Question: Which district is Ayi Mensah?

Ayi Mensa is a village in the Ga East Municipal district, a district in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Which region is Ayi Mensah?

Greater Accra Region Ayi MensaCountryGhanaRegionGreater Accra RegionDistrictGa East MunicipalElevation413 ft (126 m)5 more rows

Which district is Presec Legon in?

Christian Village. Christian Village is a town in the Accra Metropolitan district, a district of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Christian Village is situated 6 km southwest of Presbyterian Boys Secondary School (PRESEC).

A 34-year-old man described by the police as a notorious land guard is in the grip of the Abokobi-Ayi-Mensah District Police Command for allegedly shooting his cousin to death at Oyarifa, near Ayi-Mensah in the Greater Accra Region.

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The suspect, identified as Adjetey Ofoli, is said to have been seen roaming in the community wielding a pump action gun and threatening to kill his cousin, Robert Okpoti Mensah, 41, alias Seaman. Ofoli, who claimed Mensah had described him as a fool, shot his cousin in broad daylight between two houses in the presence of a number of neighbours.

Mensah was pronounced dead on arrival at the Police Hospital after some Good Samaritans had taken him in a taxi to two health facilities where they were turned away before they sent him to the Police Hospital.

Residents tight-lipped Briefing the Daily Graphic, the Abokobi-Ayi-Mensah District Police Commander, Assistant Superintendent of Police Augustina Enti, said about 1:30 p.

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She said the residents of the community were tight-lipped over the incident, as the occupants of the Which district is Ayi Mensah? houses close to where the shooting had taken place would not tell the police what had happened. Ofoli and Mensah, she said, were said to have engaged in a scuffle that was settled by some eyewitnesses. However, Ofoli went to his house after the scuffle and returned to the scene with a pump action gun.

Which district is Ayi Mensah?

At that time, Mensah had left the scene. Scary scene Some residents who witnessed the incident were scared to help Mensah, who was bleeding, as they were unable to disarm Ofoli who wielded the gun and warned onlookers to stay away.

It was not until Ofoli entered his room and later ran into a nearby bush that some neighbours put Mensah in a taxi to seek medical Which district is Ayi Mensah? for him. Ofoli, who is said to have stayed in the bush overnight, was arrested through police intelligence the next day. However, she said police investigations had revealed that the two had quarrelled over a land sale at Oyarifa.

Which district is Ayi Mensah?

She said Ofoli, who is a notorious land guard, was noted for the multiple sale of land to separate individuals and that the two had been engaged in a dispute over the sale of a piece of family land. Gun hidden in bush Ofoli later led the police to retrieve the pump action gun which he had hidden in a hole that he had dug in the bush. Eight live cartridges were found loaded in the gun.

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