Question: Is WhatsApp available in Germany?

Daily active users (DAU) of Android communication apps in Germany 2020. ... The number one app by DAU was WhatsApp Messenger with approximately 6.1 million android devices using the service daily.

Is there WhatsApp in Germany?

Germany has barred Facebook from processing personal data from WhatsApp users. The countrys lead data protection regulator has also called WhatsApps new terms of service “illegal”. WhatsApps privacy policy has caused massive confusion among users ever since it announced the new privacy policy.

To help you settle, you will want to have a local phone number and mobile internet available. For that, you have two options. At the end of the guide, we also give you a bonus option, which is kind of the best of both worlds — a cheap postpaid contract, which you can cancel monthly.

I recently changed to this provider. According to the latest in-depth study across the entire country done by magazine, Deutsche Telekom T-Mobile is the best mobile network provider in Germany in terms of internet and phone reception.

Vodafone comes in second and Telefónica O2 as last. Source: Telekom, Vodafone, and O2 owned by Telefónica are the only three mobile network providers in Germany. Deutsche Telekom used to be state-owned and still has the best network coverage.

Vodafone and O2 are closer to closing the gap each year but have not done so yet. Below you can see a map of so-called dark spots of all three providers in Germany. To find out which provider is best for your location, you can use the following network coverage checks. As a general rule of thumb, Telekom and Vodafone have the most advanced 5G availability so far and the fastest internet in general.

O2 has very good availability in cities, however weak spots in rural areas. Should you be living in Berlin and using the subway system a lot, O2 is your best choice, as it is the only network that covers the entire subway system in Berlin. We Is WhatsApp available in Germany?

chosen the top resellers of each mobile network to give you the best overview and options. Most websites are in German; however, they are very straightforward. It costs 7,99 euros for 4 weeks.

Is WhatsApp available in Germany?

The card costs 9,99 euros; however, it comes with a balance of 10 euros. So basically, it is for free. Once you activate your card, you can select the data plan you would like to choose on your Lidl online account. You can change the tariff whenever you want or add data packages when needed. However, recently I changed tothe bonus option at the end of the guide. Source: Aldi Talk is the direct competitor of Lidl, not only in terms of the prepaid mobile phone offer but also with its core product, the supermarket.

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Aldi offers a very similar product as Lidl; however, the most significant difference is that Aldi uses the O2 network, which is the smallest network in Germany. The O2 reception Is WhatsApp available in Germany? cities is excellent, whereas, if you spend a lot of time in rural areas, it is not a good choice for you. It costs 7,99 euros for 4 weeks.

The card also costs 9,99 euros; however, it is preloaded with a balance of 10 euros. So it is basically free as well. Source: When you compare mobile phone contracts, those using O2 are always cheaper than those using Vodafone or Telekom. Once you activate your card, you can select the data plan you would like to choose on your Aldi account. You can change the plan online, whenever you want. Of course, you again have the option to buy a top-up balance card at an Aldi supermarket. You will find them at the cashier counter.

Source: Lebara is the only telecommunication provider in Germany, that offers an English website and customer service. Lebara uses the Telefonica network lines.

The plan costs 9,99 euros for 4 weeks. It costs 29,99 euros for 4 weeks. With Lebara, Is WhatsApp available in Germany? not only have an English app to manage and top-up your credits easily but also free call minutes to call your friends and family back home, without the need for internet. A great new feature is the possibility to pause your contract for up to 3 months. This comes in handy, whenever you leave Europe to travel.

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The cost structure is very straightforward. If you never had a German Is WhatsApp available in Germany? number and wish to get a new German phone number, you will pay 11,99 euros a month. When entering the name of your previous provider on the homepage, you will immediately know which category your current provider falls under.

Is WhatsApp available in Germany?

You will have to enter your address, and the Is WhatsApp available in Germany? will generally arrive in 2-3 days via postal mail. Once you hold your card in hand, you need to activate it. Online is the fastest way and only takes a few minutes. However, not all passports are supported online. Should your nationality not be valid for online identification, you can go to your closest post office.

Once you activated the card, you can Is WhatsApp available in Germany? the tariff you like and your preferred top-up method in your online account. Should your phone be locked, you can also purchase a new phone from the provider or any other shop. If you prefer to have a postpaid flexible contract, from Vodafone is a fantastic option.

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how things are done in her home country, to help expats get their German experience started.

Is WhatsApp available in Germany?

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