Question: Does Windows 10 Mail use IMAP or POP?


By default, email accounts added to Windows 10 Mail are added as IMAP. However, if you wish to configure a POP3 account in Windows 10 Mail, this guide will be of use to you.

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As a result, you can check your email from different devices, anywhere in the world: your phone, a computer, a friend's computer.

Check Gmail through other email platforms

This means that after the email is downloaded, it can only be accessed using the same computer. If you try to access your email from a different device, the messages that have been previously downloaded won't be available to you.

Does Windows 10 Mail use IMAP or POP?

Webmail accounts vs email apps If you've used Gmail, Outlook. To get to your webmail account, you access the Internet and sign in to your email account.

POP, IMAP, and SMTP settings for

Outlook, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird are email apps: programs that you install on your computer to manage your email. They interact with an email service such as Gmail or Outlook.

Does Windows 10 Mail use IMAP or POP?

You can add any email account to your email app for it to manage your email. For example, you can add webmail accounts - Gmail, Outlook.

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