Zones: Places Where People Live the Longest are areas around the world where people live the longest lives. These areas are reported to have higher life satisfactions, lower rates of chronic disease, and helpful communities.

People who live in Blue Zones also eat fresh fruits and vegetables or fish from nearby coasts. According to a New York Times report, today's human beings. How Old was the Oldest Reported Person? The oldest person ever recorded was American Sarah Knauss, who was reported to be when she passed away. About the Author Working as a health writer since 2016, Corin is interested in longevity research and how to improve the quality of human life. Her other feature articles can be read on Inquirer.

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