Question: Is Cosham rough?

Cosham - 1,943 offences A total of 1,943 crimes were reported in the Cosham neighbourhood of Portsmouth between January and August this year, making it the third most dangerous area to live.

Is Cosham a nice place to live?

East Cosham as it is locally known was and still is a highly desirable area. It is an area of solicitors, doctors and dentists residences, with private driveways and large gardens. The road running through the middle, Havant Road, was the main link between Southampton and Chichester before the motorway was built.

Is North End Portsmouth a good place to live?

Southsea is by far the nicest place to live, on the coast, lively with lots of facilities, and an easy walk into the main city. North End is a couple of miles away, but loads of buses, or even bike-able as Pompeys very flat. North End itself is nice enough, though not as interesting as Southsea.

Is Cosham in the borough of Portsmouth?

Cosham (/ˈkɒʃəm/ or /ˈkɒsəm/) is a northern suburb of Portsmouth lying within the city boundary but off Portsea Island. It is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 along with Drayton and Wymering (mainland) and Bocheland (Buckland), Frodington (Fratton) and Copenore (Copnor) on the island.

What shops are in Cosham High Street?

SHOPS AT COSHAM HIGH STREET INCLUDE:A.CHRISTOPHER @ SON. A. ... BOOTS. Health and beauty product supplier, Boots strives to be the first choice for pharmacy, health and beauty. ... COSHAM DECOR. ... COSHAM PETS. ... JENOURS JEWELLERS. ... M@Co. ... NEW LOOK. ... NEW TO YOU BOOKS.More items...

What council is Cosham?

Portsmouth City Council Cosham, Portsmouth City Council - Summary reports :: FixMyStreet.

Is Southampton a rich area?

Southampton is in the top ten MOST expensive cities to live in for undergraduates. ... Following some research into average rent prices for students, courtesy of, it turns out Southampton is the 10th most expensive city for students to live in, just after Portswood and Sussex.

Is Southampton safe at night?

In general, yes its a safe city but like any city you have to be sensible, particularly in the evening / at night.

What area does Havant cover?

20.34 km² Havant/Area

Is Havant a nice place?

Havant is a thriving market town, characterised by its fine Georgian buildings and narrow weaving footpaths called Twittens. Most of the town centre is a conservation area, which developed from a junction of ancient thoroughfares dating from Roman times. ... On Tuesday and Saturday there is a lively street market.

What are the best areas to live in Portsmouth?

The Best Areas to Live in Southampton and Portsmouth1 – Netley. ... 2 – West End. ... 3 – Ocean Village. ... 4 – Bassett. ... 5 – Swaythling. ... 1 – Southsea. ... 2 – Copnor. ... 3 – Cosham.More items...

What day is Cosham market?

Markets are held in two areas of Portsmouth: the city centre Thursday to Saturdays, and Cosham High Street every Monday. Both markets are popular and see great custom.

What council does horndean come under?

Hampshire County Council Horndean | Hampshire County Council.

Where should I live in Southampton?

The Best Areas to Live in Southampton and Portsmouth1 – Netley. ... 2 – West End. ... 3 – Ocean Village. ... 4 – Bassett. ... 5 – Swaythling. ... 1 – Southsea. ... 2 – Copnor. ... 3 – Cosham.More items...

What is classed as Havant?

Havant (/ˈhævənt/ HAV-ənt) is a town in the south-east corner of Hampshire, England between Portsmouth and Chichester. Its borough (population: 125,000) comprises the town (45,826) and its suburbs including the resort of Hayling Island as well as Rowlands Castle, the larger town of Waterlooville and Langstone Harbour.

Is Havant a nice place to live?

Havant in Hampshire is a pretty normal place, as far as British towns go. The borough council is run by the Lib Dems. ... The town centre itself is compact and pleasantly pedestrianised, with a street market flowing along the main street and past the leafy gardens of St Faiths Church twice a week.

Whats it like to live in Southsea?

It feels creative, lively, interesting and friendly, and affordable. A Victorian seaside resort for 21st century living. I have been involved in the property industry for well over 25 years and spent most of my adult life in Southsea where I live very happily with my wife and our two daughters.

After my short stint working for the Job Centre, I found Is Cosham rough? forced to take a position with a company in this once charming town. Sadly for me this meant spending every single, solitary lunchtime wandering up and down the high street in an effort to find something to do. Starting at the north end of the street, what do we find straight away but Is Cosham rough?

Is Cosham rough? of the down at heel shopper, New Look and Iceland. Legions of legging clad charmers burrowing their way through the bargains to find that perfect outfit for this Saturdays romantic assignation with some bloke down an alley. Moving on we come to the Bingo Hall. Queueing outside, smoking fistfuls of cigarettes are people too old to claim benefit anymore, but who are quite happy to fritter away their pension on an afternoons gambling and then freeze to death in the winter.

You are going to need to hold your breath here or risk being rendered unconcious by the almost visible smell of knocked off perfume emanating from the clientele.

Having made it to the front of the queue, you too can sample the unthreatening, uncomplicated foodstuffs sold here. Ham, chicken or cheese sandwiches, sausage rolls, doughnuts etc etc. Are you still holding your breath? Then we will carry on. A quick browse along the mobile phone aisle will reveal that there are actually no mobile phones here. All demonstration models have long since been Is Cosham rough?

Cosham Bed and Breakfast, Cheap Hotel and Guest House Accommodation

and one can only imagine the disappointment when little Britney-Jade opens Is Cosham rough? present Is Cosham rough?

find that it consists of a mobile phone with nothing actually inside it. I fear counselling at the tax payers expense may be needed at this point.

Building the Retreat Nouveau Q1 with Plantation Homes: Cosham Information Session & new photos from the block!

As I am a regular customer here and the food is actually really good I will refrain from commenting. Crossing the road, we pass one of two pubs, both of which have a collection of swaying, drunken customers outside, smoking. Not making eye contact, we hurry past. Peering through the steamed up windows you can observe people undertaking that very cornerstone of unemployed dining, making a cup of tea last 4 hours whilst talking very loudly, to anyone who will listen, about their multitude of gastric complaints with accompanying physical evidence.

This is normally empty due to being expensive, although very nice, and the populace generally being suspicious of the word Patisserie.

Is Cosham rough?

The remainder of the shopping delights here are too woeful to mention, but as we reach the end of the street we find the Job Centre like an old friend and directly opposite you can view what must be the tallest, largest building in Cosham, Roebuck House. Roebuck house is the nerve centre for all Income Support and Incapacity Benefit claims and therefore is also the busiest building in town. The procedure for being seen here appears to be as follows: 1. Proceed outside building and consume as many cans of Kestrel Extra Strength Lager as you can whilst waiting for your number to be called.

Enter building and realise number has been called. Threaten everyone in building 7. Is Cosham rough? again, only this time inside building. Wait for police to arrive, then leave whilst screaming obscenities at anyone who dares look at you.

Is Cosham rough?

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