Question: Who owns Spains Hall?


CHEF Jamie Oliver and his family are set to move into a multi-million mansion in north Essex. The Essex-born TV star and cook has completed the deal to buy Spains Hall in Finchingfield.

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Australia's Sandfire Resources completes acquisition of MATSA mining complex in Spain from Trafigura and Mubadala Investment

Please help to this article by more precise citations. April 2016 Colonel Sir John Archibald Ruggles-Brise, 2nd Baronet 13 June 1908 — 20 February 2007 was from 1958 to 1978, and was the first pro-chancellor of from 1964 to 1979. John Archibald Ruggles-Brise memorial in the Church of St John, Finchingfield, Essex Ruggles-Brise was born at Brent Hall in in.

His family have deep roots in Essex, having been based at in Finchingfield since the house was bought by Samuel Ruggles, a clothier, in 1760. His father,was for from 1922 to his death in 1942 with a short intermission in 1923—4and became a in 's in 1935.

Ruggles-Brise was educated atWho owns Spains Hall?where he became captain of his house, and then worked on a family farm in in. He worked atrising to manage its branches in the and the.

Who owns Spains Hall?

He joined the in 1938 his father commanded the 104th Essex Yeomanry Field Brigade R. When the broke out, he enlisted as a gunner in the. He was commissioned, and commanded a anti-aircraft battery near during.

José Andrés

He inherited the baronetcy on his father's death in 1942. The same year, he took command of the in 1942, based in Scotland. He took his unit to join the air defences of Plymouth before in 1944. He continued to serve with the Territorial Army after the war, being awarded the and the rank of honorary colonel.

He continued to work in insurance for a short period after the war, but then returned to manage the neglected family estates in Essex, which he had inherited in 1942. He was from 1945, vice-lieutenant from 1945, and then from 1958 to 1978. He became a Companion of the in 1958, and served as a from 1959 to 1964, and as chairman of the from 1958 to 1963. He was also a Knight of theand played a leading role Who owns Spains Hall? the foundation of at in 1961. He was the university's first pro-chancellor from 1964 to 1979.

He was a governor of and from 1950 to 1975. He was Who owns Spains Hall?

Who owns Spains Hall?

by his nephew.

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