Question: Is Badoo the same as Tinder?


Badoos website and mobile app cater to a younger generation and has a similar layout to Tinder. But Badoo has a few extra features that Tinder just doesnt offer. Similar to Tinder, Badoo has a bit of a reputation for being a hookup app.

This is the kind of relationship you find yourself in when one or both of you has decided to ghost in and out of whatever you were.

Is Badoo the same as Tinder? encounter for 1 or 2-3 times, temporary relationship and a long-term relationship. Tough is to find the right dating app. In a world of abundance, we have tons of options at this front as well. This is what makes finding a useful and trustworthy dating platform a brainstorming job. Tinder and Badoo, both are the two most notable names in the world of online dating.

But, only one has to be the best. We did extensive research on all the aspects of both these apps and tried to find out Is Badoo the same as Tinder?

Is Badoo the same as Tinder?

winner. So, our review is going to be very helpful for you. Here is our extensive review on Tinder vs Badoo. Here, people can find people of the same interest over a single click. It is a freemium platform that has managed to win the hearts of 450 million already. But, this is because Badoo acquired Hot or Not a long time ago and all of its existing Is Badoo the same as Tinder? were added to Badoo. It is available in 47 languages. Badoo is a traditional dating website allowing only straight men and women to get Is Badoo the same as Tinder?

touch with each other. Tinder — The First Choice of Adults Though Tinder is not as old as Badoo is, it has managed to be an all-time favorite of many young adults as all kinds of match-makings are possible here. Accessibility-wise is it is equally good as it is available in 190 countries in 34 languages. Tinder is mostly used by the young mass. The majority of profiles are of people below 30 years. So, you will find a chic and updated profile on this social networking site.

It is designed for Gen Z and is a bit advanced. Here, people are allowed to talk about their sexual preferences. Other than Tinder being a newbie, they both are more or less the same in terms of accessibility. If you are wondering how many users Tinder. Everyone knows that the convenience and comprehensibility of the interface of dating websites and applications is above all. And both dating sites provide their users with a simple, easy and most importantly a clear interface.

Both sites are very easy to navigate, that is, even an absolute beginner will understand how to use the sites to find a partner, strike up a conversation or just relax. Many of the other tasks on these sites are also very easy to accomplish. We admit without hesitation that at this point the sites have come to a draw. Sign up Process — Which One If Effortless? Finding love should be easy. There is no point in having a dating app that makes you pass through a tedious and time-taking sign-up process before enjoying its offering.

That being that, no leniency is acceptable as easy sign-up increases the odds of a fake profile. Badoo will let you start a free sign-up using a valid email. However, a lot of information is asked. Sometimes, so much early information can be highly daunting. Also, it consumes a lot of time. You will end up spending a minimum of 15 minutes completing the Badoo sign-up process.

Tinder is a bit quick as not that much detailed information is asked. Also, the app processes information very quickly. To simplify the sign-up process a little more, both these sites offer direct sign-up from Facebook.

If you choose this way of sign-up then there is no need to fill-out the personal details. Both these apps will protect the other information. Winner: With a short and quick sign-up process, Tinder wins at this front of the battle Profile Settings + Search Filters — How Impressive Are the Profiles?

While you are trying to build a Badoo profile, you need to answer as many as questions possible about yourself. On the contrary, Tinder profiles are all about how a person looks as photos are uploaded in abundance.

With that being said, understand that fake profiles are present on both websites. So, you might end-up chatting with a bot thinking of a person. Winner — With tons of edited pictures, profiles on Tinder can be a bit misleading. So, our winner is Badoo. Matches Quality + Success Rate — How Easy To Find a Match? The algorithm of finding a match is the same in both dating apps. Once your profiles are complete, and you make a search, their algorithm starts hunting down the ideal matches.

Now, the burning question is: Which one delivers dependable search results? See, Tinder is all about photos, as we have told you Is Badoo the same as Tinder?. So, you will get quick search results. But, photos are too deceiving. If you are looking for casual flirting or need an online partner to talk then Tinder is the right choice to make. Here, only very few people are serious. The odds of finding a soulmate are a bit low on Tinder.

Badoo will take a bit more time to provide your matches as it has to filter through a lot of details. Here, your search results would be based on personality traits. So, chances to find a long-term relationship are higher. But, it is just a perception.

Is Badoo the same as Tinder?

Winner — Badoo as you might end-up finding a soulmate here. Reliability and Safety — Which One Is Safer To Use? We would like to point Is Badoo the same as Tinder? that Badoo dating website has a privacy option. And using this feature, you can decide how much information should be visible to other users on the site.

The Tinder site is in a different situation, since the site does not have such an option. But at the same time, Tinder does not allow others to see your phone number, which is great. Badoo, on the other hand, has a tool for verifying user photos. Winner — The winner of Tinder vs Badoo for women is Badoo because of its privacy option.

Unique Features — Which Will Make You Stand Out of the Crowd If you want to enjoy real-time pairing or an exciting selection of partners, pay attention to the specifics of matching. Before we dive into the details, please understand one thing: both sites in our review are amazingly functional.

Tinder wins our hearts as it allows you to express your sexual preferences. When it comes to the total number of features, Tinder stands out as it offers a wide range of features. Badoo has limited but free features. Tinder also has some exclusive features to make your experience even better. Its direct social media integration feature will make your profile more detailed. The King function is a two-way consent function. We say this because this feature requires you to accept the contact before sending text messages or messages.

This feature will keep strangers and unwanted messages away from you. Pricing — How much is Tinder Vs Badoo? Badoo is basically a free dating site. By paying this amount, you get amazing features. This is not the only subscription option. While this all sounds awesome, its automatic renewal is a major drawback. When the current subscription expires, it automatically renews.

Thus, you need to keep an eye on this point. Tinder pricing is a completely Is Badoo the same as Tinder? story. It offers subscriptions according to the age of the users.

Tinder, Bumble, Badoo, …

Membership is divided into categories up to 30 years old and over 30 years old. Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus are two types of subscriptions. Tinder Gold has more premium features and is slightly different from the Tinder Plus subscription. You can get 1, 6 and 12 months subscription for both options. The longer the subscription period, the greater the savings. Clearly, this is 41% savings.

First, what is TINDER, BADOO this version of?

Badoo allows you to pay by credit card, PayPal and mobile phones. Plus, you have the choice of paying for a daily or lifetime subscription. You can pay only through iTunes and Google Play. The in-app purchase is quick, no doubt, but limited. Tinder also has a problem with auto-renewal, just like Badoo, so please be careful with that.

On the other hand, the dating site Tinder, unfortunately, does not have such convenience. Of course, writing to them directly is also an option, so that they can help you, but it will take a lot of time to get an answer.

Winner — Badoo Wrapping up We really had a hard time picking a winner between Tinder and Badoo. But of course, the last decision will always be yours, choose the site according to your preferences, as we can only say that they are both wonderful dating websites and are worth your time and money.

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