Question: Why is Brokenstar evil?

Being born in secret to Yellowfang and Raggedstar, Yellowfang believes Brokenstars evil nature was a result of her breaking the Warrior code. Brokenstar was emotionally abused by his foster mother, Lizardstripe, and bullied by his foster siblings.

Why was Brokenstar so evil?

As a leader, Brokenstar was selfish and violent. He was constantly attacking other Clans in order to take their land and drive them out. He was also a cruel and terrorizing leader, making up harsh rules for his cats to live in. He did not mind murdering other cats to achieve what he wanted.

Did Brokentail kill Raggedstar?

Brokenstar reveals to Yellowfang that he killed Raggedstar because he said he was a weak leader in a fake ambush that he had his warriors help him with, making it look like an attack from a rival Clan, so that he could become leader in his fathers place.

Who is the antagonist of warriors?

Luther is the leader of the The Rogues and the main antagonist of the 1979 cult classic film The Warriors. He was portrayed by David Patrick Kelly, who also portrayed Sully in the 1985 action film Commando, T-Bird in the 1994 film The Crow, and Unger in the 2005 film The Longest Yard.

Is Brokenstar Yellowfangs son?

After fathering Brokenstar with Yellowfang, he affirms Brokenstar as his son and spoils him, giving him training that Brokenpaw prefered rather than the training his mentor, Nightpelt gave him.

What is Tigerstars personality?

Personality. Tigerstar is described as ambitious, underhanded, influential, mighty, and manipulative.

How did Brokenstar go blind?

Brokenstar is driven out, but attacks ThunderClan a few moons later. He is then blinded by Yellowfang, ThunderClans new medicine cat, and becomes one of their elders, much to the digress of much of ThunderClan.

Who is Tigerstars enemy?

Tigerstar looked on as Bluestar begged the two RiverClan warriors for forgiveness, revealing that she was their real mother. He watched as Bluestar died, leaving his arch-enemy Fireheart in control of ThunderClan, to become Firestar.

Broadly speaking, the story of the Harry Potter franchise focuses on the feud between good and evil, as represented by the ongoing battle between Harry and Voldemort.

For every morally upright witch or wizard, there are those in the universe who are unquestionably evil. Voldemort leads an entire army of Death Eaters, after all. Even if their loyalty stems from fear, the fact is that they choose to be on the dark side.

As such, fans tend to dislike the evil characters, but some of the less likable characters aren't necessarily evil. It's also worth noting that not all evil characters are witches or wizards, and that evil comes in many different forms.

Updated on March 15th, 2021 by Svetlana Sterlin: The world of Harry Potter continues to expand with new sequels and prequels to Harry's story, adding more characters to the already extensive cast.

Brokenstar: How evil is he really? by Starstripe

But the original crew remains the most memorable, setting the bar for future installments. Not all of Harry's enemies are of magical blood, so we've added five additional characters who deserve to have their evilness ranked along with the rest of the worst.

Dudley Dursley may be a spoiled little boy, but he's not evil. He doesn't usually bully Harry, just gets everything that he doesn't get to have - and that's through no fault of his Why is Brokenstar evil?. It's Petunia and Vernon who spoil him and make him greedy. Harry and Dudley even havemost of which leave Harry at least a little satisfied to have gotten some amusement.

Still, Dudley is petulant and annoying, so he's easily one of the least likable characters in the series. Why is Brokenstar evil?, this rubs many fans the wrong way. As annoying as she is, she really doesn't deserve to die at the hands of Fenrir Greyback more on him later during the Battle of Hogwarts. Lavender may be annoying, but she's pretty harmless. However, it's important to remember that he's one of the founding members of the Order of the Phoenix.

Needless to say, he's no help to Harry, Ron, or Hermione when they meet him at Grimmauld Place in The Deathly Hallows. Harry's Aunt Petunia is ashamed of her affiliation with the wizarding world, and shewho's done nothing wrong. This makes her unlikable, and maybe a little evil. Mostly, Petunia just follows her husband's lead, but it's unfair of her to project so much prejudice onto Harry.

She may not be the evilest character in the series, but she's not very likable. One thing she does to redeem herself is to admit to Harry that when Lily died, Harry didn't just lose his mother - she also lost her sister. Still, it's pretty despicable of him to try so hard to make this lonely orphan's life worse than it already is.

Vernon is petty, ungrateful, pessimistic, and selfish, which makes him easy to dislike. His determination to ruin Harry's future only makes his own life unhappy and reflects his low sense of self-worth.

Why is Brokenstar evil?

There are many characters in the Harry Potter universe whose morals are worse than Rita Skeeter's - she's really just an annoying tabloid writer more than anything. Still, this nosy reporter has slightly more malicious tendencies than the average witch or wizard. Along with plagiarizing the work of other wizards before him, as a wizard himself. Pansy rarely appears in the movies, and most of her screentime is Why is Brokenstar evil?

to being Draco's silent sidepiece. She later marries him, but while they're at Hogwarts, all she does is agree with him on everything.

Why is Brokenstar evil?

She comeswhich may be her main reason for supporting Voldemort - that, and wanting to save her own skin. When the time comes, she's ready to sacrifice Harry without a thought for his safety, or anyone else's. Even Draco feels conflicted about giving Harry up, but Pansy does it without a second thought.

Why is Brokenstar evil?

He betrayed them along with the other Marauders, Sirius and Lupin, Why is Brokenstar evil? become Voldemort's sleazy assistant. Firmly believing in the superiority of purebloods makes him prejudiced, as well as one of Voldemort's most devout supporters - or so it seems.

His cowardice and insecurity become clear when he treats Dobby with cruelty and belittles other, more noble wizards. By the end of the story, Lucius is reduced to a cowardly mess.

It's clear that he only became a Death Eater on something like a whim, but when things got too dark, he was too afraid to be a deserter. Along with being unhinged and unstable, Barty Crouch Jr. He lacks compassion for any of the people he hurts, including school-aged teenagers whom he lures to Voldemort. As if those actions aren't bad enough already, he also murders Why is Brokenstar evil?

own father. Fenrir Greyback is easily one of the most wicked characters in the series, causing endless pain with his brutal attacks on so many figures in the wizarding world.

The witch represents chaotic evil in that she spontaneously Why is Brokenstar evil? atrocious acts with no warning and finds joy in the suffering of others. The relationships that she does have are conditional and she is totally devoted to Voldemort, who means more to her than any of the people who genuinely care about her. Of course, in the Harry Potter series. He plots the death of entire groups of people, murders his friends when they are no longer of use to him, and will do anything for absolute power.

The combination of inherited evil genes and a painful upbringing turned Tom Riddle into a truly heartless and terrifying person who is incapable of love or anything positive, for that matter. Her Why is Brokenstar evil? calm and polite demeanor paired with Why is Brokenstar evil? cruelty makes her incredibly irritating. She gets a kick out of hurting people and controlling those around her, like a true psychopath. And unlike Voldemort who is quite literally incapable of love after being born of a love potion, Dolores seems to be capable of love but chooses to hate.

Put all this together, and she really does seem like the evilest character of all.

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