Question: Can Blender be used offline?


Blender respects your privacy, no registration is needed, no connection to the internet is made if you decide to install and use Blender. Blender does not need internet to function properly. Some add-ons bundled with Blender may access the internet for additional services.

Hi all, Hope this finds you all well. I am a hobbyist at the moment and only doing this in my spare time which is why I want freeware, if I get some good designs happening I will then look at buying a program like rhino or something like that as I am hopeing to turn this into a business eventually, but that is just a dream at the moment.

I have looked a Fusion 360 but I believe this is a online software only and is not free to use either? Is there another program I can download or similar to get it working on my Mac? Or does it work on Mac already?

Sketchup Vs Blender

I've found most Mac programs can export to Windows based file formats etc. Basically takes me 20 hours to design one thing that I can design in SketchUp Make in 60 seconds. It probably has a lot to do with myself not knowing the software that well though. Are there any other programs that can be used on a Mac and offline?

I switched to Mac after loosing 3 Windows laptops to viruses no, it wasn't from looking at porn!

Can Blender be used offline?

So what do people suggest as good 3D modelling freeware that can Can Blender be used offline? used on a Mac to make more organic objects etc? Thanks in advance for the help and info you can provide! Thanks for the tips and advise! Yeah I know freeware isn't going to be great but as long as I can get it pretty close to what I need, it's all good for the Can Blender be used offline? being. The tolerances of what I am designing don't need to be that tight yet so can get away with a bit.

Am still yet to check out moi3D and FormZ Free, they all have their own pros and cons! The room I have for printing is fully draft fee and climatised apart from breathing I use it for reloading ammo so I'm hoping that as heat rises and with no drafts, it'll keep the part warm enough until it's finished.

Thanks again for the help! I'm going to check out FormZ Free and moi3D this arvo when I get home! It is not only free, it's also open source. The lack of learning material is offset by a small but quite active community.

This is because Blender, just like Sketchup, is a polygonal modeller which produces. B-rep describes mathematically precise models. Still, you can control the smoothness of the mesh by setting a higher resolution that produces a higher count of smaller polygons.

I am not using Can Blender be used offline? Mac, but a linux-pc, and have made some tests with design software. I have made some tests with Freecad, and blender.

For my hobby i want to create rc-pplanesfreecad is not useable. I need to import 2D-files for the airfoils and create wings from it.

Can Blender be used offline?

Blender is much more useable for this, but needs some experimentation. Blender is a polygonal system, but it has some boolean functions that can deal with parts almost beeing volumes, when you take care how to design them. I don't have a printer at the time, but the things produced in blender and sliced via Kiss-Slicer look good. The downsides are it doesn't have the make pretty buttons chamfers Can Blender be used offline?

filletbut these aren't hard to add even without a special button for it. Another downside is it doesn't get support the use of variables as constraints, but this is on the to do list and there are some hacks to get this going.

It's sort of a jack of all trades which leaves the workspace a bit cluttered with the things you don't use. It's sort of a jack of all trades which leaves the workspace a bit cluttered with the things you don't use.

The deal breaker was there Can Blender be used offline? no assembly mode, and still isn't I don't think. Fillets were also hit and miss. As I mentioned in another thread, Fusion 360 can be had for free in most cases: And works offline: It's not open source, but its the its one of the best low cost or free commercial offerings out there at the moment.

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