Question: What is Brian Mays favorite Queen song?


Brian May said about his favorite Queen song of all time: Its just very beautiful. Ill go for that.” “The Miracle” was the fifth and final single from Queens 1989 studio album of the same name.

How do you choose your favourite song from a band who have sold an estimated 300million records, many of which remain as popular today as when they were released?

Unreleased Queen Song With Freddie Mercury Due in September

In a new interview, though, Brian announced which song holds a special place in his heart. Brian, together with Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert gathered together for a world-wide live stream to promote their brand new Live Around The World album and film.

Obviously Bohemian Rhapsody comes to mind and Under Pressure. There are songs like Somebody To Love which was a great record but comes into its own live. Although the song is very closely associated with Freddie, he worked on much of the melody with John Deacon, while Brian and Roger also contributed What is Brian Mays favorite Queen song?. The lyrics, however, are pure Freddie and even include one of his greatest idols.

The song talks about a range of people and things that could be regarded as miraculous.

What is Brian Mays favorite Queen song?

They include The Taj Mahal, The Towers of Babel, Captain Cook, Cain and Abel, and Jimi Hendrix. The music video famously featured four young boys performing as Queen on stage.

Freddie's mini-me wore a tiny version of his iconic yellow jacket, as well as his Live Aid white vest, jeans and Adidas trainers. I will never ever get fed up of that.

What is Brian Mays favorite Queen song?

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