Question: What is the best color deck in Magic The Gathering?

Blue has the greatest ability to control which cards it draws, “seeing” more of the deck in an average game.

What is the best color in MTG Arena?

Mechanically, blue is the best at drawing cards and is basically the only color that can counter spells and bounce permanents. It also does have the most flyers, but in constructed, thats rarely relevant. Blue is generally more of a controlling color.

What is the best deck in Magic The Gathering?

What are the 🔝 top 8 MTG decks in Standard?Mono Green — 559 decklists.Izzet Epiphany — 347 decklists.Izzet Dragons — 314 decklists.White Weenie — 175 decklists.Gruul Werewolves — 152 decklists.Mono Black — 129 decklists.Dimir Control — 96 decklists.Izzet Delver — 91 decklists.

What color of Magic should I play?

Green is usually the color I recommend to beginning players because it is one of the simplest to play. The main strategies of Green is to use creatures to ensure your victory by lowering your opponents life to zero. This can either be numerous small creatures or a few extremely large creatures.

How do you make a strong deck in Magic The Gathering?

MTG Deck Building Guide – 8 Tips To Win More GamesHave a Deck Building Plan. Every good deck has a plan that can be described easily. ... Play the Correct Amount of Cards. ... Play Good Cards. ... Do NOT Play Extra Cards. ... Remember the Mana Curve. ... Have Great Manabase. ... Find New Cards for Deck Building. ... Reevaluate Your Deck.Jul 28, 2021

Are Angel decks good?

These divine decks are the answer to your prayers. Angels have always found a place in powerful MTG decks since the very beginning. They fit into aggressive decks as large top-end threats while control strategies use them as a finisher.

How many lands should be in a 100 card deck?

MTG Commander deck building ratio As a general rule of thumb, you want somewhere between 33 and 42 lands in a Commander deck. Naturally, you want as many special lands as you can find. Lands that generate more than one colour of mana or that have special abilities are always a great shout.

What does a good mana curve look like?

The ideal is curving out perfectly with a one-drop on turn one, a two-drop on turn two, and so on (which amounts to spending 1+2+3+4+5=15 mana over the course of the first five turns). Such a perfect curve would typically beat an opponent who only manages to cast, say, 10 mana worth of cards in the first five turns.

What is the weakest color in MtG?

white Yeah, white is the weakest color because it had to team up with three other colors to do what every other color combination can do.

Despite the vast library of cards in the game, the wealth of and all of the possible things that could affect a deck, there are only four main deck archetypes to consider.

What is the best color deck in Magic The Gathering?

They all play a very different role and understanding which one your deck fits into can help your skill level with that deck rise considerably by figuring out what kind of a game plan you have. What are the Magic: The Gathering deck archetypes? This, in turn, will let you plan ahead when it comes to how to play your deck as well as sideboarding What is the best color deck in Magic The Gathering?

which is where you move cards from your sideboard deck to your main deck in-between matches to try and give yourself an advantage.

What is the best color deck in Magic The Gathering?

On top of that, some decks are built to have a transformational sideboard, which could take a Midrange deck and turn it into a Control deck. For example, you might take out some counterspells in favour of some powerful creatures. This is a great way to keep your opponents on their toes, though it can be hard to do without a particularly good idea of when to do so.

Aggro decks have a high-density of low-cost cards and a single-minded approach to each game: deal damage quickly. Then again, sometimes you just need to throw as much damage at your opponent as you can. A lot of Aggro decks are focused on Red rather than any other colour. They tend to lose to Midrange decks but have solid matchups against Control decks. Each and every card should be feared in a Midrange deck, and if even a single threat stays alive, it can usually end a game.

The aim is to simply have better cards What is the best color deck in Magic The Gathering? your opponent, and ideally ones that continuously generate value of some sort. The goal is to simply keep playing obnoxiously strong cards until your opponent can no longer answer them, and then you can simply ride to victory. Most Midrange decks have multiple colours, but due to the sheer power of Green and its creatures, will tend to have a strong foundation there.

The best example of a Midrange deck is probably Jund in Modern, which is packed full of rares and mythics that either a generate value every turn or b are low mana cost with a large effect. Midrange tends to stomp on Aggro decks but can struggle against Control. The early game for a Control deck is all about disrupting and ruining the opposing attempt at playing Magic: The Gathering. Sometimes this is a matter of making them discard their key cards, other times this is countering their spells and killing their creatures.

Azorius Control is a very powerful deck in nearly every format. Control does well against Midrange but often finds itself too slow to defeat Aggro.

Color combination guide for MTG deck building in Magic Duels

The only thing that ties them all together is that they specialise in winning seemingly out of nowhere. As a result, they rely on having a single game plan that is put before everything else. This often means forgoing any kind of protection in the first game, in favour of trying to win on turn two or three.

Combo decks come in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles. The classic examples in Modern would be Storm, which is a deck that plays as many cheap spells as possible in one turn before killing the opponent with a single spell. Nevertheless, Combo is an excellent deck archetype for those who like to master a single skill. Copyright © 2022 Gamer Network Limited, a ReedPop company. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder.

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