Question: Is Wo Fat Doriss son?

Back in reality, Steve later discovers that he and Wo Fat are brothers or presumably half-brothers given that Wo Fat grew up with Doris McGarrett. ... Steve and Wo Fat also engage in a brutal fight that ends with Steve shooting Wo Fat in the head and thus killing him, avenging his fathers death.

Who is wo fats father?

Yao Fat Yao Fat is the father of the late Wo Fat and the husband of Lei Kuan Fat.

Who killed Steve McGarretts mom?

His mom faked her own death. Steve believed his mother, a former CIA agent named Doris, died in a car accident when he was a teenager. It was later revealed that she faked her death in a car bombing and spent the next twenty years in hiding. He discovered in Season 2 that she went by the codename Shelburne.

Did Doris raise Wo Fat?

Doris was sent to kill Yao when Wo Fat was a baby. We know from “Inā Paha,” Doris raised Wo Fat because she accidently killed his mother, and felt terrible for leaving Wo Fat without a mother.

Why did Doris let Wo Fat Go?

Steve calls Doris to Hawaii Five-O Headquarters and asks her why she went and saw Wo Fat. Doris says that she only went to see Wo Fat was to look into the eyes of the man that killed her husband. Steve calls her out on the lie and says that for a former spy she not really good at lying.

Is Wo Fat still alive?

Wo Fat (died 2014) was a crime boss and former agent for the Chinese Ministry of Interior who is an enemy of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force, most notably its leader, Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett, and the series main antagonist up until his death at Steves hands.

¿Quién es Wo Fat para Doris McGarrett?

On the show, Wo Fat is the nemesis of andthe head of Hawaii's fictional special task force, Five-O. Two of his appearances were in two-part episodes and three were two-hour specials later re-edited into two-parters for reruns. The character evolved from the beginning as a master spy for China, later into an extremist Chinese agent working with a hawkish Chinese general. The general opposed peace Is Wo Fat Doriss son?

with the United States in the early 1970s. By the end of the series, Wo Fat had become an international super-criminal out for his own interests. In the last episode, Wo Fat is finally arrested and jailed after 12 years as a wanted criminal. However, in the final shot, he smiles and craftily produces a file hidden in his shoe. In the original show, Wo Fat was portrayed by born Kenneth Dickerson who, despite looking sufficiently for the role, was actually of mixed, and ancestry.

Actor and martial artistwho had Irish, Spanish Filipino, Japanese, and Chinese ancestry, portrayed the character in the 2010. The Wo Fat Building in the district ofthe producer of the series, took the name for Is Wo Fat Doriss son?

character from the now-defunct Wo Fat Is Wo Fat Doriss son? in. In Hawaii Five-O: Cocoon September 20, 1968the series pilot, Wo Fat, as a Chinese spy, uses sensory deprivation to crack the most loyal U. He was absent from the show for a year, but then made eight appearances over the three-year period from October 1969 to October 1972.

In these appearances, Wo Is Wo Fat Doriss son? continues his position as a top Chinese intelligence agent in the Pacific, whose duties include running Chinese spy missions in Hawaii. Wo Fat was then not seen for nearly four years. The evolution of Wo Fat's role with regard to the Chinese government is presumably due to President rapprochement visit to China in February 1972 and his talks with that led to a period of between the two nations.

Hawaii Five

A regular recurring character in the show's first four seasons, Wo Fat's appearances after the historic event became far more sporadic: just five episodes in eight years. Like the original Wo Fat, Dacascos's character is depicted as criminal and a former agent of the Chinese government specifically the. In the episode, Wo Fat pays Victor Hesse a visit in jail and asks Is Wo Fat Doriss son? Steve McGarrett's pursuit of justice for his father Johnwhom Hesse killed in the pilot episode.

Over the course of the season, Wo Fat attracts McGarrett's attention because of his association with local Yakuza boss Hiro Noshimuri. It is revealed that Wo Fat ordered the death of the elder McGarrett and frames Steve in the season finale for killing Governor Jameson who was in collusion with him.

As Is Wo Fat Doriss son? second season begins, Wo Fat orders Hesse to kill McGarrett behind bars and kills Hesse to prevent Five-0 from getting more answers about him. This allows him to manipulate Kaye in getting Steve's help for a fake ransom exchange in North Korea.

He kills her and disappears as Five-0 rescues Steve. As Wo Fat hides in Osaka, late in the season, McGarrett captures him and brings him back to Hawaii. However, both men are forced to work together in fighting off Hiro's son and successorwho was seeking revenge for his father's death.

McGarrett locks him up at the at the end of the season. The truck is then transported by a helicopter and dropped into the ocean. Armed men in cut through the truck's secure door with torches and kill the guards, resulting in Fat being freed.

Is Wo Fat Doriss son?

It is later revealed that Frank Delano is the man responsible for attacking the truck and breaking Wo Fat out. The two strike up a deal; Delano will be able to get stolen drugs off the island in exchange for giving Wo Fat the location of Shelburne, who happens to be Doris McGarrett, Steve's supposedly dead mother.

Wo Fat eventually confronts Doris in Steve's home and the two engage in a stand-off, holding each other at gunpoint. However, Doris fires three shots into the ground, giving Wo Fat time to escape although it's not known the extent of the relationship Doris has with Wo Fat. Wo Fat exchanges gunfire with Danny before fleeing yet again.

Later in the episode, Five-0 tracks him to the jungle where he gets severely injured when the helicopter he tries to escape in gets shot down.

Is Wo Fat Doriss son?

McGarrett refuses to kill him and instead sends him to the hospital with police guarding the hospital, where he is bandaged and handcuffed to the bed.

At the end of the episode, McGarrett pays him another visit and wants to know why his mother came to see him. Wo Fat agrees to tell him, but first McGarrett has to get Fat out of the jail. Then they both hear an explosion.

Fat tells Steve that he is his protection because the unknown forces currently breaking down the door are not here to rescue him, but want him dead. Before Wo Fat is transferred to a facility in Colorado, McGarrett wants an answer from Wo Fat why Doris visited him. Fat says she wanted to apologize to him for killing his father.

Is Wo Fat Doriss son?

He is asked to swallow the medication and open his mouth so that it is certain he ingested it. Wo Fat hides the pills well in his mouth and reaches inside his toilet to reveal that this is not the first time he has faked it. He then uses the medication along with paint thinner and fertilizer from the jail, to craft an explosion to take out a wall in his cell to escape.

After Grover's daughter Samantha is freed from Ian Wright's capture, she tells everyone that a man, revealed to be Wo Fat, killed Ian and released her. McGarrett is given a message from Samantha that Wo Fat will see him soon. During the torture, he tells Steve that Doris had adopted him from the streets after her op went bad and his mother was killed.

After a long fight, Steve kills Wo Fat.

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