Question: Is there a British version of Friends?


Coupling. Many critics liken the British version to the hit American sitcom Friends, and why not. Written by Steve Moffat and produced by Hartswood films for BBC, Coupling is all about sexual adventures and mishaps of six friends whore in their late 20s and 30s.

If you have rewatched all 10 seasons of Friends on Netflix — and let's be real, you definitely have because Friends is the greatest — you are no doubt craving more quality hangout comedies. However, there are some quality. Read more: From series that pre-date Friends I am here to tell you sitcoms from the '70s and '80s are legit to modern shows that manage to be Friends-like without being clones, there are a ton of comedies just waiting for Friends fans to Is there a British version of Friends?

them. Happy Endings When it first premiered, Happy Endings was panned as being the latest in a long line of shows trying too hard to be Friends, but around episode three the show found its groove and never looked back.

Thanks to its familiar six friends living a big city life setup, fans of the Central Perk crew will immediately feel at home, but Happy Endings is way more modern and eccentric. Penny, Max, Jane, Dave, Brad, and Alex take on hipsters, career changes, and people living in their crawl space with a wit that is unparalleled. If you wish Friends had been just a little bit weirder, then you are going to fall hard for Happy Endings.

Hulu — the streaming service has all three perfect seasons. Cougar Town This one is a no-brainer. Cougar Town is basically Friends set 10 years in the future when the gang decided to move to Florida and become professional wine drinkers.

Courteney Cox stars as Jules, so there's a familiar face for you to hold onto, and Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, and Lisa Kudrow all Is there a British version of Friends?

during the show's six season run. And een when Cox's old friends aren't around, you will be entranced by her new pals. Cheers For Chandler, Joey, Ross, Phoebe, and Rachel, the place where everybody knew their name was Monica's apartment, but for a group of misfits in the '80s, including a recovering alcoholic bartender, that place was a bar called Cheers.

Friends by accident, Sam, Norm, Diane, Frasier, and the rest of the Cheers' patrons and employees formed a de facto family. Is there a British version of Friends? are places where the show is dated, but good comedy lasts forever and Cheers is some of the best.

All 11 seasons are on Netflix, and there's not a bad season in the bunch. Coupling If your favorite part of Friends was Ross and Rachel or the hilarious dating mishaps, then Coupling has you covered. It could also be crazy romantic though. Your good pal Hulu has all four seasons.

Is there a British version of Friends?

How I Met Your Mother The ending was divisive, but that doesn't change how good How I Met Your Mother is overall. If you want another show that mixes friendship, growing up, and romance flawlessly, then you need to meet Ted Mosby and his besties. Barney can be super misogynistic, but overall there is a lot to love about watching these characters figure out adulthood in New York City. You can find the entire series on Netflix.

Is there a British version of Friends?

That '70s Show Did you love those flashback moments to Monica, Chandler, Rachel, and Ross' teen years? Good, because That '70s Show is like one long flashback sequence. Eric and his friends are a bunch of aimless teens stuck in a small town who get into a crazy amount of trouble. Like Friends, That '70s Show excels at surprising you with unexpected punches straight to your emotions, but mostly it is Is there a British version of Friends? ultimate hangout show. Set during the Korean War, it was one of the first sitcoms to balance humor with the very harsh realities of life.

That's not to say it isn't hilarious, though. The doctors and nurses are more family than friends, and trust me, without Hawkeye and Trapper or Hawkeye and B. Netflix has all 11, yes 11, seasons.

New Girl A group of thirtysomething friends who can't seem to get the hang of being grownups?

Is there a British version of Friends?

Yes, thank you, more please. The friendships between the various roommates are all magical, but no one tops Winston, who is definitely the gang's Phoebe.

Some of the romantic plotlines can get tedious, but overall New Girl will hit your Friends sweet spot. Netflix has the past seasons and Hulu has the latest episodes. They are perpetual scenestealers with a wonderfully grumpy romance all their own. Hulu has all three seasons. Again, you have a group of friends struggling with adulthood, but this time it is directed by Edgar Wright and has more nuanced Star Wars references.

Hulu has all your British comedy needs covered. The show is about so much more than that.

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It's about forming strong female bonds, second chances, and figuring out who you really are at any age. Friends fans will feel right at home with Liza and her crew. You'll have to shell out some cash to catch up on Younger.

Any one of these shows will make you feel like you are hanging out in Monica's apartment all over again.

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