Question: Is BLK a good dating app?


BLK provides a promising platform for Black singles to make instant connections. Yes, its features are very much similar to other dating apps and it doesnt really offer anything “new,” but it is one of the few fruitful mobile dating apps that specifically cater to Black singles.

Create or manage your online fundraiser, engage with your fundraiser supporters and discover important charitable causes to support on the GoFundMe app. It has brought together so much more than cash. It has bonded a community. Online fundraising for medical expenses is a powerful tool that can help people conquer medical bankruptcy and focus on getting better.

Countless people have found that using GoFundMe for medical expenses can help pay for prescriptions and doctors' appointments — as well as procedures not typically covered by insurance.

Donate to individual fundraisers that allow teachers to purchase classroom supplies or even help to send a deserving student to college. Thousands of people are raising funds for a 501 c 3 nonprofit, and you can support their mission to make a difference.

Emergency: When disaster or tragedy strikes, people turn their compassion into action by starting fundraisers to help the victims and their families. You can donate to an individual fundraiser during these times of emergency to make a direct and immediate impact. The idea Is BLK a good dating app? people who are in need can have someplace to ask those in a better position to help out is genius.

Is BLK a good dating app?

For example mines been up for a few weeks and I only have two donations. Otherwise this app has really helped so many people. What of those that still need money?

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I am very happy with my experience with GoFundMe. I had an issue with my password and got locked out for a little while. Thankfully, when I went back to try again, it worked just fine. Thankfully there was a way to do it manually by just Is BLK a good dating app? in the bank account info. Then at that point, we were told it would take 2-5 business days to transfer the money, which I understand.

However, if we had known that a little earlier, we could have done it before the bill we needed to pay came due. Other than these issues, we have been very pleased with the app and the responses received. Developer ResponseThank you for taking the time to leave a review.

They are more than happy to help. What an absolute narcissistic control move. Firstly, it is not your money, it is the money of the donors and the supporters who are wishing for good things, offering support, hope, charity and unity, all for something they believe in.

Shame on you for masquerading as means of connecting people and providing support access to charities and peaceful movements.

Is BLK a good dating app?

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves, crooks, and cronies! What kind of degenerate steals money from the donation box only to turn around and suggest giving it to someone or something else?

Those donations should only be given to the intended parties, end of discussion.

Is BLK a good dating app?

Just outright dishonest, and Is BLK a good dating app? at your very core. I think this would also count as a clear violation of the section of the consumer protection act that highlights what can be considered fraud, based on the contractual expectations between the consumer, and the service provider.

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