Question: Is there a dating app for special needs?

Dating4Disabled. Dating4Disabled is a free, online dating site that allows users to meet, date and share resources with other people with disabilities.

What is the best disabled dating site?

Disability dating sites: we round up the bestDisabled Dating 4U. Disabled Dating 4U started in the UK back in 2009 as a small site, but has since grown in popularity and claims to have thousands of new members joining it each day. ... Meet Disabled Singles. ... Outsiders. ... Able To Love You. ... Disabled Date Place.Mar 9, 2015

Is there a dating app for Down syndrome?

So Anderson and his mother, Christine, launched Glimmer, a social app designed to be inclusive of users with physical and cognitive disabilities, which can include traumatic brain injury, Down syndrome and autism.

Is it OK to date someone with Downs?

Do Individuals with Down Syndrome Have Sexual Feelings? In the past, sexuality was not considered an issue for any people with Down syndrome because of the inaccurate belief that intellectual disability produced permanent childhood. In fact, all people with Down syndrome have sexual feelings and intimacy needs.

Is there a dating website for people with autism? is a free and non profit, crowdfunded, dating site for people with Aspergers / ASD. Finding someone with similar traits makes it easier for us to feel safe and understood.

Can you ask someone if they have a learning disability?

It is your right to ask for help, whether it be in an informal or more formal way, that enables you to do your best work. Whether you disclose or not, its a good idea to learn more about the Americans with Disabilities Act, which gives every person with a disability the right to request reasonable accommodations.

From picture-based communication systems to finding accessible locations, you can make life a little easier with these for disabled people. Many of them are free! If you know about an app that can assist disabled people, be sure to let us know!

It comes pre-loaded with more than 180 icons; and you can make your own icons to expand the built-in library, record your own voice and even print matching picture cards. In fact, Proloquo2Go was developed based on research that suggests 200 to 400 words make up 80 percent of our core vocabulary.

Check out our article on. Proloquo2Go has more than 100 free natural-sounding text-to-speech voices and 25,000 built-in symbols, and you can add your own photos. Currently available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch. This app connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers through live video calls. The sighted volunteers assist with guided problem-solving.

For example, it can be used to help find lost or dropped items, describing pictures, reading labels, shopping at stores, Is there a dating app for special needs?

Is there a dating app for special needs?

navigating new places. Available for both and devices, Be My Eyes is completely free to download and use. This app helps disabled drivers find and get assistance refueling their vehicles.

Is there a dating app for special needs?

Refueling can be challenging for people who use wheelchairs and other disabled drivers, but FuelService aims to solve that challenge by showing you which gas stations have attendants who can help. Use the app to search for and choose a gas station from a list or map.

The New Dating App Helping People on the Autistic Spectrum Find Love

The app will then contact the gas station to see if they can assist you. Once you Is there a dating app for special needs?, the app notifies the attendant you have arrived and shows you how many minutes it will be before they come out to help.

It even includes a ratings system to help you choose gas stations that have provided good assistance to others. FuelService is Is there a dating app for special needs?

and available for both and devices. Access Now is a community-driven app that pinpoints accessible locations on an interactive map. You can look up places like restaurants, museums and attractions and view their accessibility ratings: accessible, partially accessible, patio access only and not accessible.

You can also rate locations and even add your own to help others in the community. Access Now is free and available on both and devices. CoughDrop is unique in that it is an open-source app. The app was developed by parents of children with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. ModMath provides virtual graph paper and is pencil-free, which is ideal for people who struggle to read their own handwriting.

Rufus the Robot was developed by clinical psychologist Dr Holly Gastgeb, who works with children who have autism spectrum disorder. This kid-friendly app allows children with different abilities and challenges to work on learning colors and numbers—and even helps them with interpersonal challenges, such as processing emotions. This app is designed specifically for children with autism spectrum disorder.

The app offers different levels of academic learning, from sorting shapes and objects to learning basic spelling words. This free mobile app is designed for people in wheelchairs who need to find accessible restrooms and parking. AssistiveTouch is already built into every iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

This feature helps people with physical disabilities perform functions on their devices, like pinching, swiping, and using Siri. Spoken uses predictive technology to simplify communication for people with aphasia and other speech and language disorders.

Spoken also learns your patterns and improves over time so users can communicate in their unique voices. You might be able to find some apps like that in one of the app stores. Raz Memory Cell Phone: This picture phone was designed for easy use: We hope this helps!

I wood like to vioe chat with disabled people for help get over depression and get some company so we can keep each other doing the dest we can i can use all the help I can get. I have to video chat I have a 3d grade reading level. Some of my support involves people and independent travel. I am looking for advice about any apps that can be added to a smartphone that allow carers to know the location of the person that is independently travelling. The specific person i am supporting is good with Is there a dating app for special needs?

routes and road safety but if they miss a bus or something unexpected happens they can panic. They will not use a phone conventionally to ask for help and they have, on numerous occasions, returned home very late leaving the carers extremely worried.

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