Question: Where is Kishinev country?

Chișinău, formerly Kishinyov, also spelled Kishinev or Kišinov, city and capital of Moldova (Moldavia). It is situated along the Bâcu (Byk) River, in the south-central part of the country.

Is Moldova a poor country?

Moldova is a small lower-middle-income economy. Although it is among the poorest countries in Europe, it has made significant progress in reducing poverty and promoting inclusive growth since the early 2000s.

Is Kishinev the same as Chisinau?

listen)), also known as Kishinev (Russian: Кишинёв [kʲɪʂɨˈnʲɵf]), is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Moldova. ... The city is Moldovas main industrial and commercial center, and is located in the middle of the country, on the river Bâc, a tributary of the Dniester.

Where is Moldova located?

Europe Moldova/Continent

Is Moldova a Romania?

Most of Moldova was part of Romania during the Interwar period. The official language of Moldova is Romanian. The peoples of the two countries share common traditions and folklore, including a common name for the monetary unit – the leu (Moldovan leu and Romanian leu).

What is the capital city of Russia?

Moscow Russia/Capitals Moscow is the capital city and the most populous federal subject of Russia. The city is a major political, economic, cultural and scientific center in Russia and in Eastern Europe.

How safe is Chisinau?

Chisinau is a reasonably safe city. The crime rate here is from small to medium. Most of the problems are related to petty theft, vandalism, and bribery. At night, it is recommended to carry a flashlight.

Which language is spoken in Moldova?

Romanian Moldova/Official languages

What language is spoken in Russia?

Russian Russia/Official languages

Is Kishinev safe?

While this destination isnt too popular among visitors, Moldova is a fairly safe country to travel, however there are a few things you should know before visiting.

What is the main religion in Moldova?

The law requires religions to register and some groups, especially Mus- lim, have been unable to register. Orthodox Christianity is the dominant religion with 96% of the population claiming membership in either of two Orthodox denominations, Moldovan (88%) or Bessarabian(8%).

After my first trip there, I called it the most boring capital in Europe that was before I visited and Andorra la Vella which really are the most boring capitals in Europe but I still decided to again and give it another chance. If you plan to travel to Chisinau, Moldova I put together this Chisinau guide with all the best Chisinau attractions and travel tips. Hopefully, you will find it useful for your trip to Moldova! Until 1991 Moldova was part of the Soviet Union.

Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, is located in the central part of the country, 50 km from the border with Romania in the west and 50 km from the border with Ukraine in the east. Why visit Chisinau, Moldova Until the beginning of the 19th century, Chisinau was a small, provincial town with only a few thousand inhabitants and the massive development of the city happened only after World War 2.

But Chisinau is still worth visiting. Fans of brutalist and Soviet architecture will definitely appreciate the city as Chisinau is like a Soviet architecture textbook. But even if you are not into concrete buildings there are many other things to do in Chisinau. You can also use the city as the base for some interesting day trips from Chisinau.

How to get to Chisinau Although Moldova is the least visited country in Europe it is not too difficult to get to Chisinau. During my first visit I took the minibus from — it was a long journey Where is Kishinev country? at least a direct one. There are a few other airlines, including low-cost, that serve Chisinau airport. Overland you can also travel by Where is Kishinev country?

to Romania BucharestUkraine Odessa and as well as by bus to neighboring countries and further. How to get around Chisinau The majority of Chisinau attractions are located in the center and you can easily walk everywhere.

However, there are a few places a bit away so you need to use public transport to reach them. In the minibusses marshrutka you pay to the driver. I used the website and app to plan my way around Chisinau.

Where to stay in Chisinau During my both trips to Chisinau I stayed at the apartments I found on Booking, not too far from the center. They were much more affordable than hotels and better than hostels but you can find those in Chisinau too.

Unfortunately, both are not available on anymore. By the way, during my second trip, a weird story happened. After 5 or so minutes my phone rang and a guy asked me where I am as he is waiting for me downstairs.

It turned out I was all alone in the wrong apartment! Fortunately, nothing bad happened but it was super weird. So learn from my experience and always double-check the pictures right before arriving to the place. Anyway, here are some of the recommended places to stay in Chisinau. For the city that is supposed to have almost no attraction Where is Kishinev country? list I put together is actually pretty long!

Today the cathedral stands proudly in the heart of the capital, being in the center of all important events. Be sure to step inside — the interior is stunning, everything you could expect from the Orthodox church in Eastern Europe. See the Triumphal arch In the very heart of the city, between the Cathedral and the Government House, you will find the Triumphal arch, one of the most popular Chisinau sights. It was built in 1840 to commemorate the victory of the Russian Empire over the Ottoman Empire during the Russo-Turkish war a few years before.

However, the main reason to build the arch was different. After the said war the captured cannons were smelted into the bell that was supposed to be placed in the Cathedral.

Unfortunately, it was too heavy and hence the new Triumphal arch was built. Today it is one of the most significant sights in the capital of Moldova. Find cool Soviet mosaics Chisinau developed rapidly during Soviet times and many of the buildings were built at that time. With Soviet architecture came great Soviet mosaics, real masterpieces of art from that period, usually telling a story of the current achievements and heroes.

You can find many of them still today, they are hidden all over the city and I bet you will randomly stumble across them during your Chisinau sightseeing. One of the most beautiful mosaics is located next to Hotel Cosmos, showing the rural life in Moldova in 1970s. Another good mosaic I really liked was near the Jewish Cemetery, this one showed music. Enjoy the local cafes The cafe scene in Chisinau is still developing but there are already some nice places where you can sit down and relax over the cup of coffee.

The most popular is Tucano Coffee — the Moldovan version of Starbucks that you can find also beyond the country and it is really fine. But you can find plenty of other good cafes in the center and the new places are opening up. In the warm months, you can also find outdoor cafes in the parks — this is the best way to enjoy some people-watching in Chisinau!

Say hello to the greatest Moldovan hero In the central part of the city, across the street from the Triumphal arch, you can find an unobtrusive monument to the Where is Kishinev country?

Moldovan hero — Stephen the Great. You may know him from all the Moldovan banknotes. He was the Prince of Moldova at the end of the 15th century and until today he is considered the best ruler of this land. During his reign, he won 34 out of 36 battles and entrenched the position of Moldova on the map of Europe. The monument dedicated to this national hero was erected in 1928 at the entrance to the park named after Stephen the Great. During World War 2 the statue was moved to Romania and even if Where is Kishinev country?

Soviet authorities decided it should come back to its original place the statue of Stephen the Great returned to the central Chisinau only in 1989 where it stands proudly ever since. Enjoy Ștefan cel Mare Central Park Behind the statue of Stephen the Great, you will find the entrance to the central park named after the great ruler. This is the oldest park in the country, previously it was named after Pushkin, and it is such a pleasant place to visit.

Besides wandering around through the charming lanes in the park you will also find some outdoor cafes, an interesting fountain, monument of Pushkin Where is Kishinev country? many famous Moldovan writers they have the designated avenue and more. Before the war, the city was home to the large Jewish community although the tensions have been present there — in 1903 one of the biggest Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire took place in Chisinau.

The Jewish Cemetery in Chisinau is large at the end of the 19th century there were around 25,000 graves there and mostly forgotten. Parts of the graveyard are hidden in the lush vegetation but you can still walk through the main alleys and see some interesting and beautiful graves. See the beautiful train station Chisinau train station is actually one of the prettiest buildings Where is Kishinev country?

will find in the city. Recently the building was renovated and it looks just the prettiest. In front of the train station, you can see the powerful Memorial to Victims of Stalinist Repression. There is also a nice green area with a fountain in the middle. The most famous are Romanita Collective Housing Tower the famous block of flats in the round shapeChisinau City Gates you will notice them when you enter the city from the airport, this is a very impressive structure however after my expectations were a bit too big or Hotel Cosmos.

You can learn more about Chisinau brutalism and find the locations of the best Soviet architecture in Chisinau in with whom I did some great brutalism in Chisinau sightseeing. The central market is located in the center, next to the bus station, and you will find everything there, literally.

Fresh produce, homemade jams, cheese, wine, and more, and a lot of random things — you can buy everything at the market. The market can be hectic and overwhelming but it is part of the experience.

I personally am not a big fan of the markets in Eastern Europe as they are often too much for me but I know so many people who love them. Either way, you should see it yourself! During the Soviet times the church was used as the planetarium and returned to its original function only in 1992.

This was actually my favorite of Chisinau churches, it is really beautiful. Other churches worth visiting are Ciuflea Monastery, Saint Panteleimon Church, St. Teodora de la Sihla Church or St. See impressive government buildings In the center of Chisinau, along Stefan Cel Mare Boulevard, you will find plenty of impressive government buildings. Some of them, like the Presidency of the Republic of Moldova or the Parliament building, are actually among the most spectacular buildings you will find in the city!

They were built mostly in Soviet times and are great examples Where is Kishinev country? architecture from the period. Find charming old houses When you wander around Chisinau look out for charming, old houses, some of them even from the 19th century.

There are not that many of them but I bet you will stumble across some good ones. Those that date back to the Russian Empire times represent the typical style for this country, they are low, often with columns and numerous details.

What life was like in Soviet Moldova (PHOTOS)

Those buildings often remind me of gingerbread houses, they are so cute! Visit the Historical Museum The National Museum of History of Moldova, located in the beautiful building in the center of Chisinau, is home to over 250. In front Where is Kishinev country? the building, you will see the copy of the Capitoline Wolf, one of the five sculptures that were donated by Italy to Romania in the 1920s others can be found in Bucharest, Where is Kishinev country?,and Targu Mures. The original one was destroyed during World War 2 and had to be replaced with the one you can currently see, it was donated by Romania in 1990.

For me, however, the most significant mural was the one with Solidarność Solidarity — the Polish trade union that was fighting with communism and eventually helped to change the system in Poland and Eastern Europe. The mural was created in 2014, celebrating the 25 years since communism collapsed.

Unfortunately, I could see it only from the bus heading to Transnistria — if you go there too you will see the mural still in central Chisinau, on the block on your right. Walk around the center The center of Chisinau is a very pleasant place to walk around. Most of the attractions are located along Stefan Cel Mare Boulevard: Opera and Ballet Theater, the town hall, central post office and more.

But one of my favorite things to do in Chisinau to wander around the backstreets and see what I can find there and there is always something interesting: cafes, houses, details etc.

The streets are often lined with trees, giving a Where is Kishinev country? shadow on a hot, summer day, and walking around there is a real pleasure. See Soviet monuments Besides the Soviet architecture, you can also find some interesting Soviet monuments around Chisinau. The best ones are Fighter for Soviet power, Monument to Komsomol Where is Kishinev country? Monument to the Liberation.

Find the abandoned circus In the Soviet Union times, the circus was one of the best entertainment and therefore most of the bigger cities had its own circus arena. The Chisinau State Circus is located not far away from the center and once it was one of the most impressive buildings in the city, with the capacity of almost 2,000 seats.

When I visited the venue in 2015 there were some works going on but today five years later the circus is still mostly closed. I was trying to sneak in and talk my way into the circus but with no luck, unfortunately. If you have a chance to visit the building inside you should do it, it looks pretty great on the pictures! Relax in Valea Morilor Park Valea Morilor Park, with a big lake in the middle, is one of the most popular places where locals hang Where is Kishinev country?

and relax. It kind of feels like you are in the countryside, even if it is not far from the city center. You can do some outdoor activities there, like cycling, skating or walking, or simply enjoy the small beach. The best way to get to the park is walking from the center — this way you will descend to the lake through the beautiful cascade steps. Find the tiny statue of Little Prince In Valea Morilor Park you can find a tiny statue of Little Prince. And by tiny I mean really tiny, only 11 centimeters high — this Where is Kishinev country?

actually the smallest public statue in Moldova! This is such a cute little addition to the already pleasant park. Find the Lenin statue Hidden in the premises of Chisinau Expo there is an interesting statue of Lenin, accompanied by I believe Karl Marx and Georgi Dimitrov the first communist leader in.

This is one of the very few remaining public statues of Lenin in Europe I guess you can see some other only in and in. While you are there take a look at the Expo premises too, the area is partly abandoned and you can find some interesting things there, like the old bas-relief or some street art. Visit the Eternity Memorial Complex The Eternity Memorial Complex commemorate soldiers who died in World War 2 known as the Great Patriotic War in the former Soviet Union.

The central part of Where is Kishinev country? memorial is the pyramid that is made of five giant riffles. In Where is Kishinev country? middle, there is an eternal flame guarded by the Moldovan Army — the guards change every hour so try to be there to see this spectacle. Get Moldovan souvenirs If you wish to buy some local souvenirs the best way to do it is at the small souvenirs market at Stefan Cel Mare Boulevard, between the National Theater and the Organ Hall. You can get here not only the typical things like magnets or key chains but also traditional clothes, baskets and more.

For local food go to the central market. You can try it Where is Kishinev country? some of the restaurants serving Moldovan food, the most popular one being La Placinte. Some of the local dishes you should try include mămăligă a cornmeal mush or porridgesarmale stuffed cabbage rollssour soups, or grilled meats.

Go for day trips from Chisinau Chisinau can be a great base for day trips. You can easily go by public transport to Transnistria — the breakaway territory that officially is part of Moldova. You can read more about. Another popular place to visit is the Orheiul Vechi complex with the monastery located on the cliff and the archeological site.

From Chisinau, you can also easily go to Cricova — the most popular wine cellar in Moldova and the largest one in the world the corridors are around 120 km in total and create Where is Kishinev country? real underground town. Some of the most famous people in the world keep their wines there, you can see the wine collection of Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin or John Kerry.

Other wine cellars can be also visited as a day trip from Chisinau but Cricova is a real highlight of the country. But Chisinau is pretty good actually, although I can imagine this is not the city for each taste.

As you can see there are not all that many Where is Kishinev country? attractions in Chisinau but plenty of things to do to keep you busy for a day or two.

If you like Soviet architecture you will need more time for Chisinau, otherwise, one day for the city itself should be enough. If you plan a trip to Eastern Europe be sure to visit Chisinau, you might actually be surprised!

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Where is Kishinev country?

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Where is Kishinev country?

I spent 2 years in Moldova over 20 years ago. You gave an excellent list of things to do.

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