Question: Can you do music theory exams online?

Candidates can now complete exams in Theory of Music, Musicianship and Music Craft online. Students can do a written exam at any time or place where there is a computer, an internet connection and appropriate supervision.

Can you take Music Theory exams online?

Exams anywhere, anytime! Its never been easier to take a Music Theory exam at Grades 1 to 5. Our on-demand Music Theory exams give you the best opportunity to demonstrate your musical knowledge and understanding, when and where you choose. Designed for the candidate, developed by experts, delivered online.

Can I do Grade 5 Music Theory online?

Grade 5 Music Theory - Free Online Course This is the contents of our Grade 5 Music Theory online course - available to you completely free of charge. You can download the whole grade 5 music theory course as a PDF (plus lots of extra exercises!) for a small fee here.

Learn Grade One Music Theory Online Welcome to the Grade 1 Music Theory start page! You can learn with MyMusicTheory in different ways, depending on your specific needs.

Can you do music theory exams online?

You might prefer this option if you are learning on the go, or don't want to pay anything. This means that you can print out the exercises to complete with a pencil as you would in an exam and also make your own notes on the pages. It also means you can easily search for information within the book using the command ctrl+F, and use the whole course off line.

Best Online Bachelor's in Music Programs

Finally, the video courses are the most expensive option, but give you the most benefits. The video courses allow you to listen to the sound of what you're learning, and you can also follow step-by-step demonstrations. You get access to your teacher me! Scroll down the page for a list of topics you need to learn at Can you do music theory exams online?


Can you do music theory exams online?

How would you like to learn? Treble G and bass F clefs. Names of notes on the stave, including middle C in both clefs. Sharp, flat and natural signs, and their cancellation. Simple questions will be asked about a melody written in either treble or bass clef.

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