Question: How do you find people youve hidden on Facebook?

Click “Edit Settings” and youll be taken to the “Edit News Feed Settings” box like so: Theres the master list of all the people youve unfollowed and hidden posts from.

How do I unhide friends on Facebook?

To unhide a friend, scroll down on your Home Page until you get to the bottom. Click Edit Options to remove a friend from the Hide list. This will reinstate the option of seeing their status updates.

How do you unhide friends on Facebook 2021?

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the News Feed page, and click the Edit Options button. In the resulting pop-up window, you can click the gray X to unhide any previously hidden friend, app, or page.

How do I undo hidden from timeline?

To unhide a post on Facebook, select the Activity Log from the three-dotted menu near your cover photo. Once in your Activity Log, unhide a post on Facebook by clicking the Filter link and choosing the Hidden from timeline option. You can unhide a post on Facebook in both the mobile app and in any web browser.

How do I see posts hidden from friends on Facebook timeline?

Tap on the search box. It is at the top of the page. Type in “Posts from [your friends name]. Facebooks search box is capable of finding different messages and comments posted by your friends, even if they have been hidden from the timeline.

How do I see someones posts again on Facebook?

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How do I see hidden posts on my Facebook timeline?

To view things youve hidden on your profile:Tap in the bottom right of Facebook, then tap your name.Tap below your profile photo, then tap Activity Log.Scroll down to Logged Actions and Other Activity, then tap View Logged Actions.Tap Filters at the top, then tap Categories.Tap Hidden from profile to review.

How do I unhide a timeline review?

Select Show on Timeline, which is located in the middle of the menu that pops up at the bottom of the screen. Repeat until youve revealed all the posts you want to unhide. Finally, tap the back arrows in the upper left corner of the app to navigate back to your profile page, where you can review your timeline.

Can you see if someone snoozed you on Facebook?

The short answer is no. People, pages, and groups will not know if you have snoozed them.

Why cant I see a persons posts on Facebook?

By default, Facebook always lets a users friends see his or her posts. ... If you are friends with someone and still cannot see that users wall, it means your friend has customized his or her Wall privacy.

Why is a post Im tagged in not on my timeline?

Facebook Help Team Thank you for sharing your question with the Community. You may have turned on your Timeline review, which means that the posts youve tagged will not appear in your Timeline right away, but will be reviewed first by you.

How do you show hidden posts on Facebook?

You can view things (like posts, photos and videos) that youve hidden on your profile using activity log. Tap in the top right of Facebook, then tap your name. Tap then tap Activity Log. Tap Filter, then tap Hidden from profile to review. How do you find people youve hidden on Facebook?

For some reason, Mark Zuckerberg's social media behemoth doesn't send you a notification when you get one — and they don't appear in your default inbox.

To find it, first open up the Messenger app on your smartphone. Towards the top of this section you'll see a symbol that's a little speech bubble with three dots in it.

How To Tell When Someone was Last Active on Facebook

That's your message requests folder — tap on it to see your unread messages. If you don't know the person who's got in contact, Facebook will show you a bit of information about them to get you up to speed. They won't know if you've seen the message until you reply, so no need to worry about looking rude if you choose not to respond. Be careful though — once you ping them a message it'll connect your accounts so you can message one another as if you were Facebook friends.

How do you find people youve hidden on Facebook?

It's also possible to send and request money through Messenger. That's not the only secret Facebook Messenger feature. There are certain messages you can send that unlock hidden games.

Facebook Messenger Secrets: How to Check Your 2 Hidden Inboxes on iPhone

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