Question: How many tattoos does Bill Kaulitz have?


Bill Kaulitz has four tattoos. The first one he got is the Tokio Hotel symbol he got on the back of his neck just when Tokio Hotel started. The second one is the 3 layer star on his lower right hip.

Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel has gotten a tattoo across his chest. Tom Kaulitz has the same tattoo on his outer right-arm, but with different colors. On November, 22, 2012 Bill Kaulitz posted a picture of his tattoo on the Kaulitz twins personal app.

How many tattoos does Bill Kaulitz have?

Bill has never said much about the meaning behind his chest tattoo, so I did some research for the meanings behind the symbols. The big Triangle with the circle in the middle I searched for the same symbol, but all I found was the pentagram. And other symbols that look-alike. The eight pointed star is in Baltic mythology known as the Auseklis star Auseklis is a goddess, in association with Venus. Well actually He is the personification of the celestial body for Venus.

He is the third most popular deity How many tattoos does Bill Kaulitz have?, natural, supernatural or preternatural, with superhuman powers or qualities, and who may be thought of as holy, divine, or sacred in Latvian Mythology. And is most of the time, only exclusively mention is folk songs. Tom and Bill are singers and musicians Auseklis the god He is closely associated with Mēness moon. Kinda sounds like they are twins. Auseklis is the groom of Saules meita Daughter of the sun.

But It is also said that Auseklis is often refferd to as being very young. Auseklis is also the name of the eight-pointed star a regular octagram. And also known as one of the crosses of Lietuvēns an evil spirit. Ever saw a five-pointed star?

Well this is the symbol for Venus. So both symbols assign to Auseklis.

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Originally it was How many tattoos does Bill Kaulitz have? for protection against evil spirits. Later the pentagram, the five-pointed star, became a symbol of evil spirits. Both signs is to be made without lifting your hand from the paper. In 1980 the octagram, the eight-pointed star, became the symbol of the third Latvian National Awakening. What I think: Auseklis and Mēness obvioussly looked alot like eachother, as they were easily mistaken for eachother. So this could be the reason why Both of the twins have the same symbol.

Also it is a sign of sun and love. You know Darkside of the sun. Bill has a special feeling for the sun appearently. The reason why I think Bill picked a contrasting star, black and white, is to symbolize the How many tattoos does Bill Kaulitz have? between Auseklis and Mēness, Sun - Moon Representing Him and his brother Tom.

The Elephant symbol on the right First I thought it was kind of strange for Bill to put an Elephant as a symbol on your body. But then I started searching for the meanings How many tattoos does Bill Kaulitz have? an elephant symbol. Elephants are known for their great strength, stability, honor, and patience.

Their strong, no need to tell you that. But their way of honoring eachother and protecting their young is amazing. These levels of honor you see rarely in human beings.

How many tattoos does Bill Kaulitz have?

Bill once said that he respects the dead. And he finds it dishonorable to dicept someone who is dead. Do you know what Elephants do when one of them dies? They acompany the one who is dying to their graveyard. If the one who is dying fails to make it to the graveyard. That what I call honorable.

Also Elephants are asociated with Royalty, because of their humangous size I guess. What I think: Bill chose this symbol because of what they represent: strength, loyalty, and honor. He is a honorable person and so is Tom. So What it would mean ingenuarally?

Light and Darkness within Art, means strength. I will keep searching for other meanings and be on the look out for that triangle-circle symbol. It helps you find your way like when you're lost, or looking for something, etc.

They have really good memories.

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